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2 min.
keep calm and carry concealed

I am writing this in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as most Americans find themselves sheltering in place to slow the spread of the virus across the country. Right now, the United States has seen over 350,000 confirmed cases, and doctors are doing their best to take care of those in need. Social distancing is helping slow the infection rate, but we don’t know if we’ve seen the peak of the outbreak at this point. That said, I hope life is returning to normal by the time you read this. In times of crisis, there’s nothing I hate more than the panicking of a select few. Just because “Karen” decided to buy 20 packs of toilet paper, everyone saw her, followed her lead and then got my wife asking if we…

6 min.
exceptional 92 x

When most people talk about pistols they want or have added to their collections, a few iconic models typically come up: the 1911, a Glock, maybe a Desert Eagle. Another gun usually included on that list is the Beretta 92, which has become an icon, especially since one variant, the M9, was adopted as the official U.S. military sidearm back in 1985, replacing the 1911 for decades. In fact, there’s no more proven compact and duty pistol platform than the Beretta 92. But it hasn’t really seen much change since that iconic M9 model of the mid-1980s—until now. Beretta recently decided to give the 92 a bit of a facelift and update its features with the new 92X line of pistols, and for this review, I got my hands on…

6 min.
the hellcat strikes

for dominance in the concealed- The battle carry handgun market has been epic, to say the least. Dozens of companies have been trying to work different angles and create the ultimate pistols for everyday carry (EDC), but some are simply tweaking small features and calling the guns “new.” To attract more customers, a new firearm needs to have substance—details that go well beyond looks alone—and Springfield Armory seems to have accomplished just that with the introduction of the new Hellcat. › ON THE PROWL “The Hellcat is…extremely versatile, compact and comfortable to carry while packing a lot of firepower.” First off, Springfield calls the Hellcat “the world’s highest-capacity micro-compact.” The gun has very compact dimensions—just 6 inches long and 4 inches tall—but comes with two patented magazines that hold 11 and 13 rounds…

9 min.
best bangs for the buck

For some families, spending an extra $600 to $1,000 on a top-tier defensive pistol isn’t really a viable option. Not everyone’s lifestyle is defined by firearms. Whether it’s about keeping food on the table or prioritizing money for other activities, many folks can only spare so much cash for a quality defensive firearm. That’s why we’re going to look at five “value-priced” 9mm pistols that still offer plenty of features and performance without busting a budget. I used a few criteria to create this list: The guns had to have come out in the past year, their MSRPs are under $500, and their magazines hold at least 10 rounds. Without question, polymer grip frames have drastically altered the landscape of what’s available to American consumers, resulting in firearms that are cheaper to produce…

2 min.
practice & defend

Practice ammo and defensive ammo have always been considered two distinct categories, and for the longest time, that meant two different shooting experiences, especially with handguns. Even if you tried to match the bullet weights, you’d still notice more recoil with the self-defense rounds, for example, or variations in velocity or the point of impact. Trying to find training rounds that would match, or come as close as possible to, your defensive rounds was always a nightmare. I know I’ve personally spent a ton of time and money on this quest. Thankfully, Federal has an answer. THE SOLUTION Federal’s new Practice & Defend ammo packs take all of the guesswork out of matching your training and defensive rounds. Each pack includes 50 personal-defense HST rounds and 50 Syntech Training Match rounds. Both…

7 min.
lessons in leather

Are leather holsters outdated, anachronistic and destined for the ash heap of history? Or are they concealed-carry staples for good reason? A total beginner looking at concealed-carry or general-purpose holsters could be easily swayed by modern Kydex and hybrid holsters to think that leather belongs to the 20th century. There’s some truth to that idea. But it’s also true that leather holsters of sound design and construction are perfectly viable concealed-carry and general-use holsters, even in today’s world of synthetic materials. Leather, the preserved skin of an animal, is durable but also pliable. It will stretch but doesn’t tear easily. With care, it can last for decades. Leather is softer than hard polymers, but harder than nylon cloth. This offers protection for the pistol, but also makes the holster comfortable to wear, or…