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Hi-Fi Choice September 2016

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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If you follow the mag on our Twitter or Facebook social media pages you will have undoubtedly taken part in our recent opinion polls asking about your favourite hi-fi sources and preferred music formats. The results have been extremely enlightening, and while physical formats are very much in demand for fellow audio fans, on-demand streaming services are also becoming increasingly popular as a way of instantaneously accessing millions of tracks and albums at the click of a touchscreen or keyboard. On-demand music streaming is a massive growth area, and with Apple Music and Google Play joining the ranks it’s rapidly becoming the preferred route for music fans to access their favorite material and artists – with each service offering its own brand of curated and exclusive content to appeal to its…

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talking italian

PRICE: £9,900 AVAILABLE: SEPTEMBER CONTACT: 0208 9713909 WEB:ABSOLUTESOUNDS.COM ITALIAN STYLE AND design is renowned around the world for its seemingly natural ability to cultivate products that employ luxury materials and place a high degree of emphasis on dashing good looks and superior levels of performance. This almost national obsession with all things easy on the eye is commonly seen in its cars, domestic appliances, furniture and, of course, fashion houses. Say something is designed or made in Italy, and it instantly conjures up such uber-cool brands as Ferrari, Smeg, Dolce & Gabbana or Prada – to name but a few – as marques that set the standard for their use of lavish materials and craftsmanship. And so it goes with high-end Italian hi-fibrand Sonus faber, which has a history of producing lavish…

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Grand Designs Technics has made a welcome return to high-end separates, and this slick movie gets you up close and personal with its new Grand Class G30 Series, which features a hi-res server with streaming options aplenty: youtu.be/23jZVS38mq4 Home grown As my dad once told me, high-end hi-fikit doesn’t grow on trees, but if it did you’d probably want to fertilise it with sacks of this stuffshared by a familiar name to long-time HFC readers @d4ngeorge on Twitter. Rumours it makes for an earthy, more organic sound are unfounded. Digital Dilemmas Sugden Audio was leading the chat on Facebook last month on the digital audio paths its followers have gone down to bring streaming convenience into their high-end systems, with answers ranging from simple Sonos solutions to bespoke network drives: bit.ly/2akp7Lh It’s a wrap Bowers & Wilkins…

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the hi-fi show live 2016

TICKETS ON SALE NOW Is AKG’s N90Q headphone (HFC405) the future of personal listening? Equipped with noise cancellation and TruNote auto calibration, it adapts its output to suit the unique ‘ear space’ of every listener. Experience this amazing, DSP-driven headphone yourself at The Hi-Fi Show Live. acclaim at last year’s Hi-Fi ShowLive, the revamped version of KEF’s iconic Muon loudspeaker will partner with Chord Electronics’ flagship DAVE DAC and Reference Monoblock amplifiers as the centrepiece of our new White House exhibition space. Prepare to be truly amazed! Described as its “emphatic response” to the challenge of designing a supreme flagship floorstander, and demonstrated for the first time in the UK at The Hi-Fi Show Live, ELAC’s Concentro combines a 140kg monolithic cabinet with a 25kg stand milled from a single block of alloy! Proving…

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music maestro

DETAILS PRODUCT Arcam Solo Music ORIGIN UK/China TYPE One-box system WEIGHT 11.5kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 420 x 90 x 414mm FEATURES ▪ Quoted power output: 2x 80W RMS (8ohm) ▪ Digital inputs: 1x coaxial; 1x optical; 1x USB; 4x HDMI ▪ AptX Bluetooth DISTRIBUTOR Arcam WEBSITEarcam.co.uk Ever since the year dot, designers have struggled to provide an elegant compromise between grown-up hi-fiperformance and slimmed-down lifestyle packaging. It’s not an easy thing to wrestle with, and many attempts have conspicuously failed. Traditionally, the idea of a credible compact sound system has been anathema to audiophiles. One of the last such popular systems was the Arcam Solo. Launched in 2005, it offered excellent packaging and a convincing sound from a single full-width chassis. It was a significant product and proved a popular seller in a…

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unique group tests

MUSIC STREAMING SERVICES GROUP TEST THIS MUSIC STREAMING services roundup presents a series of unique challenges in terms of setup and operation. Installing all six services on one device – in this case a Lenovo T530 ThinkPad – is not too difficult and if you keep the number of other applications that are running in the background to a minimum, switching between them is quick and seamless. Finding four tracks from the same version of the same album that is common to all six streaming services is rather more challenging, however. Level matching also presents a bit of an ingenuity test as test tone tracks are not a big part of any of the streaming services comprehensive music libraries. Having installed all of the desktop apps and created a playlist of the…