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Legends Of Sport

Legends Of Sport

The world of sport is one filled with excitement, intrigue and drama. Compelling protagonists, fierce rivalries and titanic battles abound throughout history, with every discipline contributing its own iconic moments and unforgettable characters. In Legends of Sport, we tell the stories of some of the most incredible athletes of all time. From the inspirational England team who won the World Cup on home soil in 1966, to the unparalleled basketball genius of Michael ‘Air’ Jordan, you’ll find dramatic retellings of events you know and love, as well as insightful features on extraordinary men and women with whom you may be less familiar. Whether you’re a seasoned sports fan or an enthusiast eager to learn more about the sporting icons of yesteryear, you’ll find a wealth of absorbing content to keep you occupied here. Enjoy the book.Featuring: 50 iconic sporting moments - We count down 50 of the most breathtaking events in sporting history. Legends of the ’66 World Cup - The story of England’s World Cup win is recounted by those who were there – including legendary goalkeeper Gordon Banks. The Rumble in the Jungle - Relive the late, great Muhammad Ali’s most iconic fight, round by round. Cheats – 10 sporting scandals that rocked the world - Doping, illicit payments, sabotage – discover the lengths that some athletes have gone to in order to win.

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breaking the colour line

In defiance of racial epithets and heinous death threats, 28-year-old Jackie Robinson strode onto Ebbets Field in Flatbush, Brooklyn on 15 April 1947 to make history as the first black man to play modern professional baseball. Baseball, the American pastime and the most popular sport of the period, had been exclusively white for more than 62 years – ever since a man called Fleetwood Walker turned out for the Toledo Blue Stockings in 1884 in the American Association. When Robinson walked out onto the diamond more than half a century later it was astonishing, outlandish, revolutionary. That day a 13-year-old Larry King – who would become one of the United States’ most beloved broadcasters – paid 50 cents to watch the Brooklyn Dodgers open their season against the Boston Braves. He was…

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the rise & fall of the bambino

It’s game three of the 1932 World Series and Babe Ruth is pointing to centre field, goading Chicago Cubs pitcher Charlie Root. Seconds later, Root’s pitch was sailing into the Wrigley Field bleachers, exactly where Ruth had pointed. In an act of unparalleled audacity the New York Yankees’ ‘Bambino’ had underlined his name in the baseball record books and all-but secured a seventh World Series’ title. For the mean pitcher turned hard-hitting outfielder, it was the defining moment in a career that fundamentally transformed baseball. Babe’s story begins on 216 Emory Street in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Born George Herman Ruth Jr. on 6 February 1895, he was raised in a working-class neighbourhood on the city’s waterfront. His parents, Kate Schamberger and George Herman Sr., owned a nearby tavern, but…

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kings of the saddle

The role of a horse-racing jockey is often widely debated. Just how important are they? While a jockey can’t turn a lousy horse into a superstar, the best jockeys know exactly how to steer a horse around a course. They understand their mount’s strengths and weaknesses, and perfectly plot their tactics to their horse’s best abilities. Some horses will prefer to hang around at the back of the pack and break through later in a race, while others are more comfortable leading from the front. Finding the right balance and executing it correctly is the ultimate ambition of any jockey. Naturally, some do it far better than others – this list counts down the best. Examining racing giants on both sides of the Atlantic, from both flat racing and National Hunt,…

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selling the great one

It’s hard to believe that anybody thought it would really happen. Not LA Kings owner Bruce McNall, who was forking over a huge sum of money and had been working relentlessly to keep things going smoothly. Not Edmonton Oilers general manager Glen Sather, who made no secret of how insane he thought it all was. Not the Oilers fans, who packed Rexall Place to cheer on their favourite son. Not even Wayne Gretzky himself, the local hero and hockey icon; the man dubbed The Great One. You have to wonder if even Oilers owner Peter Pocklington believed that they would all go through with it, despite it being his idea in the first place. How do you trade Wayne Gretzky? How do you give away the most talented man on ice? In…

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gordon banks

GORDON BANKS Capped 73 times for England, Gordon Banks is regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. He starred in every one of his country’s matches en route to the World Cup final victory in 1966 and kept a clean sheet in every game until the semis. He was also an FA Cup finalist in 1961 and 1963 for Leicester City and a winner of the League Cup in 1964 with the Foxes and Stoke City in 1972. “THERE WAS A BIG FURORE ABOUT GEOFF’S GOAL THAT HIT THE BAR [BUT] ROGER HUNT WAS RIGHT. IT WAS A GOAL” The 1966 World Cup started well from your perspective, but did you sense it could be an uphill battle from then on? When we drew 0-0, I thought, “Wow, we have our…

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23 reasons jordan is the greatest

Open a dictionary on either side of the Atlantic, look up the word ‘basketball’ and you won’t find a single word of definition – all you’ll see is a picture of Michael Jordan soaring through the air, tongue hanging out, awestruck opponents gazing up at him. This is what MJ means to the sport of basketball. He’s a living legend. A man who took one of America’s greatest professional sports and made it a global phenomenon. Forget the Harlem Globetrotters, Jordan became a true mainstream icon thanks to his incredible footwork, deft ball handling and heart-stopping dunks. Put simply, Michael Jordan is to basketball what the late, great Muhammad Ali was to boxing – a definitive two-word synonym for the sport. As testament to this, we’ve gathered together 23 moments that…