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Discover trail running in South Africa as well as exotic destinations worldwide through TRAIL magazine, published four times annually. 100 pages per issue. Discover the how, why and where. Become a better trail runner as TRAIL looks at this rapidly growing global phenomenon from every conceivable angle.

South Africa
TRAIL magazine Pty Ltd
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1 min.
food hacking

Sometimes I think I have too much energy. I’m not talking about the puppy bouncing off the walls type of hyper. My excess is not sleeping as much as I’d like. I go to bed early enough, but then wake up refreshed after five or at most six hours, excited about the day ahead, and ready to go. Can you relate, or are you blessed with abundant sleep? This early-early tendency is most prevalent around deadline time, when there’s a lot of creative energy buzzing. But in the past few months I’ve been waking earlier too. It’s perfect when you want to do an early run, but not much fun when you really want to get more sleep! I’ve researched sleep, and here are some ideas: One: the plant-based wholefood, mainly organic diet…

1 min.
not a run addict

Confession time: I don’t actually like running. Sometimes I even hate it. But I love trusting my feet to find the next rock, leaping confidently and gracefully. I love looking back once I’ve reached the top of a climb and seeing how far I’ve come. I love seeing a descent drop below me and flying down: it thrills like a water slide. I love turning a corner, seeing a timid red duiker swish its tail, and watching it dart into the bush. I love finding another trailee who keeps the same pace as me, chatting and commiserating before one of us takes off. I love being outside as the sun hits the morning dew, knowing less adventurous people are in bed. I love crossing a finish line at a sprint and collapsing on the grass in…

4 min.
my life my photos

MY FIRST MNWENI Madelein Barnard and her husband, Thys, drove four hours from Jozi to enjoy a warm, green Mnweni Marathon on 5 May. “The evening before was full of nervous energy from the racing snakes hoping to do a sub-five as well as those of us who just aim to finish,” explains Madelein. They need not have been anxious since the weather was pristine, in stark contrast with the deep snow and freezing temperatures of 2017. In Madelein’s mind it is a race of four parts: “The first bit is dirt road followed by nice singletrack, quite runnable for just about everybody. The second bit is the climb, which subtly snakes up the valley before turning into an epic climb. Third, you get one of the longest, trickiest descents which seems to…

4 min.
my words my viewpoint

WHEN THE BUG BIT The first trail event I ever signed up for was The Goat Run. But I only signed up for the fun walk (and only because the goodie bag included a bottle of wine…) I have never done road races because I don’t like the crowds. I was a confirmed walker. But that event made me want to come back to tackle the 8km the following year. I knew to do that, I would have to get fitter. I started jogging on the road and entering other trail races to build myself up. I haven’t made it back to the 8km Goat Run yet, but I did the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge 11km last weekend! My running buddy and I are training for the Run2Nowhere stage race, and the Lormar Endurance…

6 min.
ultra-trail ® drakensberg

TONI MCCANN won the 30km Sundowner Run at Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg outright, 25 minutes ahead of the men's winner. She lives a stone's throw away from Table Mountain and Signal Hill, but this was only her second time in the Drakensberg. Toni recalls: "I honestly don't remember how exactly I felt when this photo was taken. Probably irritated that I'd had the same song in my head for the last 15km. Probably all kinds of stoke because of how amazing the trails were. Probably a bit sore and breathing heavily because altitude gets you good. Mostly I was super grateful that I could run and push myself to my limits in such a glorious setting. What's not to smile about? "Since I did the 30km Sundowner Run, I didn’t get to see as much…

4 min.
international events that rocked, recently

World Trail Championships SPAIN, 12 May 2018 The South African team of Stewart Chaperon, Naomi Brand, and Annalise Scholtz flew to Spain to tackle the 86km Penyagolosa race, along with the best trail runners from 48 other countries. The star performance was from Naomi. She fell four times but managed to place 28th out of 134 of the world’s fastest women, in 11h24min. After her run Naomi posted to Facebook: "To be a top 30 finisher in a field of some of the strongest women from 48 different countries in the world, just two weeks after Madeira Island Ultra Trail 115km, and after four (yes, four!) pretty bad falls on technical downhills in the first 40km of the race and losing both my big toe nails, is just short of a miracle." A chunk of…