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Summer 2021

Each issue of Overland Journal features in-depth coverage of equipment and vehicles, as well as full-length trip stories that span the globe. Our strict standards for writing and photography, in addition to our striking layout, means that our subscribers receive an expedition and adventure travel magazine that is at once inspiring, informative, and attractive.

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1 min.
xero shoes mesa trail

Learning to pack light feels half art, half psychology. Even after decades of veiled attempts, I am still miserable at it, ultimately bringing things I don’t need and leaving behind the essentials. Shoes have been particularly difficult, as they pack poorly and are often too heavy or specialized. But fortunately, over the past few years, minimalist shoes have become a genuine option, functioning better than ever before, and finally not looking like a circus accessory. Having tried several options, one of my favorites has become the Xero Shoes Mesa Trail trail runner. At just over 7.6 ounces each, these units are extremely lightweight, and the lack of significant structure allows them to be rolled or flattened for improved packability. Being a trail runner, the sole has a sufficient (8.5-millimeter) lugged, dual-chevron…

2 min.
salewa alpine trainer flow mid gtx

Overland footwear is a piece of essential equipment often overlooked. We require footwear that allows precise control of the vehicle and is also supportive enough for when we are outside the vehicle working in rough terrain. Unfortunately, I often see people hop out of their expertly equipped vehicles in flip-flops or heavy mountaineering-style boots. I learned quickly as a guide on some of the world’s tallest peaks that proper footwear can make or break any expedition. For most Americans, the Salewa brand name is one of obscurity, but its distribution is growing here in the States. Salewa was founded in Germany in the 1930s as a leather goods manufacturer that specialized in backpacks and soccer balls. In the 1950s, they pioneered mountaineering protective aides and have been focused on mountain sports…

4 min.
eye of the beholder

The nature of overlanding is continuously evolving, the definition expanding as the players, their methods, and motivations flex, driven by both autonomous and reliant factors. The industry is exploding as more newcomers join our ranks in droves, and vehicles and gear options continue to expand, albeit sometimes with a higher price tag than we’d prefer. I see these changes as primarily beneficial on all sides, though. Our equipment options continue to increase, and we have an opportunity to share our knowledge and the joy of overlanding. It also presents an occasion to explore new places as some of our favorites become more heavily trafficked, perhaps sending us more off the beaten path than we have ventured before. Everyone should be able to overland responsibly by their chosen mode. We’ve also noticed…

17 min.
bleak and beautiful

I am always on the lookout for new and interesting places but was struggling to find a safe way to visit and explore the horn of Africa. Somalia and Somaliland were not advantageous to this mean, especially unescorted in my vehicle. And the recent historic peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea has led to a strange state of affairs there. After more than 20 years, the border is now completely open and free, allowing locals to reunite with long-lost family members. When it comes to a foreigner like me, nobody can tell me what will happen. The ambassador is happy to grant me a visa, but he doesn’t know if there will be anyone at the actual border to legally allow me entry. Meaning I will have to drive into Eritrea…

14 min.
overland camping

Quietude, silence, and solitude greeted us at last. After maneuvering the Land Cruiser in between the sparse vegetation of a dry, sandy region in India, Coen turned off the engine. It had been an intense day of sightseeing in historically and culturally rich Rajasthan, but also a day of hassle, nagging, begging, and incessant attention from people all day long. Finally, we had meandered deep into the countryside, leaving the towns and villages behind us, driving past the last huts, and were now ready for a quiet camp in the desert. Alas, it was not to be. Within minutes people had gathered around the vehicle. Where had they come from? The sky? The ground? From behind the bushes? The men and women were quiet and curious, squatting around us until late…

3 min.
road trip essentials

When I’m about to embark on a road trip, be it within Colorado or farther afield, my partner and I start by making a packing list. We do this because, without it, I will inevitably leave something important behind, prompting a discussion about decisions I made long ago when I was a younger, more impulsive human. But I digress. Making a list helps us systematically consider all of the gear (and trust me, there is a lot to consider) that could provide an elevated level of comfort for our particular destination. Having a list also helps us avoid leaving things behind when it is time to pack everything back into our car and head home. No matter where we are headed or how long our road trip will be, there are…