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Total 911 No. 161

Total 911 is the world's only magazine dedicated to the Porsche 911; the only Porsche with over 40 years of history and a worldwide following of keen enthusiasts. This high-quality magazine is written and produced by true Porsche fans, and offers in-depth, exciting features on all models of 911 – from the classics of the 1960s, through the wild Turbos of the 1970s, right up to today's sophisticated supercars.

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Future Publishing Ltd
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It’s great to have a group of long-bonnets lavishing the cover of Total 911 magazine. The last five years has seen their stock soar inconceivably and, though prices vary significantly even between examples of the same model (this thanks to history, condition and what side the steering wheel is on), these 0-F series cars arguably represent the pinnacle of 911 ownership. There’s no question the long-bonnet cars represent the 911 in its purest form, its silhouette unspoiled by impact bumpers, its mechanicals unfettered by what are now primitive technologies like power steering, ABS or even a basic ECU. Lightweight, nimble and blessed with less than six square inches of contact patch to the road at each corner, it’ll take a proper peddler to make honest work of these early 911s, but…

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TechArt unveils Sport Package for GT3 Carbon fibre parts sharpen look of Porsche’s 991.2 track car German tuning house TechArt has unveiled a 991.2 GT3 Sport Package at the Essen Motor Show. Extensive use of carbon fibre, manufactured in-house at TechArt’s Leonberg base, features heavily on air scoops, wings and mirrors featured on Porsche’s latest GT3. TechArt says its upgrades replace those found on the car from factory, including a lightweight front lid with integrated air outlet, front spoiler with revised air blades underneath the daytime running lights, as well as side skirts. At the back of the car, the kit comprises carbon ram air scoops on the decklid, new aerodynamic winglets plus a rear diffuser. The Sport Package also has a choice of titanium or carbon tailpipes for the centrally mounted twin…

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Porsche leaves LMP1 as champions 919s successfully defend WEC manufacturer and driver titles in Bahrain Porsche has bowed out of LMP1 competition in the WEC at the very top after wrapping up a third consecutive manufacturer’s title, while the trio of Brendon Hartley, Earl Bamber and Timo Bernhard secured the 2017 driver’s championship, also the third year in a row for Porsche drivers. Weissach’s two 919 E-hybrids finished second and third in the final round in Bahrain, rivals Toyota emerging victorious from an incident-packed night race. However, round nine of the World Endurance Championship carried much more significance than a mere six-hour sprint to close the season, the occasion also marking an end to one of the most dominant chapters in Porsche’s entire motorsport history. Porsche’s 919 proved indomitable in its field, claiming…

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ben barker

Porsche, podiums and pre-season possibilities Ben reflects on his 2017 motorsport season and looks ahead to 2018 All too quickly, it’s December. The time of year where we catch ourselves looking backward as much as forward, reflecting on what we’ve done with the past 12 months as much as looking to what lies ahead in the next dozen. I think it would be fair to say that my year has had its share of talking points on the track, both high and low: from the struggles early in the season, through a very trying Le Mans, to two podium finishes in the final four rounds of the FIA World Endurance Championship. The Gulf Racing team will admit that it took some time to get used to a switch of tyre supplier last winter and,…

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star correspondence

911 Carrera T: mere marketing ploy? Dear Sir, I had a good chuckle when reading about Porsche’s new 911 Carrera T. I’ve had numerous 911s over the years and am well versed as to the company’s methodical approach to its mantra of ‘add lightness’, which often borders on the tedious (the 996 GT3 RS saved just 20kg in weight over the 996 GT3, for example). However, this ‘Carrera Lightweight’ is a step too far. It’s laughable! The 991.2 Carrera is a heavy beast by any 911 standards, and we all know the car can be pared back significantly more so than the 20kg managed by the Carrera T. Instead I’m going to buy a bog-standard 991.2 Carrera and fit an Akrapovic exhaust to it: that’s about the same price as a Carrera…

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996 v 997 Turbo: in favour of the 997… Dear Sir, Very much enjoyed the 996 v 997 Turbo feature. As a former owner of both, I feel well placed to report my feedback. For me, the 996 Turbo is a phenomenal car: it’s still devastatingly quick, and has perfect proportions for today’s roads. However, if you can afford it, the 997 Turbo is a worthy step up. Its performance is marginally better, but where it really improves is in its chassis. Both cars are great, but the 997 is an all-round improvement. James Sadler 996 v 997 Turbo: in favour of the 996… Dear Sir, In reference to your recent 996 v 997 Turbo cover article, in my opinion the 996 generation is the last of the analogue cars. It’s more raw, less refined and…