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Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa January/February 2019

Essential reading for dedicated fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes.

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publisher’s note

GET HARD Getting back to your daily and weekly routine can be tough after a break from adulating and instead enjoying a few adult beverages next to the ocean (for us Jo’burgers it’s a big story) for a good few weeks. We have also no doubt earned that break as well as the ever over-indulgence that we partake in so freely around that time. Doesn’t matter if your vice is of the liquid assortment or if it comes in baked form, we’re all generally a bit heavier come January’s first week of work and it can be a struggle getting back. There’s some good news though, the same recipe as always is the one that’ll get you back on track as soon as humanly possible. Good ‘ol hard work and dedication.…

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hot list

GEAR FITBIT VERSA Live your best life with Fitbit Versa — an all-day health and fitness companion that lasts 4+ days and uses personalised insights, music and more to help you reach your goals. The Versa has a long-lasting battery, is water-resistant and has interchangeable accessories. It’s lightweight, comfortable, durable and made for any occasion. Run your day with access to popular apps, storage for your favourite songs, smart notifications, ways to send quick replies and so much more. R3999.00, incredible.co.za NUTRITION USN UNFLAVOURED BLUELAB 100% WHEY PROTEIN The new Unflavoured BlueLab 100% Whey contains only the highest quality, imported whey protein and is free from colourants, sweeteners and flavourants. It has a neutral, creamy taste making it the ideal addition for smoothies, cooking and baking. It’s packed with 23g of rapidly-absorbed whey protein and contains…

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from humble beginnings to super-stardom!

Marie was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti December 2, 1985. At the age of 10, November 1996, she came to the US shortly after her father passed away. After graduating high school she moved to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where she began to dabble in acting and modeling after signing a contract with a talent agency. Not long after, I decided to retire and fully commit to the world of competitive bodybuilding.. Marie have always had a passion for fitness but never had the discipline nor the commitment to compete; let alone, place. Four years and seven winning titles later, she decided to apply for my citizenship and take her career a step further in order to compete nationally. This year she will be stepping on stage at the Arnold Sports festival; a long-time…

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getting on the path of bodybuilding.

To tell you the truth, I did not live such a healthy lifestyle prior to entering the world of bodybuilding. I was always very thin and as I grew up I began to slowly gain weight which made me feel uncomfortable. I was in a relationship and we both decided that we would change our way of living and would begin to experiment with transforming our lives and our bodies. My transformation took a whole other level when I decided to compete in my first bikini competition. Initially I did not think anything of it I just did tons of research and self taught. The last few weeks I was introduced to Gary Udit who taught me the simple poses of what is expected on stage as a bikini competitor.…

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build badass legs

JULIA LADEWSKI, C.S.C.S. STRENGTH COACH AND FITNESS EXPERT “Many women love to get stronger, so heavy strength moves like barbell deadlifts and squats aid in that. But higher-rep hypertrophy work also helps build muscle while increasing your caloric expenditure.” JUMP SQUAT: With feet shoulder-width apart, squat down until thighs are parallel to the floor and then explode up until feet leave the ground. (3 x 10 reps) BARBELL BACK SQUAT: Keeping your core tight and chest up, squat down with a loaded barbell on your traps. (4 x 5–10 reps) SINGLE-LEG DEADLIFT: Hold a dumbbell in one hand, feet shoulder-width apart, and lift the foot opposite of the hand holding the dumbbell off the floor. Hinge at your hips until dumbbell is at midshin level. (3 x 3–10 reps per leg) OVERHEAD PLATE WALKING LUNGE: Lunge…

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5 reasons you’re not nailing the rowing technique

IF YOU’RE searching for a form of cardio that’ll have you sucking wind without punishing your joints, then look no further than the rowing machine, aka the erg. Unlike running on a treadmill or jumping rope, with the erg, your knees are spared. Also, since you’re really working only during the concentric phase—or top portion of the movement—you won’t be as sore the next day, which means your future workouts won’t be hindered, either. Row incorrectly, though, and you’ll risk an achy back and an all-around inefficient cardio workout. So avoid the following five mistakes to get the most out of the erg. 1 YOUR FOOT PLACEMENT IS INCORRECT Set the strap so it’s around the widest part of the foot. This lets you drive with the midpoint of your foot and…