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Match of the Day Magazine

Match of the Day Magazine Issue 576

Match of the Day is Britain’s best-selling football magazine. We bring our youth audience closer to their heroes with an action-packed version of the iconic TV programme. Facts, stats and gossip provide our audience with the knowledge they need for playground banter, while glossy posters, quizzes and cartoons allow them to celebrate the game they’re obsessed with. Parents and teachers say it’s sometimes the only thing boys will read. A huge compliment.

United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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US$ 48,40
52 Números


4 min.
the big 6

1 NEY HITS 100 The Brazilian baller’s century on flames!! IT’S EASY TO forget how long Neymar’s been tearing it up! The PSG trickster has been playing for Brazil since 2010 – and has just clocked up his 100th international game, boasting a better goal-to-game ratio than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. He needs another 43 caps to become Brazil’s most-capped player and 17 goals to become their record scorer – the countdown is on! PAZ SAYS Only six players had ever bagged 100 caps for Brazil before Neymar – and he’s still only 27! STAT ATTACK! NEYMAR GAMES 100 GOALS 61 ASSISTS 41 YELLOWS 23 REDS 1 LIONELMESSI GAMES 136 GOALS 68 ASSISTS 44 YELLOWS 8 REDS 2 CRISTIANORONALDO GAMES 160 GOALS 93 ASSISTS 37 YELLOWS 23 REDS 0 Gary Lineker Gary and the team are on Match of the Day, Saturday at 10.30pm on BBC One! MO’S MISSION Can Salah finally make his mark…

1 min.
are you a footy genius?

1 COUNTRY CHALLENGE! Which league do these clubs all play in? (1pt) 2 SPOT THE BALL! Is the real ball hiding behind A, B or C? (1pt) 3 MANY FACES! Name the THREE team-mates we’ve stuck together! (1pt for each) 4 SHIRT BUDDIES! Which number do these players wear? (1pt) 5 WHO AM I? • I’m 28 years old and was born in Belgium • I won the league in France and twice in England • Now I wear the Bernabeu’s famous No.7 shirt (1pt) HOW’D YOU GET ON, QUIZZER? 1-2 points Oh no, oh no, oh no. Poor! 3-5 points Not bad, that. There’s potential! 6-7 points Wow – you’ve cracked elite level!…

4 min.
the story of the season so far...

SAY HELLO TO THE BAD BOYS… Arsenal players have been booked more than those from any other team – captain Granit Xhaka has already got four! MOST YELLOW CARDS 1 Arsenal 20 2 Man. United 19 3 Crystal Palace 19 • Aston Villa have committed more fouls than any other team – and their big striker Wesley has been the main culprit, giving away 17 of them! MOST FOULS 1 Aston Villa 100 2 Crystal Palace 99 3 Everton 94 UNITED IN A PICKLE… • Man. United have picked up just NINE points from their opening eight matches this season – their worst start for 30 years! • They’ve not won away from home in the Premier League since February – that’s almost EIGHT months ago. Woah! • They are just two points off the relegation zone – and a massive 12 points off…

2 min.
the interview!

Yes, guys! What’s the new book, Ultimate Footballer, all about? BILLY SAYS: “It’s all about building the perfect footballer! If you could take attributes from any player, who would you choose and what player would that build? We’ve had a lot of debates and it’s been fun to write!” Who is the world’s ultimate baller? BILLY SAYS: “Virgil van Dijk. There’s nothing he can’t do. He’s fast, reads the game well, scores goals, takes free-kicks, wins challenges – what’s he missing? You know if you put him up front, he’d score as well. He’d make the runs and win every header!” Which player has surprised you most when you’ve met or played with them? JEZ SAYS: “Declan Rice was great. We filmed with him when he was about 15 and just told him, ‘Don’t worry…

1 min.
get to know...

FAVE BOOT EVER... JEZ SAYS: “Mine is the triple white Adidas X – but mine got dirty so quickly!” MY IDOL IN FOOTY IS... JEZ SAYS: “Cristiano Ronaldo – I think he needs to work harder for it than Lionel Messi!” THE BEST ADVICE I’VE BEEN GIVEN IS... JEZ SAYS: “After every game, pick out three positive things and three things you can improve on!” THE EMOJI THAT REPRESENTS ME IS... JEZ SAYS: “The eyes and tongue out one!” THREE APPS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT... JEZ SAYS: “F2 Target Tekkers, Deliveroo and Spotify!” IF AN ALIEN KNOCKED ON MY DOOR... JEZ SAYS: “I’d ask them to show me where they came from or film a vlog with them. Ha-ha!” MY IDOL IN FOOTBALL IS... BILLY SAYS: “It’s got to be Ronaldinho!” MY BEST FRIEND IN FOOTBALL IS... BILLY SAYS: “Heurelho Gomes – such a nice…

1 min.
f2 tekkers tips!

BILLY'S CHOICE MESSI SOFT SCOOP! ORIGIN: INVENTED BY LIONEL MESSI SKILL TYPE: SHOT DIFFICULTY RATING: 9/10 TEKKERS RATING: 9/10 THE BREAKDOWN! This is like a Panenka free-kick. Just like the Panenka, it’s all about disguise. It’s worth learning because you can bamboozle the keeper. They’ll have no idea where the ball is going – and it'll probably end up in the back of the net! STEP 1 Approach the ball from a 45-degree angle… STEP 2 Fake the big hit… STEP 3 Instead, stab your foot underneath the ball… STEP 4 Strike it in the same way as a Panenka penalty… STEP 5 The keeper is wrong-footed and left stranded as the ball floats in! JEZ'S CHOICE THE THANOS! ORIGIN: INVENTED BY JEREMY LYNCH SKILL TYPE: DRIBBLE DIFFICULTY RATING: 9/10 TEKKERS RATING: 10/10 THE BREAKDOWN! Face up to your oppo, tap the ball one way, then drag it back…