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International Figure Skating

International Figure Skating September/October 2019

International Figure Skating is globally recognized for its comprehensive, coverage complemented by fabulous photography and sophisticated design.

United States
Laurea Media
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1 min.
opening sequence

1 min.
exciting new season about to unfold

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who extended their best wishes on our 25th anniversary. It was heartwarming to receive and read all of your congratulatory messages. We were so happy to also hear that many of you enjoyed our “Where Are They Now” feature spread. We will continue that concept (in an abbreviated form) throughout 2019. It has been a very busy summer on all fronts, and with the new season just around the corner we have a lot to report on. The 2019 Junior Grand Prix Series gets underway Aug. 21 in Courchevel, France. Many new faces will grace the seven stages of the Series. You can catch all the action on the ISU YouTube Channel. Schedules for these events will be posted on the IFS website. The Challenger…

1 min.
international figure skating

PUBLISHER Susan D. Russell srussell@ifsmagazine.com NORTH AMERICAN EDITOR Robert Brodie EUROPEAN EDITOR Tatjana Flade DESIGNED BY Laurea Media EDITORIAL Elina Paasonen, Elvin Walker, Akiko Tamura PHOTOGRAPHY Vicki S. Luy, Elina Paasonen, Robin Ritoss, Flavio Valle ADVERTISING/SALES srussell@ifsmagazine.com CORPORATE OFFICE International Figure Skating/Laurea Media 270 Queens Quay West, Suite 1301, Toronto, ON M5J 2N4 Please include your name, mailing and e-mail addresses and a telephone number with all correspondence to International Figure Skating.…

14 min.
dancing different to a beat

PERHAPS IT IS THE MOST VITAL question left to ask, and it is this: how much better can the reigning king and queen of the ice dance world possibly get? That question was posed to the man who knows them best, the one who has guided them through the past seven years of their career. The response does not come easily from their coach Romain Haguenauer. He finds a definitive answer difficult to produce, given that Papadakis and Cizeron are both only 24 years old, with many years of greatness no doubt still ahead of them. “It’s a bit difficult for me to answer that,” Haguenauer admitted. “Skating and ice dance is not just a sport. It’s an artistic sport, so there is no limit to that area of improvement. Yes, you have…

8 min.
alexei yagudin my wonderful life

“It was a very bright chapter with victories and defeats, smiles and tears…” It has been 17 years since Russia’s Alexei Yagudin mined Olympic gold on American soil. So much has changed in the life of the decorated champion since that magical night in Salt Lake City. At age 39, Yagudin has not lost the boyish grin that won over a legion of fans in his heyday, and he remains as ambitious today as he was when competing at the highest level of the sport.T Though figure skating still plays a major role in the life of Alexei Yagudin, it is just one of many professional pursuits on his busy agenda these days. From performing in ice shows to working with environmental and health groups, the four-time World champion has expanded his horizons…

11 min.
joannie rochette

Every now and then, she will notice someone on a hospital ward giving her a certain look. A lingering glance that ponders if she is perhaps not just another typical student from McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine in Montréal. They know they have seen her face somewhere though they cannot place it right away. Eventually, the penny drops. More than nine years have passed since that heartbreaking week at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, when Rochette lost her beloved mother, Thérèse, to a heart attack. Somehow, she summoned the courage to produce the defining moment of her career — and as the world held its collective breath she skated to a bronze medal in Vancouver. As it turned out, Rochette never competed again, moving on to a life of show skating and…