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The Australian Women's Weekly August 2019

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I have always been what you would call accident prone. To be fair, I was born pigeon-toed and knock-kneed, so I did spend my early years literally tripping over my own feet. That was until callipers and compulsory ballet lessons were employed to turn my feet in an outward direction. But by then the reputation had been earned, and I continued to live up to it. Fractured wrists, broken ankles and busted noses punctuated my life from my pre-teens to my twenties. Then, age 35, I broke both arms simultaneously in one spectacular fall playing netball. A feat even the world’s elite players would struggle to pull off. This came six months after my heart had been broken following a split from my long-term partner. At the time of my fall I had…

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it takes a village

Our daughter had three children under six when her husband became critically ill and was not expected to survive. There was no money coming in as he’d just started a new job and hadn’t accrued any entitlements. She had to cope with all that and feed the kids and pay bills. A random cheque for $80 was left at the children’s school for her and food from the local bakery anonymously left at her door. Neighbours mowed her lawns and did odd jobs. She got through and thankfully so did our son-in-law. Forever grateful. For reminding us of the importance of reaching out to those in need, Joy will receive an Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook gift pack worth $150. Email an Women me’s at Weekly awweditor | AUGUST 2019 @bauer-media.com.au Follow me…

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open line

LETTER of the MONTH When you think of a journalist, you think of someone looking for a breakthrough story. After reading your interview, I have concluded that Carrie’s Bickmore’s story is a breakthrough in itself (I Know What’s it’s Like to Need Help, AWW July). Her words about friendship, mental illness and the testaments of her friends solidify that there is no shame in asking for help, while the best way to have great friends is to be one. The perfect interview to read while reflecting on your own journey and encouragement to be the best friend you can be. Thank you, AWW. A. Wallace, via email A PROUD HISTORY I’m not as old as The Weekly, but I’ve been a fan since childhood. The July edition sums up what Paul Keating noted on…

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write to us

Letter of the Month wins $100. The winner of our Pearl of Wisdom this month wins a 12-month subscription to The Australian Women’s Weekly, valued at $86.40. Your postal address must be included in all correspondence. Please state clearly if your letter is not for publication. See Contents for the location of Bauer Media Ltd’s Privacy Notice. CORRECTION: In the story The Black Death, May 2019 edition, Victoria’s Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack was incorrectly referred to as Dr Karen Cusack. She is not a doctor. The error was the reporter’s.…

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in brief

Leading ladies FASHION LOVERS were the big winners at this year’s TV Week Logie Awards, where our favourite stars dazzled in big, bold couture. Dramatic skirts, block colours and old-world glamour ruled the red carpet, but our favourite accessory had to be Amanda Keller’s glittery runners, which she sensibly wore under the folds of her divine Mary Ioannidis dress. Smiling sisters frock up for charity MADDY AND BRIELLA LUK were all sparkles and smiles at a fundraising dinner for the Children’s Medical Research Institute, which supported them through life-saving surgery. CMRI aims to help the 1 in 20 children with a genetic disease or birth defect. To show your support, visit jeansforgenes.org.au US prosecutors have dropped manslaughter charges against a woman who had a miscarriage after being shot in the stomach. Police said she started…

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royal flees

THE MOST FAMOUS wife of Dubai’s billionaire ruler is believed to have fled to London. Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, 45, is reportedly hiding out in an £85 million London townhouse near Kensington Palace, after escaping the desert kingdom in fear of her life, according to the BBC. Princess Haya is an Oxford-educated former Olympian, the sixth wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and mother to two of his 23 children. The Sheikh was embroiled in controversy last year when his daughter Princess Latifa vanished. As reported by The Weekly, Princess Latifa wrote to a friend that she had been mistreated and oppressed her whole life, and that women were treated as “sub-human” in Dubai. Princess Latifa made a bid for freedom, attempting to sail to India with two…