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worth the fight

Do you have children? Kids are adorable, messy creatures that can absolutely make your day despite (hopefully brief) instances that will make you want to pull your hair out. Talk to any parent and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing they care about more. As soon as their son or daughter was born, their life changed completely. Everything immediately shifted to raising that child in a safe, supportive environment. Which is probably one of the reasons why you picked up this magazine. You understand, on some level, that police officers are, by definition, reactionary. Unless they’re providing security for some event planned well in advance, they’re often dispatched to a scene after it’s been called in. Their response times fluctuate based on a number of variables—the number of officers on duty, the…

6 min.
welcome to the party

There is an old cliché that says there is no such thing as a fair fight. Nowhere is this truer than when you are faced with more than one adversary. This really is one of the worst-case scenarios, but you can prevail. It requires a cool head, skill with your weapons and an utter commitment to win. You might be thinking, “This doesn’t apply to me. It will never happen. Only a superhero could do that.” Chances are, it probably won’t ever happen to you. But that’s just the thing. There’s still a chance that it will. Would you stake your life on chance? I wouldn’t. The reality is that there are evil people in this world—people who won't hesitate to cause harm. But living a life of paranoia is definitely not…

9 min.
connect the dots

There was a time when optical sights were considered trendy gadgets that only showed up on rifles and some rather oversized, tricked-out race pistols. They became popular with competition shooters who were looking for an edge, and they did prove to be an advantage. But these days, more and more shooters are putting miniature reflex sights on their defensive handguns. What changed? For one thing, many who are familiar with the use of reflex or red-dot sights on rifles are deciding to try them on their handguns. Also, reflex sights are getting smaller, more rugged and more reliable. Add to that the fact that the cost is coming down while the selection is increasing substantially. Finally, more and more handgun makers are producing pistols with optics-ready slides. That saves the considerable expense…

3 min.
today’s top reflex sights

AIMPOINT ACRO P-1 Unlike most designs, Aim-point’s new Advance Compact Reflex Optic (ACRO) P-1 is fully enclosed and protected, making it waterproof down to 25 meters. The ACRO P-1 features a 3.5-MOA red dot and runs on one CR1225 battery that will run for 1.5 years on the sixth brightness setting. The sight has 10 brightness settings. (aimpoint.com) JPOINT JPoint reflex sights from JP Enterprises are among the lightest models you’ll find at about 0.5 ounces. Versions are available with circle/dot reticles as well as 4- and 8-MOA red dots. The reticle brightness adjusts automatically, and each JPoint has a glass-reinforced nylon housing while using one CR2032 battery. (jprifles. com) LEUPOLD DELTAPOINT PRO The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is offered with either a 2.5- or 7.5-MOA red dot. It features a motion sensor that…

4 min.
double duty

You can always find new ways to use good gear. When I think of equipment designed for duty use, I think of rugged gear engineered to hold up to hard use. It also needs to be simple, even instinctive, to use without being too heavy or requiring much maintenance. When I first saw the BlackHawk T-Series duty holster, I was sure that it could provide good service to those in uniform. Then it occurred to me that the holster would be excellent for another type of duty—namely for the outdoorsman who carries a handgun while hunting, hiking, canoeing and otherwise frequenting remote areas. ROCK SOLID The BlackHawk T-Series duty holsters are made of glass-reinforced nylon—much thicker than your usual Kydex holster without being bulky. The slick inner surface provides for a quiet and…

5 min.
shooting for the stars

THE new STAR10-P from DoubleStar is a very large AR-style pistol. And it isn’t for everyone. There will undoubtedly be people out there who point at it and scream, “But why?!” Others will point and respond with, “Why not?! This thing is awesome!” I fall into the latter camp. This awesome multi-purpose pistol excels when it comes to personal and home defense as well as hunting. As DoubleStar put it, “Whether it’s wild game destroying your property or an advancing enemy, the .308 STAR10-P has the power to stop the threat.” DEVILISH DETAILS The STAR10-P starts with upper and lower receivers made from forged 7075-T6 aluminum. The railed upper is angular like the handguard, which has dozens of lightening cuts as well as M-LOK slots for accessories. Within the forend is a low-profile…