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Match of the Day is Britain’s best-selling football magazine. We bring our youth audience closer to their heroes with an action-packed version of the iconic TV programme. Facts, stats and gossip provide our audience with the knowledge they need for playground banter, while glossy posters, quizzes and cartoons allow them to celebrate the game they’re obsessed with. Parents and teachers say it’s sometimes the only thing boys will read. A huge compliment.

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El Clasico battle! IT SEEMS LIKE Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is going to have the pick of two of the world’s sickest superclubs in the summer with Real Madrid and Barcelona both buzzing to bag his signature. The Arsenal forward is 30 years old, with only one year left on his current contract, and could be tempted by one last big move! IT’S PARTEY TIME! It’s not all bad news for Gunners fans – we hear the club is close to agreeing a £43.5m deal for Atletico defensive midfielder Thomas Partey. Solid signing!…

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JAMES MADDISON LEICESTER Madders’ drip game is still on point even when he’s walking his dog. That JM10 number plate – banging! AARON WAN-BISSAKA MAN. UNITED The Spider pumped his legs up on a bike ride. Ain’t no-one getting past this guy when footy is back! PAULO DYBALA JUVENTUS Dybs has been sorting out his footy shirt collection and not gonna lie, we are a little bit jealous. Epic! CRISTIANO RONALDO JUVENTUS Cristiano asked girlfriend Georgina to give him a #quarantrim and it looks like he’s enjoying it. LOL! SERGIO AGUERO MAN. CITY Nothing to see here – just Sergio playing FIFA with his MOTD mag award on his mantlepiece! VIVIANNE MIEDEMA ARSENAL Viv and her partner, Arsenal baller Lisa Evans, bopped a bit of two-touch in the garden. Nice! TRENT ALEXANDER-ARNOLD LIVERPOOL Trent’s been making the most of lockdown time by playing with his pooch. Pet game = strong! FRENKIE…

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elite gaming challenges!

FIFA 20 HAPPY DAYS! CHALLENGE Improve the morale of every player in your career mode squad to happy! DIFFICULTY Hard TIP If you have a massive squad, then this one is going to be pretty tough. Thin out your numbers, give everyone minutes on the pitch and sign them to good contracts! COMPLETED IT? TRIPLE HATS! CHALLENGE Hit a hat-trick with every player in a single 3v3 Volta match! DIFFICULTY Medium TIP Play tekky attacking players in all three positions – it’s no good trying to score using a defender who only has 25 finishing! COMPLETED IT? THEY'RE JUST NUMBERS! CHALLENGE Beat a higher-rated FUT squad on Squad Battles – and keep a clean sheet! DIFFICULTY Medium TIP You don’t have to do this one on Legendary. We’ll let you hop down a couple of difficulties – and even scraping a 1-0 will do…

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the next king of football

LAUTARO MARTINEZ Club Inter Milan Country Argentina Age 22 Position Striker Lautaro has the kind of graft you need to take the king of footy crown – he’s always exercising and working on his ball mastery. Plus, he has 24 goals in 25 games this term – with more to come! MARTINEZ IS THE NEXT KING! MARCUS RASHFORD Club Man. United Country England Age 22 Position Forward Since Rashy’s debut for United, he’s gone on to score 64 goals and was having the most prolific campaign of his career this season with 19 until it paused. He could dominate footy for a decade! RASHFORD IS THE NEXT KING! TRENT ALEXANDER-ARNOLD Club Liverpool Country England Age 21 Position Right-back Alexander-Arnold isn’t any ordinary full-back – he’s a midfield-moving, overlapping, electric, attacking assist machine! All of Liverpool’s play goes through him, from…

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1 MAKE ROOM! Dribble towards an opponent, then fake a forward movement like Neymar is doing here so the defender jumps back. This will create the gap you need to rainbow flick! 2 LOCK & ROLL! Use the instep of your strongest foot to lock the ball in tight to your standing foot’s heel. As you lean forward, roll the ball up the back of your standing ankle! 3 FLICK & RELEASE! As the ball reaches the top of that ankle, flick it upwards with the heel of your standing foot so it releases up into the air. Your lean will take it forward. Up it goes! 4 RUN & TRAP! Get around your opponent, control the ball and watch everyone stand back and applaud your tek! THIS WEEK: RAINBOW FLICK! Pump up your ball and learn Neymar’s signature…

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#tekkerstuesday with stobbsy!

THE TEK: All in one movement, zig-zag the ball from front to back before faking a pass and then dragging it back! STEP ONE Step in front of the ball and use your strongest foot’s instep to push it behind your standing foot, before flicking the ball forward with your toes! STEP TWO Next, adjust your feet, reconnect with the ball and knock it forward before dragging it back! THE TIPS • Use your weaker foot to step in front of the ball! • Take a light touch behind your standing foot! • Use your sole to drag the ball back! • Practise it slow, before adding speed! • And, as always, finish in style, skiller! Head to motdmag.com/TekkersTuesday to see a video of this skill!…