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Pianist magazine is adored internationally by those who love to play the piano. From Bach to Billy Joel, the magazine offers a wide range of music styles to learn from, as you don’t just read it – you play it too! With every issue, you’ll find 40 pages of selected sheet music (suitable for players of all levels) accompanied by specially recorded sound files. The sound files act as the perfect learning tool, so you can listen to a piece of music before you learn it. All you need to do is click on the ‘sound’ icon and turn the Scores pages with a light swipe of your finger. With Pianist magazine you can expect nothing less than the very best when it comes to playing the instrument you love. You’ll have everything you need to play like an expert, including notes on technique, pedalling and interpretation, sheet music reviews, Q&As, teaching tips, in-depth ‘How to Play’ masterclasses, readers’ letters, piano news, interviews with top concert pianists and so much more! And guess what? If you opt for the digital issue, you get FREE EXTRA Scores! From the basics of scale playing to the difficult stretches and fast runs, Pianist magazine is your top piano playing guide – giving you the confidence and expertise you need to play like a pro!

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the shape of things to come

If there’s one video you should watch in order to learn how to sit correctly at the piano, it’s Khatia Buniatishvili’s YouTube performance of the fiendishly difficult Liszt/Horowitz Rhapsody No 2. What incredible posture! So upright, so grounded, so calm and controlled, even if her brain is obviously working on overtime. She’s hardly the only pianist with perfect posture – I’ve just watched Stephen Hough sail elegantly through Paderewski’s Nocturne as a Carnegie Hall recital encore – but most of us can only sit and admire such poise. We spend so much time thinking about our fingers that we often forget about the other important body parts – all of which contribute to good piano-playing. Mark Tanner’s masterclass (p16) explains some posture do’s and don’ts, illustrated by example: the good, the…

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your chance to have your say

EMAIL: editor@pianistmagazine.com WRITE TO: The Editor, Pianist, Warners Group Publications, 31-32 Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5JD. STAR LETTER wins a surprise CD. Letters may be edited. STAR LETTER SPECIAL PIECE Thank you for including the Clementi Sonatina inside issue 116 [first movement, Sonatina Op 36 No 3]. I am sure all your readers have an important piece in their repertoire but this piece is very special to me. When I was about 12 years old, learning the piano was becoming boring, as all I wanted to do was play sheet music and rock tunes. On the point of giving up, my despairing piano teacher introduced me to this movement from the Clementi Sonatinas. It was like turning a light on! Its brilliant simplicity and sparkling fingerwork was so rewarding – it was just…

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season’s greetings

Did Beethoven have a lost love? According to author Jessica Duchen, it appears so. In her latest book, Immortal, Duchen delves deep into the secrets behind a love letter written in Beethoven’s handwriting that was found after his death. Who is the subject of this love letter, then? None other than Countess Josephine Brunsvik. Duchen explains: ‘I visited the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn and saw its exhibits about Beethoven’s love life, which seemed to prioritise Josephine Brunsvik. Reading more about her, I became hooked… There is also some suggestion that Josephine had an impact on some of his music. One might say, in the end, that only the music matters.’ For those who fancy a 400-page Christmas read, in this the landmark Beethoven anniversary year, Immortal should be the perfect place to start. www.bit.ly/immortalbeethoven…

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from tiny to steinway!

Which would you choose? Korg’s ‘tiny’ 25-note battery-powered piano measuring 15 inches wide (below), or Steinway’s eye-catching limited-edition Lenny Kravitz grand – the latest from the Steinway collaboration workshop (right)? For a piano of such a small size, Korg’s tinyPIANO impressively features 25 built-in sounds and 50 demo songs that cover a wide range of styles, making it an ideal first piano for any young prodigy out there. It retails at ?160. On the other end of the scale, the Steinway Kravitz features hand-carved motifs on the rim, inner lid and music desk and hand-carved, block-style legs in black ebony finish. Only ten Kravitz models will be produced, retailing at a modest $500,000 (?380,000 approx), so if you’re a fan of the American singer-songwriter, you might need to act fast! www.bit.ly/korgtinypiano www.bit.ly/kravitzsteinway…

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music to lift the spirits

Choir leader John Rutter has transcribed eight of his favourite seasonal choral pieces for piano, designed for early intermediate-level players. The John Rutter Christmas Piano Album includes A Child’s Lullaby, Angels’ Carol and The Colours of Christmas. The transcriptions include the lyrics within the piano score, allowing the possibility for a family singalong (safely does it, of course). Alternatively, you can opt for Rutter’s latest album, The Piano Collection. Pianist, organist and conductor Wayne Marshall performs all eight arrangements, as well as an extra nine pieces including The Lord bless you and keep you, A Clare Benediction, and Be thou my vision. Sheet music: www.bit.ly/ruttersheetmusic Album: www.bit.ly/rutteralbum…

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dazzling showroom to open in london

The long-established Swansea-based piano house, Coach House Pianos, has just announced the opening of its state-of-the-art showroom in the heart of Chelsea, London. Housed within the iconic Art-Deco Talisman Building on New Kings Road, the showroom covers a 5,000ft2 display area and is due to have all types of pianos on offer, from uprights to art-case grands including the handcrafted Bösendorfer Vienna Concert. London’s own Bösendorfer Hall is to be housed within the Building as well, making it an ideal venue for hosting all types of events – either online or live – so says the company. There will also be a custom design studio to allow clients to work with designers and manufacturers to create a statement piece. Nick Rusling, Coach House Pianos’ founder, says: ‘We are very excited to…