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Hi-Fi Choice June 2016

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record in mentioning yet again just how back on track vinyl playback really is, confirmation of its popularity arrived in mid-April – if ever it were needed – when news broke that pre-orders for Technics’ highly anticipated limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE turntable had sold out in Japan in just 30 minutes. The rebirth of the world’s most popular turntable among hi-fi fans and DJs alike for its consistent performance, robust build and unique pitch-shifting ability was officially announced in January at CES in Las Vegas, and is due to officially go on sale worldwide in June. But with a production run of just 1,200 models available (natch), the order books for the limited edition £2,800 deck that celebrates the Japanese hi-fi…

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reva fever

PRICE: £450-£1,300 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 01480 447700 WEB:WHARFEDALE.CO.UK MANY HI-FI FANS will have started out with a pair of Wharfedale speakers, and if your passion began in the eighties then you're likely to be familiar with the Huntingdon brand's popular Diamond speaker. As its most famous design from that era, the Diamond started off as one product and grew into a whole family. It still continues today, of course, with the Diamond 200 Series – see our Diamond 230 and 220 loudspeaker reviews in issues 395 and 402 respectively – and has evolved through many incarnations with a number of significant improvements. Why all the talk of the Diamond Series we hear you cry, well Wharfedale engineers have been hard at work on the new five-strong Reva Series, which borrows many of…

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what do you do with your vinyl?

It's estimated that on average most museums and galleries across the world have as little as five percent of all of their antiquities and works of art on public display, while the rest resides in cold storage hidden away from admiring eyes and to all intents and purposes being completely and utterly useless. But what, we hear you ask, do a bunch of Picassos and historic artefacts in a warehouse have to do with hi-fi? Take a look at the latest findings of an ICM poll about vinyl album sales and you might start to see where we're coming from... The poll, which was published in mid April comes as an interesting counterpoint to all of the noise that's been made (and we include ourselves among the guilty parties here) about…

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technics sl-1200g

PRICE: £2,799 AVAILABLE: AUTUMN 2016 CONTACT: 0333 2228777 WEB:TECHNICS.COM/UK IF YOU WEREN’T fortunate enough to get your hands on one of the 900 limited edition SL-1200GAE turntables outside of Japan (or the 300 in Japan), fear not as the update of Technics legendary turntable will still be coming to stores in the form of the SL-1200G you see before you here. Boasting a three-layer construction, which consists of a rigidly combined heavyweight brass and aluminium die-cast platter with deadening rubber covering the entire surface, the SL-1200G is claimed to eliminate resonance and achieve high rigidity and vibration damping during playback. The tonearm follows suit, employing lightweight magnesium, which has been cold drawn to further increase the damping effect. Technics additionally claims that cogging has been eliminated thanks to a new coreless…

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onkyo dp-x1

PRICE: £699 AVAILABLE: JUNE CONTACT: 07974 143813 WEB:ONKYO.CO.UK Officially launched at the Munich High End Show at the beginning of May, Onkyo’s DP-X1 Digital Audio Player should cover all hi-res needs, thanks to its ability to handle 24-bit/384kHz FLAC/WAV files along with DSD 11.2MHz and support for lossless MQA (via a free update). The portable player utilises an Android operating system (and so can download additional apps from Google Play, while the pre-loaded OnkyoMusic service allows music download without the use of a PC), boasts 32GB internal storage (of which 7GB is used by the system) and employs ESS Technology’s Sabre ES9018K2M DAC for conversion. There are two microSD card slots for adding extra memory (up to 432GB) and outputs for both 2.5mm and 3.5mm headphones, while wireless connectivity to additional components…

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bluetooth lps

PRICE: £169 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB:URBANOUTFITTERS.COM AUDIO-TECHNICA IS LOOKING to bring vinyl to the masses with its latest turntable release, the affordable AT-LP60BT. It’s one of the first models to appear on the market from a traditional hi-fi brand that offers Bluetooth connectivity to enable users to wirelessly connect to suitably equipped speakers, headphones and stereo receivers. It looks to be the ideal introduction for those that are starting out on their vinyl journey, and thanks to its built-in switchable phono amplifier users will be able to simply plug and play (RCA phono outputs are also included) or connect and play wirelessly to a Bluetooth music system. The fully-automatic turntable is able to spin records at 33 and 45rpm, has an anti-resonance die-cast aluminium platter and is packaged with an Audio-Technica dual…