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Founded in 1979 and acquired in 2005 by Mansueto Ventures LLC, Inc. is the only major brand dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies, with the aim to deliver real solutions for today’s innovative company builders.

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4 habits of truly resilient people

1 DON’T COMPLAIN. Whining helps no one—least of all you. Channel that energy into making things better. 2 CELEBRATE OTHERS’ SUCCESSES. The success of colleagues does not undermine your own. Cheer them on. 3 FOCUS ON LONGTERM GOALS. The day-to-day will get very tough at times. Remember the big picture. 4 BE THANKFUL. Gratitude is powerful. Always keep your good fortune in mind. TOP VIDEOS INC.COM/PLAYBOOK Susan Lyne Founder and president of BBG Ventures “The boys’ club that has existed in Silicon Valley is not going to produce the best results going forward.” INC.COM/INCLIVE Kip Tindell CEO of the Container Store “It takes a hell of a lot of self-confidence to become an entrepreneur.” INC.COM/PLAYBOOK Scooter Braun Founder of SB Projects and Justin Bieber’s manager “It’s not about where you’re going. It’s about every day on your way there.” “If you don’t have fun and exude joy,…

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so “evil” you’re good

SHOULD YOUR BUSINESS strive to be a force for good? Or is the only point of being in business to make a profit? Tough question. Without giving away too much of this month’s cover story (see page 52), I can tell you that Shark Tank’s professional curmudgeon, Kevin O’Leary, favors the “make a profit” side. Adam Lowry, the co-founder of eco-conscious Method Products, believes in the “force for good” position. Both entrepreneurs claim the moral high ground: O’Leary says that CEOs have a solemn duty to investors to maximize profits, while Lowry asserts that capitalism is not a license to pollute the planet or exploit workers. Each also claims that his way is the surer path to success. Entrepreneurship is too hard, O’Leary says, to survive distractions like a social mission. Lowry,…

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at home on the range

HORSING AROUND “Riding is the only time I am fully able to shut my brain down.”—LEURA FINE, founder, Laurel & Wolf WHEN SHE WAS 6, Leura Fine’s family in Alabama got a horse and named it Cactus. It was more than a child’s wish for a pony coming true: Fine’s mother grew up with horses, and two of her cousins were rodeo queens. Fine excelled as an equestrian too, taking lessons in Western and English techniques, eventually learning to ride cross-country style. “You’re going down a ditch, and then you’re going through water, and you’re leaping over bales of hay,” explains Fine, who’s now 29 and the founder and CEO of the virtual interiordesign company Laurel & Wolf—which has raised $25.5 million, and grew from eight to 51 employees in 2015. “It’s how…

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daddy’s home

DAVID MINTON, the co-founder of DesignHammer, a 10-person, Durham, North Carolina, web-design company with nearly $1 million in sales, figured that if he could mostly stay home for two weeks after the birth of his second child without the company falling apart, the other new dads at the office could too. Today, he offers two weeks paid leave for new fathers and eight weeks for moms. He thinks his decision will help the company’s bottom line by retaining staff. “The employees that we have have a whole lot of opportunities,” he says. “How much you pay them isn’t 100 percent of the equation of whether they want to stick in the position.” More companies are coming to the same conclusion. In 2015, 21 percent of employers surveyed by the Society…

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the jargonator

DATA WRANGLING / • noun. The “crucial first steps in preparing data for broader analysis.” Data wrangling involves “discovering, structuring, cleaning, enriching, validating, and publishing.” Or, as we used to call it, research. Source: IT Pro Portal CRISIS / • noun. As Goldman Sachs closes its BRICs investment fund, a new geographical acronym emerges for “the growing list of nations dissatisfied with the current world order”— China, Russia, India, South America, Iran, and South Africa. C’mon, guys, really? CRISIS? Source: The Market Oracle JIUJITSU MOVE / • noun. Marissa Mayer’s technique of distracting from problems with inscrutable announcements. It’s the verbal version of Yahoo’s confusing, losscamouflaging accounting system. As if business needed to be any more kung-fusing. Source: The Wall Street Journal BRANDALISM / • noun. The U.N. climate conference was rocked by 600 satirical posters attacking…

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norm’s take

WHENEVER your business is disrupted by a major event in the life of an employee—such as the birth of a child— don’t make the mistake of treating it as a problem and a headache. Instead, recognize it as a chance for the company to shine. You don’t get a lot of those opportunities, and the triggering event isn’t always a happy one. It could be a death in the family or a long-term illness. Your response to such circumstances will have a huge impact on your company’s culture. Everyone will view your actions as a measure of how much you care about your people. Of course, what you do will depend partly on the size of your business and partly on the particular circumstances of the employee. The general rule is:…