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what lies beneath?

When I first arrived on these shores years ago I wondered what lay beneath the canopy of beech trees. I had a feeling it was going to be dense bush, almost impenetrable on foot let alone by bike. How wrong could I have been? The roots of these beautiful trees provide an insanely good surface for bike tyres to run over: grippy and fun in the dry, and treacherous in the wet. Add in thousands of discarded leaves sprinkled over this luscious loam illuminated by the last rays of the day to create a mountain bikers’ dream.Rider: Steve CurryLocation: Squid Run, Queenstown, NZ ■…

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Conor spied this wallride just south of his home while out exploring new zones a few years back. With his trusty shovel by his side, he created a takeoff, smoothed the wall where he would meet the rock, and cleared a landing. We came back earlier this year and put the feature to the test—the run-in was a little sketchy, but it takes a lot more than a sketchy run-in to scare Conor off.Rider: Conor MacfarlaneLocation: Central Otago ■…

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Living four hours’ drive from your hometown trails gets tiresome. Itching to get back and ride is an all too common symptom. As New Zealand’s unofficial mountain bike Mecca, a place this special will do this to you. Take a long weekend, an excitable handful of friends, ambient temperature beer that you’ve convinced yourself is cold enough, and liberally apply to the area for three days. Are you cured? No. It’s a Band-Aid, but you’ll be back.Rider: Jonas MeierLocation: Marlborough, NZ ■…

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the west island

I’m claiming Tasmania as New Zealand’s West Island. Other than the deadly snakes, wallabies, and Boag’s Lager, it has so much more in common with New Zealand than Australia, its former motherland. The Myrtle Beech forests make you feel at home and the trails are oh so good. Take a mishmash of New Zealand’s best—Rotorua, Nelson, Craigieburn and Queenstown—and you have an idea of what Maydena in the South and Derby in the North offer. Wyn Masters visited both recently. Here he is sampling one of the newest additions to Derby’s ever increasing trail network, named Air-Ya-Garn. You do need to adopt a heavy Aussie accent to pronounce the trail name correctly though.Rider: Wyn MastersLocation: Derby, Tasmania, AUS ■…

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stuck up

Sticky Forest is a trail gem for Wanaka. The area it encompasses is quite small, but we all know it’s not about size, but how you use what you’ve got! I brought Canadian Mark Matthews over on his trip to New Zealand to see his take on the place. One of his favourite features was this step-up after the road gap on International. He was sending whips higher than most people I’ve seen, keeping the branches trimmed on the way.Rider: Mark MatthewsLocation: Wanaka, ■…

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eye opener

While I love exploring the lush native forest and trails in Rotorua, I usually do so at my own pace, and tend to stick to the main line, especially on tracks I don’t know as well. So when I got the chance to ride Te Mounga with a few local shredders, it was an eye-opening experience in both how fast they ride and the creative lines they choose. Here’s Cole Lucas negotiating a steep sweeping corner at full pace on a sneaky locals’ line.Rider: Cole LucasLocation: Te Mounga, Rotorua, NZ ■…