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CONNECT WITH US! trailmag.co.za CALL 031 261 6133, Mon-Fri, 7:30am-4:30pm EMAIL admin@trailmag.co.za Marzelle took this photo of Alex Ham on a summer run in Mont Rochelle. “It may have been summer, but high in the mountains it’s pretty chilly, especially on Perdekop,” explains Marzelle. “I’ve never been hot there.” The couple wanted to be on top of Perdekop for the sunset, and finished their run in the dark. Having forgot their head torches, they used cellphones to light the way back to the car park. “We’ve done this sunset run three times since then, because it is one of the best places in South Africa to watch a sunset. Mont Rochelle is where I go when I need some mountain love. I always leave the reserve with my mind clear of stress.” Read…

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make it happen

This has been a rewarding but trying issue to create. In my personal life, I’ve had tough times preparing for the 100 mile Addo Elephant Trail Run. I write this five days before attempting it, not knowing whether I’ll want to write a new editorial note on my return. Life threw its hoops and hurdles at me, including a re-occurrence of left ankle tendon pain (from last year’s sprain), lower back pain (from extreme gardening), and the early signs of shin splints (from a gung-ho mileage increase six weeks ago). So, am I prepared for the 100 miler? Yes… up to a point. I guess you’re only as ready as you believe. So I’m just jumping in, head first! I hope you’ll notice the same Just Do It! spirit woven through many of…

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let it go, and heal yourself

If someone told me a couple of months ago that the stress I experience would manifest as a physical injury, I would raise my eyebrows with a thin-lipped smile. But now I know better! A few too many Big Important Decisions, obligations, and a print deadline(you’re welcome) had to be made, and my left shoulder decided enough was enough. Two chiropractic appointments (thank you Dr Duncan Jack), a metre or so of kinesio tape, and a great number of hot water bottles later, I realised what I needed to do was move. The shoulder hurt the most when sitting at my desk, in the driver’s seat, and in bed. It also throbbed with every harsh word I heard. I needed to stand up, loosen up, and lift something! Carrying a small dumbbell around the…

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my life my photos

pics@trailmag.co.za trailmag.co.za TRAILza TRAILmag #trailmagpix on Instagram TRANQUILITY TO APOSTLE Shafeeqah Gordon dances on the 12 Apostles path on Table Mountain after leaving Tranquility Cracks. “Our day was filled with banter, planning future adventures, and eating mangoes cut with a pocket knife,” says Shaf of the run with her boyfriend, Jacques. Tranquility Cracks is a labyrinth of corridors filled with indigenous yellowwood trees. It is difficult to find if you don’t know which path to take. Jacques Ackerman, Cape Town GARDEN ROUTE RUNNING Gerrie on the Dolphin Trail in Stormsriver National Park while on holiday with his family. “I did 10km exploring run with my wife Marcelle and daughter Deneke (16). The Dolphin Trail is very well-kept and had beautiful views. “We are blessed to live in South Africa, to be able to run, and to be healthy.” Marcelle Snyman, Alberton PEAK EARLY Anouk Baars joined…

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my words my viewpoint

letters@trailmag.co.za trailmag.co.za TRAILza TRAILmag VALLEY BURN RUSH I am a father of two and a medical doctor with serious FOMO for races. I moved from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth with my family in June 2018. The Department of Health accommodates us in St George’s Park. A couple of months later I found out that the Valley Burn Vertical Trail Challenge would be held in Settlers Park, about a kilometre away from my new home. I entered. My overachieving self went for the 20km with an elevation gain of 1,000m. Mind you, the only trail I had done at this point was the 8km Biogen Night Run at the PWC Bikepark, and the 18km Hayterdale Trail Run at Addo. I then realised that I was on call on 29 September. I planned to leave the hospital promptly at 7am…

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world’s most advanced sock.

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