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setting the record straight

A college professor once told me something that has always stuck over the years. Interestingly enough, it was a statistics class, and he said, “If someone is about to give you a statistic to prove their point, you’re about to be lied to. You can very easily manipulate the numbers to support your case, and I am here to show you how.” What brings this memory to the forefront of my mind are mainstream media outlets decrying “America’s gun violence epidemic,” our “everyday mass shootings” and more. But according to FBI statistics, violent crime has been on the decline for decades. In 2016, violent crimes were 12.3 percent below where they were in 2007. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey administered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, violent crime has…

8 min.
carry champion

Despite a constant stream of mainstream news headlines decrying gun ownership, more citizens are carrying firearms now than ever before. Last year, the Crime Prevention Research Center reported that concealed-carry permits had grown to more than 17.25 million. That figure marked a jump of nearly 900,000 in 2018 alone. From 2007 to 2018, carry permits grew by nearly 13 million, an astounding increase, according to John Lott, who founded the center. Meanwhile, bullet technology and terminal ballistics in factory loadings marketed for self-defense have rewritten the rules on what a proper carry gun looks like. While the .45 ACP was once the unquestioned king, more diminutive calibers are seemingly finding new life. The result is an ever-growing stable of subcompact pistols. Beretta’s newest entry into this crowded field is the APX…

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micro 9 masterpiece

As my daughter often reminds me, “Bling matters.” This is usually followed by me giving her a lecture about substance. But the entire firearms industry has recognized the growing interest in bling and dramatic-looking guns, and the good folks at Kimber have seen the writing on the wall as well. And while they have indeed embraced the gold and shiny, they also seemed to have heard my often-spouted lecture about substance before launching the Micro 9 ESV series. Available with a black or gray KimPro II finish, the Kimber Micro 9 ESV is a subcompact pistol for those who prefer 1911-style controls. The gun varies slightly from John Moses Browning’s design in that it does not have a grip safety or barrel bushing. It does retain the thumb safety and traditional…

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more micro 9s

Kimber is a big believer in the idea that if you are going to do something, go all in. That’s obvious with the additional release of two more awesome-looking Micro 9 pistols. MICRO 9 ESV GRAY: The Micro 9 ESV Gray is the beautiful sibling of the Micro 9 ESV Black, with many of the same fantastic features. Most obvious are the great slide cuts, providing a view of the barrel. In this case, it is a beautiful rose-copper color. The gun is a tribute to form and function, with its inclusion of ball-mill cocking serrations and tritium night sights. These features, combined with exceptional aesthetics, make it a great gun for EDC. The durable KimPro II finish is designed to last so the gun can be a constant companion for…

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tiny mossberg

When it comes to firearms companies, it doesn’t get any more American than O.F. Mossberg & Sons. It may seem contradictory to say that since the founder, Oscar Frederick Mossberg, was a Swedish immigrant, but that’s exactly what makes his story so American. Exactly 100 years ago, Mossberg and his sons began producing their first firearm, a four-shot .22 pistol called the Brownie. Upon its success, Mossberg turned his attention to long arms, with the company becoming a dominant force in the American market. The Brownie was the only pistol made by Mossberg—that is until now. A RETURN TO PISTOLS With an overall length of 6.25 inches, the 9mm MC1sc is designed from the ground up to be the ultimate concealed-carry pistol. This might be obvious from the pistol’s dimensions, as it sports…

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carrying the mossberg

With the MC1sc being so new at the time of this writing, there weren’t a lot of holsters available for testing the pistol, but I found two companies ready to roll with what I needed. BARE ARMS OWB: Bare Arms of Ashland, Kentucky, offers a staggering number of color combinations and graphics for its Kydex holsters. With the American-made MC1sc, I was feeling especially patriotic, so I ordered one of Bare Arms’ Kydex OWB holsters with 1.5-inch Infinity Loops and a USMC eagle motif, even though I’m not a Marine. I just thought it was an especially appealing design. Paired with a quality belt, the holster carried the MC1sc all day like it wasn’t even there. This is an excellent OWB rig for the range, around the house or under a jacket…