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2 min.
slap happy

I learned frontside slappies recently. That’s right, I’m bragging about a trick I can finally do on a curb. It’s that kind of intro this month, so settle in. Slappies are the first new thing I’ve learned in quite some time. The last trick I figured out how to do before these, I can’t really remember. It’s been a while. My skating, I admit, has hit a bit of a plateau. Skating has never come easy for me. In my early days, it took me a long time to learn all the basics: ollies, kickflips, pop shoves, heelflips, grinds, grabs, you name it. None of it came naturally, so I just skated with my friends all the time and slowly but surely tricks started showing up. They took a minute, but…

1 min.
the dirt

Please allow us to introduce a few of skateboarding’s newest pros this month with Kevin Romar getting a signature board for Blind and Nick Garcia getting the nod from Element. Congrats guys, it’s well deserved...Steve Durante who left Habitat a bit ago has moved onto a new upstart brand from the East Coast called Politic. He and Brian Brown are their flagship pros and have Curtis Rapp and Jason Slivey on the am squad... In other Habitat news, Tim O’Connor has parted ways with the brand and it seems Mark Suciu has departed from the footwear program...Ben Raybourn is no longer on Slave and has found a home at Birdhouse...In shoe news, Kevin Terpening is riding for Gravis, Ramondetta is officially off Circa and on Huf and Luan Oliveira is…

5 min.
chris cole

COLD WAR FILMING The filming for me, personally, has been a stop-and-go process. The summer was so packed and so busy, and now I’ve built up all the things I have to do so that I have so many responsibilities that I end up not really filming until I go out on a trip. When I’m out on a trip, I’m usually filming. And when I’m not, I’m usually not filming. So I’m trying to get back into your everyday filming missions. I don’t even know what I have, to tell you the truth. I forget all the crap that I’ve done. I have to look at the timeline and see what is saved up so I know what I have so I don’t show up at a spot and start…

4 min.
nick merlino

LEFT SIDE BIKE RACKED When I was younger, we had this sketchy launch ramp going up to the top of a bike rack. I was launching up one time and trying to grind it when I sacked. The way my hand landed on the bike rack when I was trying to catch myself broke my wrist. I remember it was all mangled and shit. My friends were sitting there as I was screaming and were doing the full, “Oh, what the fuck? What do we do?” So my friend ran to his house because it was right across the street. He got his mom and they drove me to my house. I was freaked out because I’d never hurt myself like that before. I was kind of younger, so I guess my…

8 min.
gary rogers

Metro Skateshop’s spoof s news show Skateline, featuring Gary Rogers, exploded into the skate world earlier this year via the world wide web by putting a hurting on a lot of pro skaters’ and companies’ feelings. What started out as just a shop video segment that poked fun at the skate industry quickly became an instant hit across the internet landscape and had everyone talking and anticipating each new episode. It even caught the attention of one Tony Hawk who scooped it up immediately and added it to his growing roster of Ride Channel programs making Gary Rogers an overnight “skate celebrity” who’s already signing autographs. Not bad for just a local shop kid. So, we caught up with Gary and found out more about how the show came about…

4 min.
james kelch

If the words “Fuct,” “T-Dog” or “White Shell Toes” don’t ring a bell, you probably should go back to re-tweeting Lil Wayne’s latest skateboarding exploit. If they do, welcome to Big Dirt’s Memory Screened page, a thick slice of heavy Droors-talgia. “Back then, companies were just good at making graphics that summed up a kid’s personality,” Kelch says. “It’s totally lost now. The designs, they’re just for whoever nowadays.” Back in Cincinnati since 2001, the former EMB gentleman’s club bouncer is a bit more domesticated these days, but he’s stoked that skateboarding never really forgot him. Some people are in the hammer program, but Kelch provided the nails that preceded it. Here are James Kelch’s favorite pro-models, live from Cincinasty. 1. Real, The Flyer (1992) We always called this board “The Flyer” because of how…