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Personal Defense World #229 Concealed Carry Handguns

Personal Defense World’s team of expert contributors is dedicated to delivering easy-to-digest content—both skills and the latest hardware. Personal Defense World offers shooters a clear and concise guide to the latest firearms and equipment–including its popular "Gun Buyer's Annual,"

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who we are

Editors and readers of magazines have an interesting long-range relationship that many people never consider. It’s a give and take that, when correctly executed, is a win-win for both parties. An editor can sleep well at night knowing he has given his readers a quality product they greatly enjoy. Personal interaction between the two, however, is somewhat difficult due to sheer logistics and the extremely busy lives we all lead these days. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t get to know each other better. In a nutshell, the staff here at Personal Defense World is quite a lot like you. We’re proud Americans working hard to raise our families, make a better life in the greatest country on the planet and do the things we love to do in our spare time, including…

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packing a few guns

I once got pulled over for speeding by a Michigan state trooper. When you have a concealed pistol license in this state, you must disclose that you possess such a license during a traffic stop, and I did. The officer’s next question was simple, but he wasn’t expecting the answer I was about to give. He asked, “Do you have a gun on you or in the vehicle today?” I answered, “Yes, in fact, I have three today.” The officer seemed surprised by this and said, “Why three?” To which I responded, “Because you caught me on a light day, officer.” Many people, including those who carry every day, think that packing multiple firearms is just being paranoid. Many believe that one gun is enough and that if you feel the need…

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from the pocket to the hip

I find holster selection is very similar to finding that right carry gun, it’s all very personal. What works for one person might not work for others. With that said, here are four holsters that I found work for me. The Ruger LCP II went the DeSantis route, while the Zev OZ9c went with Blackpoint Tactical. BLACKPOINT TACTICAL The FO3 Holster is an IWB kydex holster that is meant to be carried forward of 3 o’clock on your strong side, hence the name. There are two clips on it, one attached to the kydex holster while the other one is on a leather wing. That leather wing helps reduce printing and allows the holster to move with you. The clips themselves also feature “Cloth Grabber” and are designed to hold in place…

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shine on

Not everyone is comfortable carrying and using a potentially deadly weapon. Firearms, knives and blunt-force weapons may be highly useful against personal physical threats, but they aren’t for everyone. The fear of carrying such weapons—let alone using them when a life-or-death situation might come to pass—is quite common among many people out in the world. Whether it’s fear of hurting themselves or innocent others in the process of self-defense, or that they can’t shake the mental, emotional and legal liabilities and responsibilities that come with carrying a deadly weapon, there are people who just won’t enlist the aid of these personal protectors... and that’s perfectly fine. However, there is a viable alternative: the tactical flashlight. Carrying a flashlight for self-defense purposes offers a way both to defend against those out to…

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shining made simple

SIZE – No, bigger is not always better. A tactical flashlight must fit your hand comfortably, without having excess length or girth. Why? Because otherwise the likelihood of you carrying it regularly would be slim, and that makes having it practically useless. POWER – If the flashlight doesn’t even make your assailant blink or close his eyes, then it’s definitely not powerful enough. The recommendation is to use a flashlight with a minimum output of 120 lumens. My personal recommendation? Go brighter, just to be sure. EASE OF ACTIVATION – Complicated twists or pushbutton combinations will only get you hurt or killed. Find a flashlight that offers easy, one-push activation positioned where your thumb would normally rest when holding the unit. This makes turning it on an almost instinctive response, because when…

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blinding and frying

THE POWER IS NOT IN THE VOLTS – Don’t be fooled by outrageous claims when it comes to stun gun advertising. Companies promote that their product delivers 30 million, 60 million or even 100 million volts to the poor sap who tries to attack you. But in reality, it’s not the voltage but the charge itself that delivers the punch. The voltage only gives it the potential to move the more important “charge.” THE TABLES COULD BE TURNED – Unlike utilizing a tactical flashlight alone, a stun gun combo offers your attacker the means to take you out of the conflict easily and effortlessly using your own weapon against you. If you are inexperienced with self-defense techniques, underestimate your foe or are just plain clumsy, you could be the one zapped…