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Sporting Rifle December 2019

The first and market-leading rifle shooting mag in the UK, Sporting Rifle covers rifle sports of all kinds, from rimfire rabbits to big game overseas and everything in between. With the very best writers on board, we cover foxing and UK deer stalking extensively in every issue, with tips and tricks as well as stories from the field to help your outings be more successful.

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the shortlists

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liverpool: an anti-shooting city?

Shooting has come under a “woeful” attack from Liverpool’s city council, which put forward a motion labelling any form of game shooting “barbaric”. The council declared its complete opposition to “shooting live game, in the UK or overseas” saying it “is barbaric in all cases”. This comes after the Liverpool mayor intervened to pressure the city's Exhibition Centre to cancel the second British Shooting Show event, which was scheduled to debut there in September 2020. It’s understood that overseas hunting companies weren’t actually a part of the Liverpool show – but politicians forced a total cancellation of the event anyway. They then tabled a motion, debated at a Council meeting on 16 October, opposing game shooting and hunting in all its forms. BASC’s Garry Doolan said, “The motion shows a complete disregard for the reality…

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shooters must ‘step up’ to environmental challenges

A proposed new Environment Bill for England will make significant commitments towards meeting the government’s 25-year environmental plan. BASC have called on the shooting community to step up to the challenges the bill presents. Ian Danby, BASC’s head of biodiversity, said: “People who shoot in the UK spend more than £250 million on conservation each year and influence the management of two thirds of the UK’s rural land area. “Many people who shoot also engage directly with species-specific conservation projects either led by BASC or with conservation partners. Shooting is continuously rising to new challenges. Take for example BASC’s campaign to reduce plastic use within shooting and to improve recycling. Manufacturers are expanding their range of cartridges which do not use plastic in some key components, hence taking responsibility for reducing plastics…

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rspb to review shooting policy

The RSPB is examining its policy on game bird shooting and associated land management. BASC said it has already been in contact with the charity to emphasise the benefits of shooting: “While there will be fears from some quarters within shooting that this review could lead to the RSPB creating a hard-line anti-shooting policy, BASC believes that the RSPB will in fact conduct the review in the manner expected of an evidence-based organisation. That evidence will point the review directly and clearly towards shooting as an activity that massively benefits the economic and environmental make-up of the British countryside.”…

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clean up your act

There’s a new gun cleaning product on the market: Pro Ferrum, the world’s first gun care superfluid to emulsify, encapsulate and disperse water. This, the manufacturer says, guarantees unrivalled cleaning properties for any rifle, ensuring optimum performance for years to come. Pro Ferrum can carry out a wide range of gun cleaning and care tasks, including: Dissolving initial formation of rust, replacing it with an anti-corrosive layer; Removing lead by penetration, not acidic erosion; removing fouling and baked on residues in seconds; neutralising acids from finger prints; and leaving an ultra-fine coating for ultimate protection. Pro Ferrum retails from £7.99 – visit www.sportarm.com for more details.…

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langholm demonstrates why management works

The final report on the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project (LMDP) is out – and shooting organisations say it shows how gamekeeping improved the fortunes of a range of species as well as restoring heather that had been lost for decades. The project studied moorland management for birds of prey and red grouse over 10 years, and has now released its findings. A joint statement from shooting organisations said: “This unprecedented scientific project was a watershed and proves the important conservation value of grouse moor management. Gamekeepers using modern management techniques, including legal predator control, led to improved populations of curlew, golden plover and snipe. Predator control also protected breeding hen harriers.”…