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Trail Running June - July 2019

Trail Running was the UK's first magazine devoted to the exciting, adventurous world of off-road running. Escape boring treadmills, knee-jolting tarmac and traffic fumes and join us in the fresh air as we help you discover Britain’s most awesome trails. In each issue you’ll find... - Mapped off-road routes - Inspirational places to run throughout the UK - More gear tests than any other running magazine - Expert training advice and fitness plans We also feature and interview record-breaking mountain runners, along with the best trail, obstacle and adventure races.

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planning for a perfect future

ABOUT 20 years ago, I did a fitness test with professor John Brewer, one of the country’s leading sports scientists. He was armed with a clipboard, stopwatch and behind him, in the school gym this cutting-edge test was being conducted in, sat a hefty looking, steam-powered PC. That was it. No blood monitoring, heart rate equipment, dietary analysis and certainly no investigation into things like mindset or recovery rate. And this wasn’t any old test. Oh no, this was a state-of-the-art, FA-approved assessment of my abilities. Sadly, the results have long been lost, but what is interesting to look at today is John’s piece on just how much has changed in recent years (p34). And still is changing. Nicky Spinks and Jasmin Paris are proof of that (p40) and what…

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this issue’s contributors

CHRIS EVANS He’s turned his love of running into an amazing looking new trail event, p8. TIFFANY SAIBIL Learn all about the incredible trails (and carnivorous wildlife) of Canada, p18. JASMIN PARIS Inspiration and motivation by the bucketload from an amazing athlete, p40. ROB KEMP New tricks to learn to make your next race one that you’ll remember, p44. KATE ROBINSON This 35min 10k runner explores the positive vibes of group running, p66. ELSPETH TURNER Rest, recover and run... further, faster and better than ever before, p70. /trailrunningmag @trailrunningmag /trailrunningmag tr@bauermedia.co.uk…

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running inspiration

STRIDE INTO SUMMER As sure as night follows day, the chilly mornings of spring give way to the sun-soaked trails of high summer. Whether you’re hitting the trails alone, tagging along with pals, packing your running shoes for a foreign adventure or simply lacing up to add to your #run1000miles challenge tally, the heat of the sun on your back is one of the biggest motivators we know of. Time to get out there over the balmy summer months and start living your best trail running life... IT’S FESTIVAL SEASON Forget Glastonbury; the only festival you need this summer is RunFestRun! Held in the picturesque grounds of Wiltshire’s Bowood House on May 31-June 1, this all-new running event has everything to keep the whole family happy. Stacks of organised trail running routes? Check. Chance to…

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more reasons to be a runner

YOUNGER BRAIN Previous studies have shown exercise improves cognitive function in older individuals, but a recent investigation by researchers at Columbia University suggested keeping active can help slow down the effects of age on your grey matter. When participants were tested for executive function, processing speed, language, attention, and episodic memory, brain scans showed significant positive changes in brain structure. LESS VISCERAL FAT The most dangerous fat in your body is the type you can’t see – the visceral variety that surrounds your organs. Fortunately, exercise reduces this sort, and not just the flabber around your belly. A paper published this year in Mayo Clinic Proceedings reported exercise was more effective than medicine per pound of body weight in getting rid of the dangerous internal fat. LIVE LONGER In a recent study on those diagnosed…

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under the microscope: magnetic-field recovery devices

What? Researchers at the National University of Singapore have devised a machine called MRegen, which aids recovery using the magnetic field. How? The magnetic stimulation gives the effect of exercise, causing the muscles to adapt more quickly. Testing has shown that post-operative recovery indicators were 50% better among patients who had used MRegen. Why? Being injured means you’re probably unable to train, but physios usually recommend some sort of activity to aid recovery. Magnetic-field recovery could be a way forward in getting around this paradox.…

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wins of the flesh

RED MEAT According to the NHS, eating a high amount of red meat could increase the risk of bowel cancer so it is recommended that we don’t consume more than 70g (cooked weight) per day. However, as part of a varied diet, smaller quantities can be beneficial. Compared to white meat, it’s a bigger source of the important vitamin B12 and the minerals iron and zinc. It’s also slightly higher in beneficial bioactive compounds. WHITE MEAT On the positive side, like the red variety, white meat is of course a great source of protein. White meat also contains a range of essential micronutrients, is high in potassium and calcium and is lower in fat and calories than red meat. VERDICT Both can be great source of nutrients and beneficial for you as part of…