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Hi-Fi Choice November 2017

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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www.hifichoice.co.uk Issue No. 429 November 2017 As if to reinforce my view from last month’s Welcome page that hi-fi is getting smaller, along comes Exposure’s half-width XM Series – built for lovers of music that don’t have the space for full-size components, but still want a musical setup with plenty of punch. It’s an uneasy concept to appreciate for many traditional hi-fi enthusiasts with a penchant for bulging kit racks, but not every music fan wants a setup or can afford the space to accommodate full-size components, and the sleek trio comprising the XM7 preamp and XM9 monoblocks – reviewed on p16 – certainly doesn’t sacrifice sound quality to achieve its much-reduced dimensions. I am constantly impressed by the hi-fi industry’s ability to adapt as we minimise our homes and declutter,…

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technics sp-10 reprised

THE LATEST INDUSTRY NEWS… PRICE: €10,000 AVAILABLE: SUMMER 2018 CONTACT: 0844 8443899 WEB: TECHNICS.COM IF PROOF WERE needed of vinyl's return as a mainstream format, then Technics' comeback with the reimagining of its legendary SL-1200 turntable in 2016, was a powerful symbol of just how popular the music format has become. Technics ceased production of its turntables back in 2010, which lead to protests from its loyal fans around the world. Seemingly, someone at Technics was listening, as the iconic turntable returned in a redesigned limitededition SL-1200GAE form last year and was so popular that several incarnations have since followed, broadening its appeal to new fans at more accessible price points. Motor head It seems nothing can stop the company's passion for the vinyl format, and the star of this year's IFA show held…

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streaming kills the radio show

Here's a thought: with today's streaming services offering a seemingly endless choice of genres, artists and styles of music, why would anyone choose to listen to the radio any more? After all, streaming puts you in control, effectively making you the DJ and providing the option of playing as much (or little) Adele, Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran as you choose. And if you don't like a track, you can simply skip to the next one. In comparison, radio is a featureless, choice-free dinosaur and its days are surely numbered. Obviously, this is a rather ill-considered simplification of the many charms that the FM dial offers, but if current research is to be believed it's not that far from the truth as far as younger listeners are concerned. Take for example…

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t+a cala

Two new Cala receivers join range PRICE: £2,313-£3,242 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 024 77220650 WEB: KOGAUDIO.COM T+A HAS ANNOUNCED details of its Cala receiver range, which consists of the Cala SR and Cala CDR. Designed to limit the number of separates in a setup, the new receivers include an integrated amplifier, compatibility with Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz streaming services, UPnP playback of network music servers and USB sticks/hard drives plus FM and DAB+ tuners. Connectivity includes 2x line-level RCAs, a single Toslink and a pair of coaxial inputs, along with preamp, subwoofer and headphone outputs. Bluetooth is on hand for wireless hookup and there’s a MM/MC compatible phono stage for hooking up a turntable. The £2,313 Cala SR boasts 2x 55W power output (into 4ohm), while the £3,242 Cala CDR ups this figure to 2x…

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pro-ject box design ds2

PRICE: £435-£785 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 01235 511166 WEB: HENLEYAUDIO.CO.UK Pro-Ject’s Box Design series of compact hi-fi components has been available for over 10 years, but nine new additions have now been added in the shape of the DS2 range, while more are expected before the end of the year. All new models off er improved four-layer PCB boards for shorter signal paths and are available in a choice of either black and eucalyptus or silver and walnut (pictured) finishes. The £785 Pre Box DS2 Digital is a compact preamp, offering a built-in MM/MC phono stage, headphone amplifier, 32-bit/ 768kHz PCM and DSD256- capable DAC and aptX Bluetooth. The Amp Box DS2 (top unit) is built around a low-energy Class D amplifier module to provide high output power for demanding speakers and is…

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Join the club With a passion for the art of recording, the Gear Club podcast is an unmissable listen. Episode 20 focuses on mastering and restoration expert Steve Rosenthal who has worked on everything from The Rolling Stones to Woody Guthrie: bit.ly/2eDU0uB The joy of collecting Whether your preferred format is vinyl, CD, cassette or SACD, it’s probably fair to assume that the average HFC reader loves to collect music. Collectorz.com is the perfect way to catalogue and organise your beloved collection on your PC or smart device. Check out a free version of the app: collectorz.com Destination: Everywhere Regular readers will know that our Destination feature profiles a city and explores the record shops that it offers, but one clever vinyl fan has gone one step further and collated the best record stores in…