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Sporting Rifle October 2019

The first and market-leading rifle shooting mag in the UK, Sporting Rifle covers rifle sports of all kinds, from rimfire rabbits to big game overseas and everything in between. With the very best writers on board, we cover foxing and UK deer stalking extensively in every issue, with tips and tricks as well as stories from the field to help your outings be more successful.

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trophies in the crosshairs

As readers of Sporting Rifle – and indeed all true countrymen and women – will know, hunting is an irreplaceable tool when it comes to countryside and wildlife management. Nothing else generates a comparable amount of money for wilderness areas while leaving such a light footprint behind; photographic wildlife tourism has to bring in many people to match the revenues generated by a single hunter, with the associated environmental impacts of having to provide greater access, transport, and accommodation. Even more importantly, hunting retains habitat that would be lost to the plough or indeed the bulldozer. However, hunting has a negative public image and ethical hunters are all too often lumped in with those who damage wildlife – specifically the rage-inducing instances in which journalists use the word ‘hunters’ where they…

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science supports hunting – it’s official

More than a hundred scientists have declared that they back hunting, saying the evidence is in favour of its conservation benefits. In a letter published in Science magazine, the group of scientists responded to recent calls on the UK government to ban the import of trophies from hunting. They said that, if trophy hunting were to be banned, “huge areas of land will be converted to other uses and cease to be a habitat” for iconic species across the globe. They say they are in favour of well-regulated trophy hunting in accordance with IUCN guidelines. One of the signatories was quoted as saying, “Rather than have a knee-jerk emotional response, conservation action should be based on evidence. “In areas where you don’t have trophy hunting and tourism, you don’t have an economic reason to…

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bag a bargain on the photon

If you’re looking to get some new NV, now might be the time – Scott Country has announced an offer on the Yukon Photon RT 6x50S that might just be the best ever night vision bargain. With an RRP of £639.95, the Photon RT 6x50 is currently available with UK next day delivery at just £449.95. It can be fitted using standard 30mm scope rings, making it perfect for air rifle, rimfire or centrefire use. With user-selectable reticles, high night-time sensitivity as well as a daytime capability, the Photon RT brings high performance nocturnal hunting down to a remarkably low price. It provides 6x to 12x variable magnification using a 2x push button zoom, and offers enhanced recognition distances up to 280m – a massive range for a budget NV scope. The Photon RT…

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basc battles rspb on raptors

The RSPB has used its latest Birdcrime report to accuse shooting of having a “culture of criminality”. In a scathing and sensationalist report, the organisation reported that there were 87 incidents of bird of prey persecution in 2018, leading it to declare that “raptors are being systematically and illegally eradicated” from moors. Going beyond merely reporting on crime figures, the charity directly calls for grouse shooting and management to be restricted: “Raptor persecution is part of a wider problem with upland management. The UK is facing a climate and ecological emergency, and urgent reform is needed if the government is to meet its own targets in this area. “As a result of intensive management with the sole aim of producing vast numbers of red grouse… huge areas of our uplands now lack biodiversity.” It…

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wales plans ‘catastrophic’ gl change

Natural Resources Wales (NRW), the body that issues the general licences in Wales, has announced that it plans to change the general licence to control pest birds for the purpose of conserving other wild birds. If it gets its way, from 2020 that licence will only apply for “conserving red or amber listed birds of conservation concern” – which means shooters and land managers won’t be able legally protect other birds from the likes of crows and magpies. Shooting organisations have universally expressed criticism of the plans. Rachel Evans, Countryside Alliance director for Wales, said: “NRW are dangerously venturing into the unknown. The changes present a very real threat to many of Wales’ most treasured bird species, which will now be without uniform protection. NRW’s claim that the General Licences will be…

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lead under threat – again

There’s a new threat to the use of lead in shotgun and rifle ammunition, as it emerged that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will be developing proposals for further restrictions on the use of lead across the European Union. The European Commission has instructed the ECHA to conduct research into the matter, with a view to producing suggestions by October 2020. Though it’s not clear what they will propose, anything is on the table, including a complete ban. What happens next, or if the UK will still have to comply with any new restrictions despite Brexit, is not clear – though any game meat exported into the EU would still have to conform no matter what. A BASC spokesperson said: “The EC and ECHA have clearly signalled their intent to seek a hard…