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Sporting Shooter March 2020

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queensland resists

QUEENSLAND ADA President Adrian Filche, the Shooters Union of Queensland and other hunting and shooting groups are all frankly perplexed and frustrated by the fact that parts of their state, like national parks, state forests and reserves are overrun with feral animals and there is no scheme in place to permit appropriately licensed hunters to assist in control of their burgeoning numbers. This is in direct contrast to neighbouring NSW and also Victoria, whose governments have documented multi-billion dollar direct financial benefits accruing to their states through legitimate hunting activities on public and private land. In fact, Mr Filche has cited the exodus of millions of dollars of potentially direct economic benefit to Queensland being lost to Queensland licensed hunters taking out game licences in Victoria and NSW and subsequently travelling…

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hunting fallow to score

KEN HARDING and I were hunting high and early in northern Victoria in an area where the mountainous terrain was semi-open and dotted with plentiful patches of trees and brush, ideal habitat for fallow deer. Our biggest difficulty on the hunt was stumbling over small bucks while looking for trophy size deer. The country was in drought and I'd never seen it look as barren. The weather was warm and the landowner had told us that we'd have to work for our bucks, both to get them and pack them out. He also added that in that high ridge county we wouldn’t see too many but what you'll see will be worth it. After Ken had a fruitless trip to Water Valley with an outfitter I'd recommended, I felt obliged to get…

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7mm-08 good for deer

Q I recently bought a Ruger rifle in 7mm-08 and plan to use it for all my hunting in the New England area and out west. The fallow bucks in my area generally average about 90kgs and are usually taken at maximum ranges of 200 metres. I’ll also be using the 7mm-08 on western hunts for goats and pigs. What powders and bullets do you recommend for this size game in the 7mm-08? A I’ve used a number of bullets in the 7mm-08 including the 120gn Barnes, 140gn AccuBond, 150gn E-Tip, and 140gn Woodleigh and all worked very well on deer up to the size of red stag. The best powders I used were AR2208 and W-760, but RE-15 and RE-19 work well with bullets weighing 140 and 150 grains. The…

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ask the gun editor

.308 Light Bullet Comparison Q I've been reloading my .308 Winchester with the 130gn Speer bullet to 3000fps while my mate loads the 125gn AccuBond to 3100fps. Although I can't see any difference in killing power on pigs and goats, he claims his load with the lighter bullet shoots flatter and hits harder because it has a higher ballistic coefficient - .366 against .263. Both rifles are sighted-in 2-1/2in. high at 100yd. What do you think? – Murray Cole A That’s an interesting comparison! But your mate is right when he claims an advantage for the 125gn AccuBond over the 130gn Speer. From the same zero, at 300yd., the 125gn bullet retains 2352fps, drops 3-1/2in. and delivers 1535 ft/lbs of energy. The 130gn Speer drops 3in. more, has 2012 fps and 1168ft/lbs of…

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first time tahr

MY GOOD mate Ned and I started planning our first NZ hunting trip around nine months before we left and after scouring forums, Google earth and DOC maps had come up with several options on likely places we wanted to hunt. Our goal for the trip was to get our first NZ tahr; an animal that while not only having excellent vision, hearing and sense of smell, also lived in some of the most daunting terrain NZ has to offer. Inaccessible cliffs, scree slopes, flooded rivers and native flora that loves to poke holes in you among other hazards, has brought many a prospective tahr hunter unstuck over the years, so we were looking forward to the challenge. After completing the lengthy process of flying out of Australia with firearms, applying for…

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bergara bpr premier hmr pro

“Three stages of vertical honing achieve a mirrorlike (barrel) finish.” THE new Bergara BPR Premier HMR Pro rifle is based on the Premier push-feed action, which was fitted with Bergara barrels to any action the customer wanted. This gave them the incentive to begin making production guns. Over the years I've tested several Bergara rifles made on the Spanish B-14 action and they were all real tackdrivers that lived up to the company’s sub-half-minute-of-angle guarantee for three shot groups. The American-made Premier action differs from the B-14 action, by combining Remington and Savage footprints. The floating dual-lug bolt-head is turned down at the back to fit into the bolt body where it is retained by a sturdy cross dowel. A heavy rotating gas baffle behind the lugs, backed with a spring friction…