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Ride magazine September - October 2018

Ride magazine is a high quality cycling magazine that caters for both road and off-road cyclists, be they competitive or recreational riders. The magazine contains many timeless 'How to' and 'You can’ articles covering issues relating to health, fitness, skills, maintenance and nutrition. The average Ride magazine reader is health-conscious, goal-orientated, self-motivated, an outdoor enthusiast and a keen, regular traveller. Over the 14 years of its existence the magazine has played an important role in growing cycling into one of the biggest participation sports in South Africa.

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merci monsieur le tour

Personally, I can’t understand why people find Sky’s dominance boring. Worrying, maybe, for the cynics, depressing even for many who watched super teams in the past unravel in a cloud of disgrace. But surely not boring… the power and control masterclass was a joy, and the added intrigue of when Froome was going to make his move (or was he?) just added another layer. In the end, a worthy champion and a humble runner-up, both with strong South African connections having started their top-flight pro careers with Barloworld a decade ago. We have some dreamers in this country who paved the way for many bright prospects to make a name for themselves outside the local racing scene, from pioneers like Robbie Hunter to team owners such as Doug Ryder. That our…

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When not potting in his shed, STEVE SHAPIRO can be found in his natural habitat, penning award-winning poems or pondering the wisdom of the Chosen Gear. Two recent experiences have deepened this brooding rumination: I bought a new bike which is an old bike and, with what at first seemed like questionable monetary self-sacrifice, signed up for a month of Dstv to watch the Tour de France. The first count deals with my, perhaps reactionary, enthusiasm for largely steel-framed bicycles, whose technological style is often referred to as “archaic”, or more charitably as “old school”. The assemblage of each, individual product seems to proclaim the triumph of human hands-on, born of mechanical evolution. It seems outmoded, compared with the lightweight, space-age seamless synthesis which surpassed it and to which, compliments of Le…

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winter is on its way out… yay!

CASHANDRA SLINGERLAND won the African TT championship in 2009 and, although officially retired, she continues to race, albeit a few age categories below her ID book, to give the youngsters grief. It’s the quiet time of year regarding local racing which is absolutely fine as this gives us the opportunity to try other activities out, like gym or mountain biking, but we definitely take this time to watch the highlight of the year with the Tour de France. We all hop onto our indoor bikes and ride along with the pros in France, watching the scenery and the outcome of the stages. The best part is we get to watch the toned legs, this motivates all of us to get on our bikes. This hopefully motivates more ladies to start cycling, knowing…

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more than just a ride

MOUNTAIN BIKING HAS EXPLODED in the last 10 years and with it, the number of stage races on offer to riders across the country. Just how many races can one rider get to in a year, not to mention the cost of equipment and travel, and time off work? More importantly, why is it vital these iconic events stay popular? Let’s took a look at one of the biggest, and the behind-the-scenes good it does and has done over the years. It is just one example of the social responsibility the vast majority of the multi-day events in SA embrace, to lesser or greater degrees, while (hopefully) providing a relevant, value-for-money experience for the riders. It is all about balance, just like riding a bike. The KAP sani2c is one of…

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trailing ahead

LOCATED IN A DEEP VALLEY, surrounded on almost all sides with impressive peaks and slopes, the Jonkershoek mountain biking trails have been a secret among enthusiasts for many years. Jonkershoek was once a single track, literally, attractive for its technical demands and adrenaline rush, now it is a mecca for MTB enthusiasts of all ages and skills, as well as hikers, trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts. Despite suffering major damage from fires at least twice in the past decade, Jonkershoek has rebounded and is steadily becoming not only one of South Africa’s top mountain biking destinations, but a global attraction. A PLACE TO RIDE Only a few kilometres outside of the scenic town of Stellenbosch, Jonkershoek has been appealing to athletes since the late ‘90s. One of those is Bobby Behan, an Irish…

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wild boar trails

THESE SUBLIME TRAILS ARE ACTUALLY a relaunch of much of the well-known Welvanpas Trails, with a number of new sections added and a whole network of newer trails which is now being opened up to mountain bike riders and trail runners. The trail centre is situated at Val du Charron Wine and Leisure Estate, on the outskirts of Wellington and in the shadow of the world-class Bainskloof Pass (even roadies can get their buzz from here). Five marked trails start and finish at Val du Charron, with two other separate trails starting and finishing at Doolhof Wine Estate and the Hawequas Scout Adventure Centre. One other trail involving open gravel roads, for people who don’t want too much single track, also start at Val du Charron but must be followed using a GPS…