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Founded in 1979 and acquired in 2005 by Mansueto Ventures LLC, Inc. is the only major brand dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies, with the aim to deliver real solutions for today’s innovative company builders.

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4 simple ways to be a better public speaker

1 — EXPLAIN IT TO A CHILD. Practice your pitch on a child. It will help you simplify your ideas and weed out fowery language. 2 — GET COMFORTABLE WITH SMALL TALK. Good pitches have a smooth lead-in. Just imagine you’re having an everyday conversation. 3 — PLAY WITH VARIATION. To avoid coming of as cold and robotic, change your wording and riff of the script. This will make the presentation feel more natural. 4 — SWITCH UP YOUR TEMPO. There’s no perfect speed for a speech or a pitch. Alternate between speaking slowly and quickly, to see which fits each part of your message best. Go Beyond the Page You’ll find the icon at the left on selected pages throughout this issue. That’s your signal to grab your smartphone or tablet and go deeper with the content…

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why slack is company of the year

eVERY YEAR WHILE most Americans (including Jeb Bush) are assembling their fantasy football lineups, we at Inc. are conducting our own draft. That is, we’re deciding which of the thriving outfits we follow will be Company of the Year. For 2015, in case you somehow got to this page without reading the cover, we’re going with Slack, the business software phenom. The choice says as much about us as about Slack. First, what our choice for Company of the Year is not: We’re not trying to predict the company that will give investors the best return or be a household name in 100 years. Instead, we’re looking for a founder who embodies what we have loved about entrepreneurs since our founding 36 years ago, whose startup epitomizes this moment in business…

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carving out her path

“There’s a lot of really great energy that it brings to my day.” —JOIE RUCKER, co-founder, Calvin Rucker fOR JOIE RUCKER, surfing started as a spectator sport. In 2001, the fashion designer—following stints at iconic denim brands Levi’s and Guess—was overseeing a shoot for her namesake company on a California beach. Many of the models were surfers. After the shoot, they zipped into wetsuits, grabbed boards, turned toward the Pacific, and asked Rucker to join them. “I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do it,’_” she says. “One of the girls gave me a lesson on the beach. We went out, I caught my first wave, and after that, I was addicted.” Rucker—who’s sold two clothing companies she started, including Rich & Skinny, which had topped $26 million in revenue—started taking lessons…

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pitch perfect

PHIN BARNES RECALLShow,when his VC firm First Round Capital was deciding whether to back the meal-kit delivery service Blue Apron, founder Matt Salzberg’s eyes lit up when he nerded out on logistics details. When Greycroft Partners led a $30 million round for Thrive Market, an online wholesale-buying club for healthfocused food, investor Dana Settle said that besides the company’s great metrics, the two co-founders’ completely different and complementary skill sets sealed the deal. While there’s no formula to make a memorable impression on investors, there are rules of thumb. Below, three VCs note the best pitches they’ve ever received and what you can learn from them. DON’T PITCH UNTIL YOU KNOW YOU’LL NAIL IT There’s nothing more powerful than waiting to pitch until it’s obvious your startup is killing it. That’s how…

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the jargonator

D-PATIENTS / • noun. Putting “patient-centered design”—not technology—“at the center of health care” requires D-patients (“patients that design”). Be sure to mention this during your four-minute appointment with an iPad-fixated doctor. Source: Stanford Medicine BLITZSCALING / • noun. Reid Hofman’s term for the need to scale at warp speed to beat the competition. The Luftwafe would like to add you to its professional network on LinkedIn. Source: TechCrunch FORCED ADOPTION / • noun. Ensuring people use a new IT system by switching the old one of. YOU: “You’re not my daddy!” I.T. GUY: “I am now.” Source: Aviation Pros MATAHARA / • noun. An abbreviation of maternity harassment, i.e., the mistreatment of pregnant workers in Japan. Luckily, another word—womenomics—has been coined to fix this. So all is well. Source: The Economist GERICONOMY / •…

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this little piggy went to market

BROTHERS SHANNON AND ERIK DUFFY started their pork products company, Tender Belly, when both were out of work; Shannon (far right) was a building-supply salesman and Erik (right) a trained chef. What they had was Erik’s bacon recipe, which he had developed in culinary school. “We put all our eggs in one basket and said, ‘We’re going to start a bacon company,’_” recalls Shannon, Tender Belly’s CEO. Their prices (starting at $14.75 a pound online) are about three times those of brand-name competitors. By educating consumers on the virtues of their bacon—it’s flavored with, among other things, juniper berries, and shrinks less when cooked because the brining fluid has been removed—and by snagging celebrity-chef endorsements, their pigs are really paying off. 1 MARKET WITH WORD OF (FAMOUS) MOUTH Erik worked his connections…