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more guns, less crime

According to the latest FBI reports, there were 1,283,220 violent crimes and 7,694,086 property crimes in the U.S. in 2017. That comes out to 8,977,306 total crimes or, doing the math, roughly one crime committed every 3.5 seconds. Compare that to the average police response times offered by several jurisdictions: 6.1 minutes for the LAPD, 6.69 minutes for the NYPD, 8.39 minutes for the Dallas Police Department and 9 minutes for the Seattle Police Department. The average for all four of those cities comes out to 7.5 minutes, which means 128 crimes could potentially be committed before the police can even respond. In other words, while crime happens in seconds, help can be minutes away. So it’s no wonder many people have taken their safety into their own hands. Which brings us…

9 min.
freedom fighters

IT ALL BEGAN IN 2015, when retired law enforcement officer and sponsored competitive shooter Diana Muller found herself touring Washington, D.C., between matches. When a friend offered to set up an appointment for her to meet her congressman, Oklahoma’s Steve Russell, Diana agreed, although she honestly had no prior interest. During that chance meeting, Diana asked, “Is there something we [pro shooters] should be doing to reach out and educate our legislators?” Now that simple question has snowballed into a grassroots movement known as the DC Project. As a nonpartisan group, the DC Project consists of 50 women—one representing each state—who dispel common myths (such as the stereotype of the old, bearded, white guy in flannel bearing a gun), change the impression many lawmakers have on gun owners and garner support for…

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pistol-caliber powerhouse

People talk about the perfect home-defense weapon as if they have the perfect answer, but the truth is that there isn’t one. No two homes, home invasions or homeowners are the same. There are lots of solid options out there, but I want to discuss why Anderson Manufacturing ’s AM-9 carbine has my attention, and why I think pairing it with a 9mm Glock pistol is an excellent combo. GOING LONG First off, long arms are easier to aim than pistols. Anyone who disagrees will probably argue that it’s easier to breathe underwater than above. I like carbines and shotguns for home defense, but unfortunately, many people find the recoil, concussion and sound of most long arms to be overwhelming, especially when fired indoors. This is where pistol-caliber carbines excel—they have less…

10 min.
lock ’em up!

Safes, lockboxes and other storage devices are some of the most overlooked items when it comes to the security of your firearms, but they’ve come a very long way from the basic lock-and-key steel boxes of the past. SHOT Show 2019 proved that the safe market is evolving by the day. New locking technologies, innovative game-changers and some very clever products are taking this market by storm. Here are some of the best new products and some revamped classics that are sure to impress you. AMERICAN REBEL AR-510i The all-new American Rebel AR-510i is one of the smartest gun vaults on the market. It features a Gen7 biometric platform that’s built and designed in the U.S. and stores up to 50 fingerprints, a reinforced dual-latch system and a full-sized slide-out drawer with…

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simtek security

The Simtek Wireless Security Sensor represents the cutting-edge application of Information Age technology to the timeless challenge of personal security. In an era of unprecedented threats, this device harnesses modern science to provide enhanced situational awareness of your valuable items no matter where you might be. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the Simtek sensor silently watches over the things you hold most dear. The practical applications of this technology are limited solely by your imagination. MAN’S BEST FRIEND I live half an hour outside of town. From a standing start, the cops won’t get here in less than 20 minutes. Twenty minutes can be a tragically long time. I’ve made a decent living out of comparing and contrasting the salient attributes of defensive firearms. However, to…

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summer heat

Handguns have the potential to save more lives from violent crime than perhaps any other tool in history when combined with training and commitment. Portable and potent, a firearm carried on your body can offer you a decisive advantage should you be forced to fight for your life. Here are several recently introduced pistols for your consideration. BERETTA APX CARRY Compact single-stack pistols are some of the most popular handguns for personal protection. Building on the success of the APX combat handgun, Beretta is now manufacturing a new single-stack designed for discreet self-defense: the APX Carry. The gun’s grip is only 0.9 inches wide, making it a comfortable choice for both inside-the-waistband (IWB) and pocket carry. Compared to the full-sized APX, this particular model is much shorter, with a height of only 4.2…