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MotorTrend January 2019

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moment in time

@Lohdown Our annual Of The Year awards celebrate the very best car, truck, SUV, and auto industry personality. They also capture a moment in time and serve as reminders, upon future reflection, that excellence comes in all shapes, sizes, and magnitudes. Some years we recognize a localized peak—a game changer whose impact is felt more deeply in one segment than across the whole industry. The Chrysler PT Cruiser (COTY 2001) fits that bill, as does the Nissan GT-R (COTY 2009). Sometimes our winners break ground for entirely new categories of vehicles, as the Lexus RX 300 did as the very first SUVOTY, in 1999. As moments in time go, 2019 will be remembered as the year of shifting archetypes—just look at this year’s winners. Then there are those rare vehicles that end up being…

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2020 porsche 911 carrera (992)

We are in a secure, pitch-black San Francisco parking garage, barely able to see the four prototype examples of the next-generation Porsche 911 Carrera. Of the 300 Pre-Series 2 (PS2) cars that exist in the hands of development teams around the globe, these are the only ones to have all the most recent updates. Effectively, we were to be embedded for a day with this 911 dev team, piloting the four closest-to-production examples extant. I wish I could tell you more about how the four camouflaged Carreras drove, but I signed an NDA that restricts what I can say about that. You’ll have to wait until the official 992 press drive in January to learn more, but let’s just say the switchbacks didn’t stand a chance. When it reaches U.S. dealerships this summer,…

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mustang redemption

MOTORTREND.COM It’s redemption time for the guys and their 5.0 Mustang. Back in Episode 66, Tony and Lucky brought a stock ’85 Mustang to the track with a trunk full of speed parts to see how much faster each part would make it. Spoiler alert: not much. Not because the parts didn’t work, though. Between timing problems, internal issues, and soaring ambient temperatures as the day dragged on, they only got 1.13 seconds out of the elapsed time even after swapping the exhaust, intake, ignition system, and even the heads and camshaft. Big fail. Back in the shop, they discover just how bad things got at the track. They trace the timing problem to a loose harmonic balancer, but that’s the least of their problems. The bottom end was on the verge…

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battle of the network stars

MOTORTREND.COM Nov 30 Auto Mundial; Motorsport Mundial Dec 3 ROADKILL GARAGE, EP. 37 Dec 7 Auto Mundial; Motorsport Mundial Dec 10 DIRT EVERY DAY, EP. 85 Dec 12 DRIFT THIS!, EP. 1 (Series Premiere) Dec 14 Auto Mundial; Motorsport Mundial Dec 17 HOT ROD GARAGE, EP. 73 Dec 19 THROTTLE OUT, EP. 2 Dec 21 Auto Mundial; Motorsport Mundial Dec 24 ROADKILL, EP. 88 Dec 28 Auto Mundial; Motorsport Mundial SCHEDULE KEY: RACING ORIGINAL PROGRAMS NEW ROADKILL EXTRA & DIRT EVERY DAY EXTRA MONDAYS THROUGH FRIDAYS *Some content may be restricted by geographical location. The program information provided is subject to change. You wouldn’t know it from the way they spend most of their time on Roadkill—fixing whatever just broke, again—but Finnegan and Freiburger can wheel. But are they better drivers than the other MotorTrend hosts? Or, more specifically, can they drive their junk faster…

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six key criteria

@markrechtin How do you compare 36 cars against one another when the field comprises family sedans, touring coupes, hot hatches, sports cars, and minivans all in the same pack? This also applies to the wild varieties of SUVs and the differing capabilities of trucks big and small. You don’t. Or rather, you can’t. That’s why the MotorTrend Car, Truck, and SUV of the Year evaluations are so grueling. This year, our field of contenders for the awards hit 81 vehicles. Trying to place those vehicles, with sticker prices from $20,000 to $150,000, requires something more than a mere comparison test. That is why we rely on a tried-and-true methodology of six key criteria to level the playing field: 1. Advancement in Design: We dissect the quality of execution of exterior and interior styling, as well…

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readers’ thoughts on past issues

Best Driver’s Car: The Good Fifty years lugging up leaden data hills of comparison tests were finally rewarded with the Pulitzer-worthy November issue. Hats off to Ed Loh and his crew of testers and Hemingway-esque wordsmiths. The drama built steadily toward the ultimate surprising winner, the 2018 Lamborghini Huracán Performante. Frank Markus’ quotes of the staff’s driving experiences got the gut feel of how well (or poorly) each of the dozen contenders did. The best included Mark Rechtin’s “An SUV can do that?!?” of the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Randy Pobst’s “Somebody pinch me” of the track performance of the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and his own “This car makes you into a god” of the winning Huracán. Having driven cars in autocrosses, rallies, and icekhanas, plus track days at Lime Rock,…