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Sporting Shooter October 2019

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3 min.
a very occasional stalker

OUR schedules never matched up until one mid-week day when my son Morgan could come away for a hunt. Morgan, in common with many young urban men nowadays, is keen on eating wild game meat and he and his mates will devour all I can supply “con gusto”. I have provided the raw materials and I get back some inspired casserole or curry to die for. Back to “Big Wednesday” (google it) and we waltzed onto the dairy farm about 8.30 am to conduct a sit and wait hunt, glassing and range-finding the receding ridges into the wind from our perch tucked alongside some bushes half-way up a hill. I had never taken a rangefinder before and was surprised that my range estimates when taking deer previously were sometimes significantly underestimated…

10 min.
chasing a rusa stag

I’D moved from Victoria to Queensland to new work and different hunting opportunities, like multitudes of pigs, but also rusa, chital, Brisbane Valley reds, fallow deer and wild dogs; they are all exciting animals to hunt. A few times I came across wild dogs in Victoria and central-western NSW, but with modest success. I have a lot of respect for these unpredictable and cunning predators as hunting them is a true challenge, day and night - a true Aussie experience. Night hunting has helped me learn so much more about their behaviour and habits, thermal equipment helping me to outsmart many dogs; it is by far more productive method of dog eradication and wins farmers hearts. After few unsuccessful tries I managed to find a farmer who was willing to…

11 min.
technical advice from the guru

Letters containing questions for answering by Nick Harvey must be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. Mail your letters to: The Technical Editor, 3 Reef Street, Hill End, NSW 2850. LETTER OF THE MONTH Load For .375 Ruger For Buffaloes Q I have just bought a secondhand Ruger Hawkeye African in .375 Ruger from a guy who only used it on a trip to the Northern Territory where he shot two buffaloes and a banteng with it. He later took it on an unsuccessful sambar hunt before deciding to sell it. It came with two boxes of once fired cases and a die set. I have been invited to hunt in the N.T and want to use the Ruger. Can you suggest a good load for buffaloes? – Andy Flynn A I found the .375 Ruger…

7 min.
tin anniversay porkers

OUR trip this year was pretty special as I had been shooting with Darren Paddy Andrews for 10 years. So this time we decided to hunt on our favourite piece of real estate up here in Far North Queensland for three weeks, or until the ammo ran out, to celebrate the milestone. When managed to not coincide at take-off due to a SNAFU, but that was not going to stop us. Midday found us driving through the front gates of the station and a long time catch up with the manager, setting up camp, followed by a feed and we were off to a few waterholes that we had been directed to. First two holes we lucked out on but on the third we spotted a pig coming off water and paddy…

11 min.
merkel rx-helix speedster .308

THE connoisseur of fine European firearms will instantly identify with the name Merkel. The company is unique for remaining in East Germany while other firearms manufacturers - Sauer, Heym and Krieghoff all relocated to West Germany to escape the Russian occupation, It wasn't until after the fall of the "wall" that Merkel firearms began to be exported to the west. Are you looking for something extraordinary? For hunting tahr in new Zealand or plains game on the vast savannahs of Africa, Merkel have evolved their "hunting match rifle." Not only the target shooter is continually calling for better equipment, the hunter is also demanding his share of technological spin-off. Taking today's situation into account, Merkel has developed a match-type rifle that will appeal to the big-game hunter. Merkel's RX-Helix is made on…

3 min.
master hunter to master chef

HUNTING has always been necessary for human survival and skilled hunters have always fed their wider communities. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a hunter for me these days is taking the opportunity to share wild game with anyone and everyone who is interested; workmates, friends, relatives, and other hunters. Food is one of the best ways of bringing people together to have ‘the conversation’ and I have swayed the opinion of many about hunting when they have been presented with a juicy, medium-rare backstrap. Like any craft in life that is worth honing, the act of getting started can seem like a huge hurdle. The most important thing is to get started however you can. The best hunters and cooks in the world have almost certainly gotten to…