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Personal Defense World #226

Personal Defense World’s team of expert contributors is dedicated to delivering easy-to-digest content—both skills and the latest hardware. Personal Defense World offers shooters a clear and concise guide to the latest firearms and equipment–including its popular "Gun Buyer's Annual,"

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full-course security

BEFORE working on this issue of Personal Defense World, I strapped myself into a jet-powered supercar and attempted to singlehandedly break the land-speed record while eating a ghost pepper burrito. I also took part in a nighttime HALO jump off the coast of Panama to brave the jungle and pet pygmy three-toed sloths for inspiration. Once back home, I ran some “El Presidente” range drills with my 34 highly trained dogs, who are nailing down center-mass hits but need to work on their tactical reloads. You can read about all of my exploits and more in this “Egotistical Maniac” edition of PDW. Just kidding. None of that is true. To put together this magazine, we rely on expert contributors around the country. These are the guys and gals you’ll want watching…

8 min.
armed & able

IN an era when it seems like everyday gun enthusiasts are becoming more like “tactical operators,” there’s a group that seems to be falling by the wayside: people with physical limitations. More and more we are seeing an emphasis placed on the need to be super-physically fit and agile to shoot firearms and train. This is obviously important and shouldn’t be disregarded. But not everyone has such capabilities. In this country, every person has the right to bear arms. This right “shall not be infringed,” even due to physical limitations. No matter what your physical limitations are, you don’t need to feel defenseless. There’s a very wide spectrum when it comes to physical limitations. One obvious group would be the elderly. As we age, we tend to have reduced strength, limited range…

7 min.
compact crusader

When the Original Zev 9mm, or O.Z-9, hit the market, it became an instant success. In all honesty, it was a bit of a sure thing. It was based on more than a decade and a half of Zev Technologies’ custom gun work with volumes of end-user information to work from. Add to that some sexy design features, and the gun instantly became a hit. While I could pontificate extensively about the generally unforgiving and demanding nature of the firearms industry, I’ll just summarize and say that, while the masses were pleased with the O.Z-9, they immediately wanted more. Zev had already begun work on competition versions as well as separate grip units that would allow a shooter to change the gun’s size or color. That’s because the heart of the…

4 min.
blackhawk’s junk drawer

I have carried guns for more than a decade now using the same types of holsters. Sometimes it’s hard to accept change, especially when you get very comfortable doing things the way you have always done them. When it comes to holsters, I have always worn an inside-the-waistband (IWB) rig with a single belt clip on my strong-side hip. This has always worked for me. So when I saw the Black-hawk TecGrip Junk Drawer holster, I pretty much laughed it off. “I would never trust a holster that doesn’t clip to my belt in some way,” I said. However, I’ve learned to keep an open mind in this industry, and decided I needed to at least give it a shot before I knocked it. WHAT IS IT? “The Junk Drawer is a very…

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9 edc essentials

Let’s face it, sometimes carrying a gun or a knife isn’t an option. There’s a strong chance that the occasion or destination will determine what you’re wearing and how much heat you’re packing. So I decided to round up nine must-have self-defense items you should consider for everyday carry (EDC). CAT SELF-DEFENSE KEYCHAIN Simply slide this keychain between your fingers on the way to your car, or walking up to your front door, and you’ve got two sharp points for stabbing or punching if you’re attacked. The keychain is about 3 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide, and the finger holes are each 1 inch in diameter.(thewellarmedwoman.com) FDP CAT EARS DEFENSE RING This ring from Female Defense Products (FDP) has a surprise that no one would suspect from such a cute “accessory.” It’s made…

6 min.
kershaw kutters

Dedicated fighting knives have been around for a long time, and they absolutely have their place. But that role is a bit limited. Recently, I was having a discussion with a gentleman about the merits of different blades for self-defense, and the topic turned to fighting knives. After hearing about his big, awesome fighting knife, I said that I believed my pocketknife would beat it. He was incensed and insisted that his fighting knife would beat my little pocketknife any day of the week. So, I made him the offer to test that theory, to which he replied that he couldn’t right now because his knife was at home. So, I informed him that my pocketknife had already won because it was with me. This story illustrates a point. Would a small…