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Sporting Shooter November 2019

Sporting Shooter is the magazine for those who love the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. It’s at the very heart of the sport, put together by keen hunters who understand what readers want in the way of information and entertainment related to their activity. Sporting Shooter contains a mix of hunting stories, firearm test reports, technical advice, reloading data, product reviews and lots more.

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a meat hunter

I AM a very time-poor hunter these days, with limited access to hunting grounds within reasonable distance of my home, so I tend to slip away for a long day on roughly a monthly basis. Make no mistake though; if a nice stag popped up I would be busting my phoo-phoo valve to deck him. Consequently, the rut often sails by, while I just sit off a ridge to pop whatever shows its head within range and I butcher it. Cooled and packed on ice in an esky, I generally get home in the dark and leave the carving into cuts the next day on the outdoor furniture. My intro is a bit misleading however, as I rarely take the skin to tan these days – the better half does not like…

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sporting shooter

Editor: Marcus O’Dean Email: marcusodean@yaffa.com.au Technical Editor: Nick Harvey Contributors: Nick Harvey, Col Allison, Tony Pizzata, brian Boyle, Ted Mitchell Snr, David Hughes, Tim Blackwell, Steven Spiekman. ADVERTISING National Sales Manager: Tony Pizzata Tel: (02) 9213 8263 Mobile: 0411 592 389 Fax: (02) 9281 2750 Email: tonypizzata@yaffa.com.au Advertising Production: Michelle Carneiro Tel: (02) 9213 8219 Email: michellecarneiro@yaffa.com.au Marketing Manager: Lucy Yaffa Tel: (02) 9213 8245 Marketing Specialist: Simon Ancone Tel: (02) 9213 8242 Customer Service Manager: Martin Phillpott Publisher: Chris Yu Production Director: Matthew Gunn Art Director: Ana Heraud Studio Manager: Lauren Esdaile Designer: Ruby Ren…

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buffs and back country hunting in the nt

It was good to get out of Darwin and head south on the Stuart Highway on the first part of our trip into our Back Country Hunting block. My son-in-law Jase was with me on his first trip to the Top End, he was as keen as to get in and experience buffalo hunting for the first time. We had the traditional feed of barramundi and chips washed down with a schooner of Northern at the Adelaide River Pub, fuelled up and then headed into the block. Our campsite would be on a terrace above the upper Adelaide River, close enough to get water, but high enough and far enough from the river not to worry about saltwater crocs making an uninvited visit to camp in the middle of the…

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fast facts

Background of the NT Back Country Hunting program OVER the past 18 years or so the Northern Territory Firearms Council worked behind the scenes and quietly lobbying the Territory Government to open up areas of public land hunting and the Back Country Hunting initiative (BCH) is a product of these efforts. The BCH grew out of a “Territory Lifestyle Camping” concept developed by the NT Firearms Council some years ago. Firearm owners who enjoyed an outdoor lifestyle in the traditional sense in the Territory, centred around “going bush” on family camping trips that included hunting and fishing, became increasingly concerned that more and more of their favourite camping spots were being closed off and earmarked for high-volume tourism development. Local Territorians were also feeling disenfranchised as their beloved outdoor lifestyle came under…

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mossberg action strong and safe

Q I believe the Mossberg Patriot rifle is being chambered for the 33 Nosler. I am interested in purchasing one of these rifles for sambar and water buffaloes on a trip to the Top End I have planned for next year. I am worried about the strength of the Mossberg action as I’ve been told the 33 Nosler generates 65,000 psi. Do you think I am worrying unnecessarily? – Ronald Denham A The Mossberg Patriot is based on the Model 100 ATR action, the tubular receiver is machined from bar stock and has a washer-type recoil lug and washer like the Savage 110. The bolt locks up as securely as a bank vault via two large locking lugs, and the right lug houses a sliding extractor. The bolt body is has six…

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ask the gun editor

Letters containing questions for answering by Nick Harvey must be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. Mail your letters to: The Technical Editor, 3 Reef Street, Hill End, NSW 2850. Stability Via Twist Q I am a fitter-machinist by trade and a novice reloader. I have a couple of questions for you: What happens to a the stability of a 55gn projectile if fired in a rifle with a 1:8" twist? If it remains stable, why buy a rifle with a 1:12” twist that will only stabilise bullets weighing up to 55gn? If I buy a rifle with a 1:8” twist I can shoot bullets from 53 to 80gn which will all be stabilised. Will I improve the measurement of the jump with a fireformed case compared to the one Hornady supplies…