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Kiteboarding Jan-12

A resource for information and tips on kite boarding.

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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3 min.
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One slightly battered Caution Spitfire, one massive slingshot twin-tip board, and 750 dollars cash. This is what surf photographer Jason Wolcott negotiated as payment for his first kite photography assignment: follow the Schiebel brothers into sketchy Baja surf south of the border. To Wolcott, it was a huge deal. Not long before, on a cold spring day, he'd seen Peter Trow killing it on a kite in huge swell and 35-knot wind. “This guy was out there riding wave after wave on a day when you could not spot a wave to surf,” he says. He knew from that moment on that he had to learn how to kiteboard. OFTEN I FEEL LIKE I AM LEFT OUT BY STANDING ON THE BEACH WITH A BIG LENS His passion for photography began early. At…

1 min.

Size Tested: 9 meter Sizes Available: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 meters Price Range: $1,189–$1,669 Bar Length: 45–55 cm (adjustable) Line Length: 25 meter What We Liked: The depower on this kite was smooth and offered a huge range. Felt super safe and took the gusts like a champ Buyer Beware: Some testers claimed this kite was missing the attributes of a high-end aggressive kite. Best Suits: Riders of all levels. Other Highlights: This three-strut kite held its shape perfectly. It was also lightweight and folded into a small package. Our safety-conscious tester stated, “Not only is this a great kite for all riders, it relaunched like a dream. I wish I could have learned on it!” power 9.6 range 9.3 bar pressure 9 range of bar 8.6 boost and hang time 8.3 turning ability and speed 9 relaunch 9.5 safety 8.5 overall impression of…

1 min.

Size Tested: 10 meter Sizes Available: 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 meter Price Range: $1,238–$1,699 Bar Length: 50 cm Line Length: 19 meter with 4.5 meter extensions What We Liked: The Trigger had just the right recipe for a great turning kite and optimal bar pressure. It boosted quite well and had a nice grip if you like a bar with indentations for your fingers to fit in between Buyer Beware: Choose the correct knot when attaching lines so it doesn't over sheet. Felt like it could use more power on the low end. Best Suits: A performance and recreational rider who is searching for an all-purpose kite. Other Highlights: The design was a crowd favorite for the kite graphics, and testers liked the extra compartment on the bag to store the bar separately. power 7.6 range 7.4 bar…

1 min.

Size Tested: 8 meter Sizes Available: 4, 5.5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17 meter Price Range: $1,308–$2,228 Bar Length: 52 cm Line Length: 20 meter with 3 meter extensions What We Liked: Smooth power and a very stable kite. Solid low end and was notable in the boost category. Buyer Beware: Small chicken loop was hard to hook back into if riding unhooked. Make sure you inflate this kite to its recommended psi. Best Suits: Anyone looking for a solid kite that works great even in gusty conditions. Other Highlights: The TS is this year's Taboo. One tester was amazed at the improvements from the 2011 Taboo and is ready to upgrade to the TS. power 7.3 range 8 bar pressure 8.1 range of bar 8 boost and hang time 8.1 turning ability and speed 7.8 relaunch 8.6 safety 7.5 overall impression of bar…

1 min.

Size Tested: 10 meter Sizes Available: 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 meter Price Range: $1,539–$2,159 Bar Length: 48 cm Line Length: 22 meter What We Liked: The Switchblade excelled in light wind conditions and had the depower needed to still have fun as the wind ramped up. Super stable kite. Buyer Beware: Complex bar and safety release. Before firing the safety release, read the manual or watch the Cabrinha video on how to reassemble so there is no confusion. Best Suits: Riders of all levels who to desire a predictable feel, like floaty jumps and higher bar pressure Other Highlights: Quality of build is evident that Cabrinha pays close attention to detail. The Switchblade 10 was as powerful as some other manufacturers' 12-meter kites. power 7.8 range 7.5 bar pressure 8.1 range of bar 8 boost and hang…

1 min.

Size Tested: 10 meter Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15 meter Price Range: $1,528–$1,998 Bar Length: 45 cm Line Length: 24 meter What We Liked: Good clean pull and handled gusts nicely. You will notice the shape of the kite seems more round that others, which was advantageous when relaunching. Buyer Beware: The bar offered a micro hook instead of a stopper ball. Micro hooks seem so old-school. Be sure you know what you are doing before locking into that baby. Best Suits: Riders of all levels Other Highlights: Above the bar depower was accessible and easy to use. power 8 range 8 bar pressure 7.7 range of bar 7.5 boost and hang time 8 turning ability and speed 8 relaunch 8.5 safety 7.2 overall impression of bar 7.7 overall impression of kite 7.7 TOTAL 78.5…