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Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa July/August 2018

Essential reading for dedicated fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes.

South Africa
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Well, that just sort of came out of nowhere, one day it was warm and then it just wasn’t anymore. Suddenly, those of us who do the morning training session find ourselves heading to our chosen training destination while it’s still dark and for the most part there’s a fully stocked weight rack. It’s way too cliché to use the “summer bodies are built in winter” line, but it is so incredibly true. As much as it sucks to get up and out of bed in the dark, there is no better time to reflect and start your day than that initial training session, especially when you are free from the chatter encountered during the more mainstream months of training. Something else to consider over the next two months, try…

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GEAR IWATCH SERIES 2 The most advanced Apple Watch yet. With built-in GPS, water resistant up to 50 metres, a dual-core processor, a 2x brighter display, and watchOS 3. R6 999, myistore.co.za GEAR STELLA MCCARTNEY FOR ADIDAS RUN CONVERTIBLE BACKPACK The ultimate packable bag with bold blue flowers. Twisted into a bum bag or strapped to your back, the Adidas by Stella McCartney Run Convertible Backpack easily carries your gear as you run. R1 699, adidas.co.za NUTRITION USN BLUELAB WHEY PROTEIN Supplement consumers have spoken, and USN listened. That means that in addition to the basic flavours (chocolate, vanilla & strawberry), USN BLUELAB™ 100% Whey Protein is now also available in caramel popcorn, chocolate peanut butter, wheytella, and double chocolate rocky road flavours. R270, usn.co.za BEAUTY MAC SETTING SPRAY This lightweight mineral rich mist refreshes and hydrates the skin. It also…

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recharge your routine

NEED A break from your regular strength program? Working your muscles in a whole new way not only helps bust boredom, it also delivers big-time results. That’s because your body responds best when you challenge it with something new, whether that’s equipment you might not think to pick up or a movement pattern you’ve never tried before. Cover model and Instagram fitness star Michelle Lewin thrives on keeping her workouts fresh by incorporating exercises that hit key muscles from every angle. Try them yourself to amp up your program today! WORKOUT 1 Reverse Lunge and Press WORKS: SHOULDERS, CORE, GLUTES, LEGS Stand in front of bar with opposite end secured on floor between weight plates or in a landmine attachment. Grasp end of bar in right hand. Lunge back with right leg, bending knees…

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MICHELLE LEWIN didn’t start out wanting to be the supermodel of fitness on Instagram. She discovered her love of working out almost by accident when training with her husband, Swedish bodybuilder Jimmy Lewin. “It was awesome to see the progress I could make. I started going to the gym all the time. I was stuck!” Lewin, who was born in Venezuela, was a fashion model before she became immersed in fitness. In 2013 she started entering bikini competitions and then earned her pro card and finished on the podium at several IFBB events. But she tired of the politics and moved on to focus on her fitness modelling career full time, posting her progress on social media. Today, Lewin has an astounding 12-million-plus Instagram followers. And while many are likely guys…

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ALL THE LATEST ON: TRAINING, NUTRITION, HEALTH, STYLE, AND MORE July is as good a time as any for a clean start and a new outlook on what you want to accomplish this year. Whether it’s boosting your endurance, getting into competition shape, or simply making more time for yourself, consider this a chance to make your brightest dreams realities. It all starts with you! FOR FRESH TRAINING AND DIET MOTIVATION, HEAD TO MUSCLEANDFITNESSHERS.CO.ZA FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @MUSCLEANDFITNESSHERSMAG, ON INSTAGRAM @ MUSCLEANDFITNESSHERSMAG AND LIKE US ON FACEBOOK MUSCLE&FITNESSHERS SOUTH AFRICA…

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15-minute fitness

MARCELLE COLLISON IFBB FIGURE PRO “The Best thing about HIIT is that it can be done ANYWHERE and you don’t even need weights / equipment to have a powerful and effective workout! You can change your program accordingly and can constantly challenge yourself so you’ll never get bored with your workouts! Get creative, challenge yourself and work up a sweat!” HIIT WORKOUT There are various Formats to apply HIIT: Reps (Ascending/Descending), time per exercise, tabata (20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest), “emom” (every minute on the minute). Try completing as many rounds of the below as possible: BURPEES (15 reps) SQUATS (20 reps) SKATER SKIIS (30 reps) V-UPS (20 reps) TRICEP DIPS (20 reps) BIRD DOGS (15 reps) JUMPING LUNGES (20 reps alternating) ALRIETA DE WET WBFF BIKINI PRO “I like to include supersets into my shoulder routines and, also like to ensure that my weekly…