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Hi-Fi Choice Nov-18

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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Network music streaming continues to be a convenient way for many of us to listen to music at home, and its appeal is clear to see. With access to millions of digital files at the tap of a touchscreen and CD-quality sound or better on offer from hi-res subscription services like Qobuz Sublime or Tidal Master, streaming is a remarkably slick way of playing music and this month’s Group Test – starting on p24 – looks at six low-cost network audio navigators to get you started. Despite streaming being a thoroughly modern way to listen to music, physical formats continue to play on in many systems, with vinyl being by far the most popular for readers to get their music listening kicks, judging by the number of votes that it received…

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vinyl's new spin

PRICE: £549 AVAILABLE: NOVEMBER CONTACT: 0844 8111116 WEB: EUROPE.YAMAHA.COM/EN TURNTABLE SALES MAY have stabilised in 2018, but Japanese tech giant Yamaha hopes it can break new ground with the launch of its first MusicCast record player. On display for the first time at Berlin's IFA Show at the beginning of September, the Vinyl 500 is no regular LP spinner. The wireless belt-driven deck is designed to take the classic vinyl replay experience for a new spin by combining classic design with multi-room streaming. Priced at £549, the Vinyl 500 looks traditional enough and offers both 33 and 45rpm playback speeds with a 300mm aluminium die-cast platter, a straight tonearm that's fitted with an unspecified moving-magnet cartridge and is supplied with a dust cover. Its first turntable design in serval decades, the MusicCast Vinyl 500 is part…

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is big brother listening too?

“Always eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or bed – no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres in your skull.” So wrote George Orwell in 1984. The reality, however, is that instead of some shadowy elite stealing our freedom away, we've willingly given it up by employing technology – from smartphones and voice-assisted devices to social media – that monitors our every move. OK, so this may be a touch over the top, but consider this: a recent poll in the UK revealed that more than one in five people that own voice-assisted technology – such as Google's Home Mini, Amazon's Echo Dot or Apple's Home Pod smart speakers (tested HFC 434, 421 and…

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kef revamp

PRICE: £1,300-£4,000 AVAILABLE: NOVEMBER CONTACT: 01622 672261 WEB: KEF.COM LOUDSPEAKER MAKER KEF has unveiled its redesigned R Series that employs trickle-down design and tech developments usually found on the Kent-based company’s flagship Reference Series. With 1,043 individual changes to the revamped series, highlights include the latest generation of the company’s Uni-Q driver array – now in its 12th iteration – featuring Shadow Flare trim ring design for more transparent sound, smaller bass drivers with greater excursion and a sophisticated internal bracing system, all aimed at bringing higher levels of performance to the series. Focusing on the stereo models, all are three-way ported designs and the £1,300 R3 standmount has a 165mm bass driver partnered to a Uni-Q array with 125mm midrange and 25mm aluminium dome tweeter with sensitivity of 87dB at 8ohm. All three floorstanders use…

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wharfedale d300 series

● In the competitive world of entry-level loudspeakers, Wharfedale has an enviable heritage for its high-performance, low-cost designs. Its D300 Series looks set to continue to challenge expectations of just how good a budget speaker can be, with three new stereo designs plus a centre speaker that make up the new series. Not to be confused with the company’s existing Diamond 11 Series that runs concurrently, prices start at £159 per pair for the D310 (pictured) – a two-way standmount with a 25mm textile dome tweeter and 100mm mid/bass driver. Costing £199, the D320 is a larger standmount that employs the same tweeter with a 130mm mid/bass driver, while the 2.5-way floorstanding D330 adds a dedicated 130mm bass driver and is priced at £499. WHARFEDALE. CO.UK…

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mitchell & johnson flagship

PRICE: £1,299 EACH AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 0845 6435064 WEB: MITCHELLANDJOHNSON.COM Designed and built in the UK, Mitchell & Johnson has announced the launch of its 800 Series of hi-fi components. The first two products to be unveiled in the new flagship series are the S800 preamp with multi-input DAC and phono stage, and matching S815 power amp – both priced £1,299 each. A matching CD player is expected to follow in November. The S800 ‘digital’ preamp includes a phono stage that’s compatible with moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges, plus it has four analogue RCAs and balanced inputs. Digital inputs include 3x optical, 3x coaxial and asynchronous USB – all catered for via an ESS Sabre 9018 DAC. The S815 Class AB power amp is rated at 2x 150W RMS into 8ohm, which rises to 2x 300W RMS…