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Total 911 is the world's only magazine dedicated to the Porsche 911; the only Porsche with over 40 years of history and a worldwide following of keen enthusiasts. This high-quality magazine is written and produced by true Porsche fans, and offers in-depth, exciting features on all models of 911 – from the classics of the 1960s, through the wild Turbos of the 1970s, right up to today's sophisticated supercars.

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“The GT3 Touring shows Porsche still listens to its customers” The GT3’s new Touring Package is such good news for Porsche and its enthusiast customers. Identifiable by its flatback design at the rear, you may now know the Touring is a no-cost option available exclusively to those who want a stick shift at the centre of their GT3’s cabin. Essentially, the reasons why news of the Touring is so damned good are twofold. Firstly it shows Porsche, a company enjoying exponential growth in its worldwide business and operations, still listens to its customers. These customers asked for a return to a manual GT3 after the 991.1’s release back at the start of 2013 and got one last year, and who then asked for an understated road-biased version of the car, similar to…

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GT3 goes Touring First deliveries of wingless GT3 set for April 2018 Porsche has announced it is to offer GT3 customers a Touring specification as a no-cost option for 991.2 cars delivered next year. Available at no extra cost to the customer, the ‘Touring’ option will be available in time for deliveries of the first manual GT3s in more than five years, those stick shift cars themselves now delayed until next year too. Revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Touring pack will be available on manual cars only. Aside from the presence of a six-speed manual shifter, the Touring cars are identifiable thanks to a flat-back decklid design, a standard engine grille replacing the fixed rear wing usually associated with GT3s. Window surrounds will be chrome, while inside the Touring will…

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Le Mans on the move in WEC calendar shake up 24-hour race to be season finale; 2018/19 to be mammoth ‘super season’ The FIA has released early details of plans to shake up its stuttering World Endurance Championship in the wake of Porsche and Audi’s public exodus. Under new plans, which the competition says was first mooted before the departure of the two German manufacturers, the WEC season will be split over two calendar years instead of one, with the 24 Hours of Le Mans making for the season finale. Next year’s 2018/19 campaign will be a transitional ‘super season’, running from the Prologue at Paul Ricard in April 2018 and finishing at Le Mans in June 2019. There will be six races in 2018 and three in the first half of 2019,…

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ben barker

A WEC podium at last The monkey has gone for the Gulf RSR squad – and Ben, for one, wasn’t all that sad to see him go… He wasn’t a particularly big monkey, just an irritating one, but we were glad to see the back of him anyway. I’m talking, of course, about the lack of a podium finish for the Gulf Racing team in the FIA World Endurance Championship – something we finally put right at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. We’d come close on a number of occasions over the past season-and-a-half, but fourth place – even in a closely contested class like GT-Am – always brought with it something of a hollow feeling. Now we know what it’s like to stand on the podium, and we’re optimistic that, like buses,…

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GT3 Touring: is it necessary? Dear Sir, I read with interest regarding Porsche’s decision to release a GT3 ‘Touring’ package at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, the point of my correspondence (and sorry to look negatively on a car that no doubt will receive great press) is I’d like to ponder a question: is the very creation of this GT3 Touring package simply an act of appeasement by Porsche to dissuade numerous angry customers who never got an R, from leaving its brand? I question the concept of the car for a start. Surely a ‘softer’ GT3 impinges on the merits of the GTS, which as we know is the sportiest Carrera yet much softer than the chassis of a GT3. Sure, we all asked for a manual GT3 after the 991.1…

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ask the expert

Scott Gardner Job Title Gold Diagnostic Technician Place of work Porsche Centre Bournemouth, UK Time at Porsche 11 years Q: I recently had some work done on my 1999 996 C2 at a specialists here in the UK, who gave me a printout of the DME stats. This was incredibly useful as it showed me running time vs the odometer, checks for any over-revs and so on. Thankfully my car checked out okay, but I was left puzzled when the country code was given as C10, for Switzerland. This struck me as bizarre as to my knowledge the car is a right-hand-drive UK car, so why didn’t the readout state it was C16? Peter Burgess, via email Scott’s answer: “The DME stats can be very interesting and I can imagine your surprise seeing a C10 code.…