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August 2019

Sound On Sound is the world's best recording technology magazine, packed full of in-depth, independent product tests, including music software, studio hardware, keyboards and live sound (PA) gear. Every issue also includes SOS's unique step-by-step tutorial and technique columns on all the leading DAW programs, as well as insightful interviews with leading producers, engineers and musicians.

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work smarter

We hear a lot said about ‘The Internet of Things’, mostly in the context of the ’Smart Home’, for which you can already buy expensive gizmos that let you turn on your lights or your heating from your phone rather than walking across the room to flip a switch. This in some ways is a shame, as doing the job manually provides what is probably much-needed exercise, and may also help avoid just a little bit of repetitive strain injury from constantly thumbing a phone screen. My daughter has a robot vacuum cleaner that she can set cleaning the house when she’s on holiday in an entirely different part of the world, again by using her phone, but we’re told that the real revolution will happen when household appliances communicate…

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sound on sound usa

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light fantastic: lumi by roli

ROLI have been impressing us with innovative controller designs since the launch of their otherworldly Seaboard Grand four years ago (see the review in SOS September 2015 at https://sosm.ag/sep15roli). Their latest product offers all the depth and innovation of their previous products, but channelled in a very different direction. As its name suggests, it’s all about light. Each of the LUMI controller keyboard’s 24 keys comes alive in a riot of colour when you power it up, thanks to super-bright variable LEDs situated underneath — so each key can be a completely different colour. This simple idea is used to excellent effect to assist a major part of LUMI’s target market: those of any age who are learning to play the keyboard. LUMI ships with a proprietary iOS or Android music…

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ni’s massive x synth released

A successor to Native Instruments’ flagship wavetable soft synth Massive, reviewed in SOS February 2007 (see https://sosm.ag/nimassivefeb07), was announced last Autumn. Following a couple of delays, the new Massive X finally went on sale in late June. Despite the shared name, Massive X uses a completely redesigned synth engine compared to its predecessor; patches from the older instrument cannot even be ported to the new one. If you ever bought Massive, however, there is a crossgrade to Massive X that is cheaper than buying it from scratch. The new synth has dual wavetable oscillators with 170 different wavetables and 10 different oscillator modes. Sounds can be warped by two phase-modulation oscillators and an external modulation input before they even pass out of the oscillator section to the built-in effects, noise generators, and…

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rode collaborate on new tf-5 mic

Rode’s latest mic is a collaboration with the Grammy-winning British independent classical recording engineer Tony Faulkner. The TF-5 is a cardioid condenser pencil mic with a low (14dBA) noise floor. Featuring a brand-new capsule, engineered to what Rode call “sub-micron” tolerances, it is designed to be used as part of a matched stereo pair — although Rode assure us that it also makes a fine spot solo mic. The mic is shipping now and is currently being sold in the US and UK as a matched stereo pair, with the manufacturer’s usual 10-year warranty and an included Rode stereo bar (pictured) for $1499. www.rode.com…

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sift and separate with infinity

Source separation is a technology that’s constantly evolving, and the latest company to promise a breakthrough are British developers Hit’n’Mix. The Infinity audio editor is a showcase for their TrueSource algorithm, which is said to go well beyond what’s possible with other packages. Rival source-separation programs usually employ cloud processing, but Infinity runs natively on a host Mac or PC; and unlike many alternatives, it can identify not only drums and vocals but individual instruments within a mix. Applied to a mono or stereo audio file, the analysis process generates something Hit’n’Mix call a Rip, which displays the music on a kind of piano-roll display. The user can then lock, mute, isolate or modify individual notes and instruments — but Infinity’s capabilities go much further than merely ‘unmixing’ a source. The…