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Marie Claire Australia November 2019

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editor’s letter

As a kid, our summer family ritual was to head to the beach after school for a dip before dinner. One balmy evening, as we sat crafting sandcastles, Dad spotted a nearby boat packed with partygoers carelessly tossing out empty bottles and scrunched-up bits of rubbish. Incensed, he swam out to the yacht, collected the items bobbing on the sea’s surface, and threw every bit back on deck before returning to shore feeling triumphant, while my brother and I withered with embarrassment. Dad was always picking up garbage, planting trees, turning off lights and saving buckets of rainwater. He drove us crazy with his environmental lectures (with plenty of eye rolls from yours truly), but now I’m proud as punch I grew up with such a progressive forward-thinker. Which brings…

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on location

Upstaging Robyn Lawley in front of the camera is no mean feat, but the sparkling waters of the Whitsundays gave the supermodel a run for her money on the set of our cover shoot off Hamilton Island on the endangered Great Barrier Reef. A fierce advocate for the environment, Lawley is happy to share the limelight with our seas. “Hamilton Island is just so damn beautiful,” says the model and environmentalist, who listened to Led Zeppelin and Queen as she dived into the sea off the back of a boat. “The shark-bait shot, where I was holding on to a rope in the water, was the most memorable of the day.” Fellow water warriors Sophia Skarparis, Madison Stewart and Danielle Ryan sank their toes into the sand at Coogee Beach in…

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the lust list

THE TREND TAKE A BOW This feminine adornment takes a fabulous turn, amped up in size and architecturally sculpted. Whether skimming the shoulder or cinching the waist, it’s just the thing to tie your look together. THE TREND BEST WESTERN Cowgirls strutted down the catwalks at Versace, Balmain and more this season. But these weren’t your average boot-scootin’ babes – luxe fringed jackets, wide-brimmed millinery and rich desert hues made for a seriously sophisticated rodeo. THE TREND OFF THE WALL Want to make a style statement, literally? Cue graphic hand-drawn prints splashed across glam and girlish get-ups. Graffiti scrawl made its mark at Burberry, while scribbled illustrations at Stella McCartney epitomised fashion as art. THE TREND URBAN JUNGLE It’s a design dichotomy done right – the earthy, easy elegance of safari dressing melded with the polished practicality of modern workwear. Keep…

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the edit

Sophisticated silk separates and superior tailoring shine in Carl Kapp’s spring/summer 2020 campaign. Lush, to say the least. UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Presenting Pandora Me, a collection of sterling-silver jewellery designed with gen Z in mind. Customisable via 18 dangly charms, it’s just the thing for the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. Beyond crafting luxury watches, Rolex launches Perpetual Planet, an initiative to help save the seas (and world). BUCKLE UP! Preppy and boho may sit at opposite ends of the style spectrum, but slung casually across the body, Ralph Lauren’s red Lennox bag unites the opposing design directives. PRINTS CHARMING Poppy florals and polka dots set the tone for spring. The only rules here: opt for bright, zesty colour and mix-and-match to your heart’s content. PHOTOGRAPHY BY SEVAK BABAKHANI; JULI BALLA; KURT AMSLER; MARIAN…

3 min.
railway romance

It’s an overcast morning in Paris in late spring, and inside the city’s monumental Grand Palais a spectacular scene is playing out. Set under the vaulted glass ceiling is a series of Beaux-Arts-style train carriages. Impeccably dressed guests sit inside two-by-two at curtained window seats, or in groups on surrounding long tables. A glamorous breakfast feast is unfolding as waiters in bow ties and starched white aprons dash back and forth with platters of croissants and bowls of fruit. More waitstaff follow, rolling gleaming silver trolleys piled high with French cheeses or smoked salmon. And, because this is Paris, there is champagne. Around the room, frescoes of exotic destinations have been set into the gilded walls like ornate postcards. A frisson of anticipation runs through the air, the crowd wondering…

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the greta effect

Last month, Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg arrived in New York City for the UN Climate Action Summit. It was a 5000-kilometre journey from Plymouth, UK, that would have taken eight hours on a plane – but given the teenager’s fierce commitment to reducing carbon emissions, she refused to fly. Instead she sailed across the Atlantic on a solar-panelled yacht propelled by wind, gliding into North Cove Marina to thunderous applause following a two-week voyage. Thunberg came to the attention of power players and politicians last year when she staged the first-ever school strike for climate change. Her influence, however, is perhaps most pertinent on her peers, who have vowed to continue to strike until their countries meet the 2015 Paris Agreement. Meanwhile, a boom in books empowering kids to save the…