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Founded in 1979 and acquired in 2005 by Mansueto Ventures LLC, Inc. is the only major brand dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies, with the aim to deliver real solutions for today’s innovative company builders.

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growth and grownup decisions

THE ANNOUNCEMENT of the Inc. 500 every year is one of those events that make you feel that America is a great country. What other response is there to stories like that of David Glickman, whose startup Ultra Mobile tops the 2015 list with growth of 100,849 percent over three years? That record would be astounding enough, but even more remarkably, this is Glickman’s second time in the No. 1 spot. He first hit it with Justice Technology in 1998, and he did it the same way both times: by figuring out how to give phone customers a much better deal than the big incumbents do, especially internationally. Or consider Jessica Mah, our cover subject, who had the guts and wisdom to discard her original product at her financial startup, in…

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on the fly

“The river just takes you to a different place.”—KIRK FELLER, co-founder, BodyGuardz SOME EVENINGS, Kirk Feller, whose Lehi, Utah–based company, BodyGuardz, makes protective sleeves for smartphones, tablets, and computers, closes up shop and drives 15 minutes to the Provo River, which winds down from the Uinta Mountains. In his hands are a fishing rod and a box of brightly rainbow-colored flies. Though he can rattle off the river’s inhabitants like a good waiter can recite the evening’s specials—“rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout”—he’s not there to find dinner. He’s there to clear his head. “You’re just casting the fly down river and watching it float away,” he says, as he describes how every fly that’s cast must mimic an insect landing and perching on water. “It’s very different from bait fishing. It’s interactive…

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how to rocket up the learning curve

IT IS ALWAYS TEMPTING to take a Zeitgeist lens to the Inc. 500. So many gluten-free and renewable-energy and save-my-smartphone businesses. In that context, the secret to launching hot companies is clear: Sniff trends early and strike. And, in fact, our annual list of America’s fastest-growing private companies is full of entrepreneurs who have carpe’d the diem. Particularly in industries such as health care, financial services, and technology, the Inc. 500 mirrors the most robust sectors of the U.S. economy. Electronic-payment processors (see “Fintech Finally Lifts Off,” page 154). Niche retailers. Boxing fitness companies. Still doubt the trajectory of e-health businesses? You missed an opportunity. Riding that relevance, this year’s Inc. 500 achieved a median growth rate of 1,772 percent. And these companies don’t merely reflect the economy. They also contribute to…

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eat, drink, and be in health care

Health care is not only a huge part (17.4%) of GDP; it also remains a prescription for growth and new jobs— revenue for Inc. 500 companies in that sector jumped 64% last year to $2.1 billion. That trend should continue. The drop in energy prices, on the other hand, culled investment severely—down 85% to $651.4 million. Real estate, up 93% to $734.3 million, reflected the steady rebound of housing. And food and beverage innovation, particularly around healthy and sustainable products, fed a 37% increase in revenue to $888 million among Inc. 500 companies.…

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№ 146 a pivot, a therapist, and a revival

Jessica Mah inDinero Three-year growth2,685.6%2014 revenue$2.9 million JESSICA MAH DESCENDS onto the carpet in a pair of Ugg slippers. With no permanent desk at inDinero headquarters, the financial firm’s co-founder and CEO seems to adapt herself to whatever space she finds herself in. She’s in the midst of a videoconference with her four offices, including those on the other side of the globe in the Philippines. Splayed on the ground, propped up only by her elbows, Mah digests the metrics being rattled of as if they were as soothing as guided meditation. Mah’s vibe has become more centered since four years ago, when her company appeared to be taking its last breath. In 2010, when she launched the “ for small business”—as she positioned it—the Y Combinator– backed startup offered a financial…

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№ 1 a telco giant-killer stalks another target

David Glickman Ultra Mobile Three-year growth100,848.9% 2014 revenue $118.2 million You might remember David Glickman. In 1998, Glickman’s Justice Technology, which ofered a super-cheap way to make international calls on landlines, topped the Inc. 500. More than 15 years later, Glickman, 49, has another telco, Costa Mesa, California–based Ultra Mobile, which has snagged the same spot doing a similar thing, but this time for SIM card–enabled mobile phones. I ALWAYS FELT IT AN injustice that phone companies allow you to call locally for next to nothing, but when you make an international call, they jack up the price ridiculously high. Fifteen years later, mobile companies are doing the same thing. And I’m still definitely a David who has no love lost for Goliath. AFTER JUSTICE, MY partners and I started other telecom ventures. One…