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Founded in 1979 and acquired in 2005 by Mansueto Ventures LLC, Inc. is the only major brand dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies, with the aim to deliver real solutions for today’s innovative company builders.

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4 phrases even smart people misuse

INC.COM/GROW 1 — I COULD CARE LESS This indicates that you actually care. The correct phrase to use when you’re truly apathetic: “I couldn’t care less.” 2 — FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE So the first person serves everyone who follows? This should be “first come, first served,” meaning people are served in the order they arrive. 3 — CASE AND POINT When giving a prime example of something, use “case in point” instead. 4 — SHOE-IN If you mean a sure winner, use “shooin”— once a slang term referring to the winner of a rigged horse race. Go Beyond the Page You’ll find the icon at the left on selected pages throughout this issue. That’s your signal to grab your smartphone or tablet and go deeper with the content on those pages. Here’s how: 1. Download the free Layar app from…

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how to end world poverty and beat amazon

A LOT OF PEOPLE are out to change the world, and a good many of them are entrepreneurs. After all, if you’re not convinced you’re doing something great, there are much easier paths to choose in life than entrepreneurship. Even so, most of the business owners I meet deny they’re doing anything special. One of them is David K. Reyes, CEO of Reyes Holdings, a food and beverage distributor that is the country’s 11th-largest private company. We met at a dinner hosted by Dr. Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank, who most defnitely is out to change the world, by ending extreme poverty by 2030. (And he means it: Reminders of the mission have been everywhere at the bank’s headquarters, painted on the elevator doors and even on…

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with the greatest of ease

“It gave me such a confdence boost.” —SUSAN GREGG KOGER, co-founder, ModCloth, and after-hours trapeze artist LAST YEAR, THREE weeks before Susan Gregg Koger was to speak in front of a large crowd, she found herself shimmying up a 22-foot ladder to launch herself on a trapeze. She got hooked instantly. “It gave me such a confidence boost,” says Koger, co-founder of the retroinspired clothing company ModCloth. “It was like, if I can survive the flying trapeze, there’s no way I’m going to die when I walk out onstage.” And, sure enough, when she did appear onstage at New York City’s Lincoln Center, she wowed a crowd of 900. Now, at least once a month, Koger drives 90 minutes from ModCloth’s San Francisco headquarters to a facility in Sonoma where she practices hangs,…

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find the needle in your social media haystack

GIORGIO TAVERNITI, owner of Frank’s Pizza House in Toronto, was savvy about social media but had limited use for it in his business; it’s hard to write clever tweets when your hands are busy stretching dough and sprinkling mozzarella. Then, in March, Taverniti, a devotee of marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk, heard about Meerkat, the new Vaynerchuk-backed app for streaming live video from smartphones. He downloaded it, mounted his iPhone on a tripod, and, on a Friday evening, broadcast a stream of himself making pies and answering questions. That night, the dining room at Frank’s was unusually packed. It wasn’t long before Taverniti made the connection. “Four people came up to the counter and said, ‘We were watching you on Meerkat and we had to come in for pizza,’ ” he…

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the jargonator

CHAOTIC ARCHITECTURE / • noun. “If we take advantage of … chaos and have it as part of our architecture, we can move forward rapidly but in a structured way that will last.” Chaotic architecture: as appealing as amateur dentistry. Source: Enterprise Project DADVERTISING / • noun. The slew of Super Bowl ads that “celebrated fatherhood” is part of a new “dadvertising” trend. Thank heavens, after decades of feminist dominance, Madison Avenue is finally supporting men. Source: CNN MODERN EXPLORERS / • noun. For hoteliers, “modern explorers” are “savvy, curious consumers who want an uncomplicated but intuitive experience.” Make base camp at the minibar, then ascend the peak of room service. Source: Hyatt FRACKLOG / • noun. Oil barons are sitting on a “backlog of unfracked wells” just waiting for prices to rise before they turn on the…

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norm’s take

SHOULD SOCIAL MEDIA BE A PRIORITY AT YOUR STARTUP? WHEN YOU START a business, you want to get your name in front of as many potential customers as possible. Social media is sometimes a great way to do that and sometimes it isn’t. I have two cautionary pieces of advice. First, every entrepreneur has two critical and limited resources: time and money. Your goal is to reach critical mass before you run out of startup capital. Critical mass is the point at which your business can sustain itself on its own internally generated cash flow. In other words, it is no longer dependent on savings, credit card debt, loans from friends and family, angel investments, or any other outside sources of capital. You may still need outside capital to grow rapidly…