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Ride magazine May - June 2018

Ride magazine is a high quality cycling magazine that caters for both road and off-road cyclists, be they competitive or recreational riders. The magazine contains many timeless 'How to' and 'You can’ articles covering issues relating to health, fitness, skills, maintenance and nutrition. The average Ride magazine reader is health-conscious, goal-orientated, self-motivated, an outdoor enthusiast and a keen, regular traveller. Over the 14 years of its existence the magazine has played an important role in growing cycling into one of the biggest participation sports in South Africa.

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SUNDAY 8 APRIL. I DID SOMETHING STUPID ON A BIKE. AGAIN. It is all the Pedal Power Association’s fault, this time. Although my family is finally beginning to realise there may be a short circuit somewhere. A simple idea; lap the 3.27km Killarney motor racing track, just outside Cape Town, as many times as you can in 12 hours. Thirty-five laps or more gains you a silver medal, 60 laps (200-odd km) a bronze and the top 10 take home ‘gold’. So, Killarney is flat. There are no hills, per se, but for the gradual drags up the northern reach and from the banked corner to the finish line which add a mere 16m of ascent per lap. Flat is fun, but this is Cape Town, and there is almost always…

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pedal pals

When not potting in his shed, STEVE SHAPIRO can be found in his natural habitat, penning award-winning poems or pondering the wisdom of the Chosen Gear. Finding kindred souls from so many different backgrounds and being able to strike, almost immediately, a deep bond based on two wheels and two pedals – that’s the prize. Of course, it’s the kind of social connection which is accessible in all sorts of pursuits but we’ve got something extra special. Somehow, the combination of inescapable physical effort and mankind’s most worthy technological invention are the base for an almost alchemical human fusion. I have been in the alembic of this magic for most of my adult life (if adult it has been) and I view it as the nonpareil of my interaction with our complex species. Although…

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argus lite

CASHANDRA SLINGERLAND won the African TT championship in 2009 and, although officially retired, she continues to race, albeit a few age categories below her ID book, to give the youngsters grief. We are a quarter into 2018 and its looking good for the rest of the year. Ladies cycling is on a rise and the fun is starting; we have seen more ladies on the start line than last year, the new faces standing in the Licensed group is something to be proud of. We had the Ride for Sight in Boksburg (yip, we got to use our passports) in February, and when the start gun went off we had a group of 40 ladies. Not bad for a ladies-only group. Everyone rode positively and contributed to the race, we did…

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where are the club races?

TYLER’S TWIN lives in anonymous bliss in Joburg’s leafy north… watching. He is not nearly as grumpy in real life as he is behind his keyboard, he tells us, but the jury is still out on that. All we know is, he’s almost always right. For all my sins, in the last few years I have found myself swapping that glorious invention that is the bicycle, for a pair of running tekkies to do much of my regular cardio training. For all the apparent differences between the two disciplines, the overlap in participation between the two sports is a lot larger than I expected. In hindsight, the similarities are there, the benefit of regular cardiovascular exercise, your daily endorphin fix, the social nature of them both, the physical challenge and the…

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Ours is more catastrophic in that it seems beyond rescue: it is that cycling off-road and road, in urban areas, has become increasingly life-threatening at the hands of desperate and sometimes drug-crazed highway men, rogue bandits, uncurlingly violent to the point of murderous. They will stop at nothing and nothing seems to stop them. These are the spawn of timeless, allegedly human, predators - and vulnerable cyclists with their quick cash temptations are the prey. I can’t say don’t despair, but I can say maybe. Maybe, with common sense, iron discipline and solid organisation, WE can do something about it and still be able to follow our passion. Ten years ago I rode wherever I wanted to without ever a thought of danger outside of my skill capacity: I rode alone because…

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legends reunion

It all started out as a small get together for a few South African cycling legends. An opportunity to reminisce about the good old days, swap tall stories and doff a casquette to riders no longer with us. As we have come to learn, however, when Chris Willemse gets involved, things escalate. A lot. The first fully fledged reunion for riders of the past took place at the end of January 2018. What started out as a chilled braai behind Chris’ shop very quickly outgrew that venue as more names from the annals of bike racing history spread the word, swelling the final peloton for the evening to 453 riders, family and fans; a huge turnout by any measure. There were former pro riders, Springboks, national and world champions, Olympic Games veterans and…