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has politics changed?

THE recent NSW and Federal election results have stunned the media, the Labor Party and Greens and given the conservative side of Australian politics an apparent mandate to pursue a conservative agenda for the foreseeable future. As for LAFO's, stay with me. These results mimic the Trump and Brexit phenomena in the rest of the English-speaking and once Iron Curtain world and relate to the traditional middle ground of hard-working traditional family constituents aka the engines of democracy and capitalism. Their expressed needs to governments and major media outlets have been disregarded in a pursuit of increasing regulation, overdevelopment, overtaxing and the disenfranchising of moderate conservatives, by being held to account by huge corporate interests and Greens. By bowing to Green pressures more unreasonable pressure is placed on rural small business…

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house hunting

“ALL OF a sudden, I hear Mick yelling, ‘There’s a bloody fox,’ and he runs out of the bedroom without a stitch on,” Anne said. Anne was having way too much fun telling her story. Over a few drinks at the neighbours’ place, she was well into it. Joan and Dunc’s laughing faces encouraged her. I was trying hard to look like I too was enjoying it, but inside I was dying. “There was no time to lose, so I dropped the towel and ran.” Joan and Dunc looked straight at me with their mouths open. “He’s got the safe keys in his hand and I see his bare bum disappear into the laundry. A minute later he runs back out with a rifle flapping in one hand and something else flapping down…

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alas the poor 8mm remington magnum

Q Based on what you wrote Q in an old issue of Sporting Shooter, the 8mm Remington Magnum appears to be one of the best longrange big-game cartridges of all time, but it seems to have become obsolete. Can a Model 700 in 7mm Rem. Mag. or .300 Win. Mag. be rebarreled for the 8mm Magnum? Why do you think it failed in the marketplace? – Jack Jones A Remington introduced the 8mm Rem. Mag. in 1977 and I used a Model 700 for several years with great success. I hunted with it in Africa, India, Canada and America and shot everything from blackbuck to moose and buffaloes with it. It may have failed to gain wide acceptance among big-game hunters simply because its performance is so close to the .338 Win.…

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ask the gun editor

Letters containing questions for answering by Nick Harvey must be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. Mail your letters to: The Technical Editor, 3 Reef Street, Hill End, NSW 2850. Speeding Up The .220 Swift Q I own a Remington 700 in .220 Swift with a 650mm barrel and topped with an old Leupold 6.5-20x scope that' been gathering dust in my gun safe for a number of years. Now that the rabbit population in my area has grown, I want to ask you if you can suggest a load with a light bullet that will clock 4,000 fps in my rifle. I've heard the argument that heavy bullets buck the wind better, shed their velocity more slowly and hit harder at long range. This offers an advantage where big game is…

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arizona dove and quail hunting

INTRODUCTION. This is a summary of techniques you can practice for hunting in Arizona, but the techniques have universal application in much game bird hunting. Below ere the tips and techniques to get you started. ARIZONA HUNTING FOR DOVE AND QUAIL. Dove hunting starts beginning of September here in Arizona. Desert areas around Phoenix have been depleted of the large flights in recent years. Scouting of areas both for reasonable flights in the morning, and to make sure that one is ¼ mile away from homes or buildings requires some diligence. There are some areas close to me in Chandler, where one can hunt near agricultural fields. The concentration of doves in these agricultural areas was sufficient for proper dove hunting. It is sometimes necessary to talk to the local farmers…

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fast facts

The Gambel’s quail (Callipepla gambelii) is a small ground-dwelling bird in the New World quail family. It inhabits the desert regions of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Sonora; also New Mexico-border Chihuahua and the Colorado River region of Baja California. The Gambel’s quail is named in honor of William Gambel, a 19th-century naturalist and explorer of the Southwestern United States. Gambel’s Quail Recipe 1. Remove head, wings, tail feathers, and find the point under the breast. Nick it with a knife and pull it out, separating this breast from the skin, feathers and everything else. Leave the legs attached on the Quail 2. Rinse the breasts and legs clean with cool water, and set into Worchester sauce to marinate. At least an hour. 3. You can skewer the quail with…