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Sporting Shooter May 2020

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of brains, prospecting and foxes

HERE I was in a spacious, well-appointed shed one recent evening instructing the Wingecaribee Hunters & Anglers Club (WHAC) in the art of fox whistling. The talk went down pretty well to the mostly 20-something audience. It was great to see the new generation of hunters so keen, but the camel steak burgers were a mite “chewy and fragrant”. Maybe dice it and throw it in a curry sauce for a 4-hour simmer and it could be awesome - a million bedouin can't be wrong. Incidentally, the President of the WHAC, Craig Golding proudly drew everyone’s attention to Sporting Shooter’s newest columnist, his daughter Chloe Golding. A highlight for me was seeing a presentation by a young lady called Ei Yang, who runs workshops in tanning game skins. Ei was once…

9 min.
moluccan magic

THE big anthill couldn’t have been positioned more perfectly. Two metres wide and higher than a man’s chest, it provided ideal cover for my good mate Sean “Buff” O’Farrell and our guide, Duane Stanyer, to approach undetected within shooting range of two Moluccan rusa stags. Half an hour earlier, my youngest son Billy had spotted the stags from the verandah of our accommodation on the other side of the lake. The pair were mooching along the distant shoreline, hock high in water, feeding on the abundant water lilies. Duane studied them intently through his binoculars, then declared them worthy of a closer look. Hurriedly we woke Buff from his afternoon nap! “There’s a stag out here, do you want to come and shoot it?” I had asked sarcastically. Buff was out of…

3 min.
the first hurdle of the ‘curve.

ON one hand, it makes perfect sense to me that I’d transition into this style of hunting, and on the other hand, the amount of time it takes to become just proficient is staggering and it consumes me. My journey has been mostly fun, occasionally infuriating, and above all, a fantastic learning experience. Success can come through a variety of means to a hunter; luck, planning, appropriate equipment choices, experience, among many others. For me, time in the field and the good fortunate of having some great access has seen me come into a lot of success in recent years. If I think about some of the most impressive animals I’ve killed, or some of the best stalks I’ve had, I can usually put it all down to just being out…

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armour-plated sika deer

Q I have always enjoyed Q reading your columns in the magazine. Your answers and info have proved helpful to me on many occasions in the past. I have been hunting for over 50 years, but only been reloading for the past ten years. I have a free range Sika hunt booked for the rut next year (2017). I recently purchased a Tikka T3 Lite in .25-06 Rem. topped with a Vixen 2.5-10x50 IR scope specifically for this trip. But the NZ guide feels I will be undergunned and recommends a .300 Win Mag. or .300 WSM topped with a 4-16x scope. He said that shots could be 300 yards or farther and that Sika stags are tough and difficult to kill. I believe that my rifle/scope combination would be…

10 min.
ask the gun editor

Letters containing questions for answering by Nick Harvey must be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. Mail your letters to: The Technical Editor, 3 Reef Street, Hill End, NSW 2850. The Difference Between FMJ and Solid Bullets Q In articles in the shooting press I often see the words "solid" and "full metal jacket" used in reference to certain types of rifle bullets. I have often wondered why writers don't use one term or the other to avoid confusion since there’s obviously no difference between these two types of bullets. – Gerald Ford A While solid and full metal jacketed (FMJ) are used to describe bullets of non-expanding design with no lead exposed at the noses, they are actually of different construction and intended fortotally different applications. The jacket thickness of the FMJ is…

9 min.
deer stalking – the art and craft

THAT sums up the essence of deer stalking perfectly. But there are other techniques that are included in making a successful stalk on these shy and elusive big game animals. It is important to have knowledge of a particular species habits, where they are likely to be found at any given time of the day, and during different weather conditions. The secret of successful trophy hunting is in cultivating patience. Patience to move slowly; patience to sit quietly and wait; patience to hunt carefully for days on end, even to go weeks without firing a shot. Deer hunting is no sport for the eager, over-anxious shooter who is looking for immediate results. Another secret is in knowing what to look for. A deer lying under cover, or standing motionless shielded by foliage…