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iCreate No. 203

iCreate is the creative magazine for Apple computer users. Made for Mac users by Mac users, it provides sumptuously designed, essential content for Apple aficionados and switchers alike. Featuring in-depth tutorials in iMovie, iPhoto and the rest of the iLife applications as well as iTunes and Mac OS X, it is the magazine no Apple addict can be without. If Apple made a magazine, it would be iCreate. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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“Apple’s iCloud service can be as befuddling as it is ingenious” For something that is supposed to work seamlessly behind the scenes, Apple’s iCloud service certainly comes to the fore when it isn’t working as it should. Whether it’s because files and photos aren’t syncing properly, or perhaps because a prompt appears with alarming regularity to input a password, iCloud can be as befuddling as it is ingenious. To help you eradicate any iCloud-related issues that you may be experiencing on Mac or iOS, we have compiled a collection of your most common iCloud problems and attempt to solve them once and for all. You can see if your issue is addressed by turning to page 14 now. Also in this issue we help you get the most out of your iPhone…

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meet the experts

David Crookes If you’re prone to keep hundreds of Safari tabs open on your iPhone or iPad then our iOS expert shows you a neat trick for finding the page that you want quickly. Shaun McGill Our tech expert demonstrates how to get the most out of your iOS Health app, including how to monitor your heart and how to link and share data with your fave fitness apps. George Cairns This issue, our creative expert shows you how to add style and intrigue to your iMovie and Final Cut Pro footage and get your best images seen on social media. Facebook iCreateMagazine Twitter @iCreateMagazine Instagram icreate_mag Email icreate@futurenet.com…

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how ipados is going to transform the way you use your tablet

THE iPAD IS another product that will go down in Apple folklore. Even if we’d seen the last-ever iPad built and sold, it would leave a legacy behind that few products could imagine. But, although worldwide tablet usage is slowly declining, Apple still has big plans for the iPad. In recent years we’ve been treated to the iPad Pro – a tablet so powerful it ranks as powerful as some laptops – along with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboards. But arguably the most important development is about to land with iOS – or should we say iPadOS – users. Yes, that’s right. Apple is launching a dedicated operating system for the iPad and it’s coming this autumn. Why is this such big news? Well, it signals Apple’s aim for the…

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5 things we learned this month

Apple Card launches in the US Apple Card Apple’s first foray into the world of credit cards has been officially launched in the US. Potential users across the globe will have to wait for the time being though, with no official dates announced. However, we’ve heard that Apple has applied for Apple Card patents in the UK, Europe and Hong Kong, so we expect an announcement very soon. In the meantime, US users can sign up via the Wallet and start using it straightaway. Built on simplicity and privacy, Apple Card has no fees, offers an easy-to-understand view of spending and provides a new level of privacy and security. Apple’s US job footprint hits 2.4 million Apple news A staggering 2.4 million people are employed because of Apple in the US, the Cupertino…

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your icloud problems solved

When Apple introduced iCloud in 2011 as a replacement for its MobileMe service, we had a robust system for syncing email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, reminders and more. Once activated, it just does its thing in the background without you having to think about it. Except for the times when it isn’t working in the way it should be. As iCloud has developed over the subsequent software updates, more and more features have been added which, while innovative and incredibly useful, can be somewhat befuddling. So we thought it was time to clear up your iCloud problems once and for all. Over the following pages we have neatly lined up all of the brick walls that Apple users commonly run into when using iCloud and attempt to break through them with…

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share your shots

On the go Projects such as photo books or slideshows can be accessed from the ‘My Projects’ album. Double-click on a project to modify its contents. Our main image was created using the Vintage Prints slideshow theme. Book extensions To print your photos in hard copy books you need to download a suitable extension from the App Store, such as the Apple recommended Mimeo Photos. You can then access the extension from the File>Create>Book menu. Custom layout After choosing your book’s size and style, drag selected photos into the book’s blank fields to populate them. You can also resize and reposition shots to suit their composition. Problem shots can be tweaked using the Photos app’s editor. Personalised desktops Instead of watching the sun set on the Mojave desert day after day, personalise your desktop using your own…