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Transworld Snowboarding

December 2018

TransWorld SNOWboarding inspires and motivates you to go out and ride. Delivers on everything from the best photos of the world's best riders, to product reviews, how to's, and park and resort info.

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russell / davis

Who didn’t dream of becoming an astronaut at some point during childhood? For those without the grades, discipline, or follow-through to make it to outerspace, at least we have snowboarding. We can dress up in funny suits and goggles, explore otherworldly landscapes, and experience weightlessness, if only for a moment. But here on Earth, gravity forces us to fight it in the process. Nick Russell and Danny Davis feel its effects during an exploratory walk in Tahoe. ■…

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Time is fleeting, especially in the mountains. Consumed by transit, builds, and attempts, our incessant pursuit of perfection seems to accelerate light’s vanishing tendency. Yet, sometimes its passage is what’s needed to achieve obscure objectives. Such is the case here, with Mikkel Bang’s precisely frozen tailgrab. As the sun dips below the peaks, and the mountains are washed with a deep, sunless blue, perfection is found just as time evaporated with the day’s last light. ■…

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hello, friends

It’s been about a year since Jason Robinson and I began a dialogue that will continue well past me writing this. Some of it is in this magazine, but most hasn’t been recorded. No one wants to read about two dudes’ respective girl drama or their thoughts on whether a van or truck is the more ideal mobile living scenario. Our friendship isn’t reliant on snowboarding—we spend little time talking about lines or tricks, and there is minimal discussion of that nature in his interview beginning on page 74—but this common interest is what initially put us in the same place, at the same time. It’s been said over and over that this activity brings people together, and the cliché rings true with each utterance.Snowboarding is the foundation for friendships…

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ride’s michael chilton

Chilton doing some firsthand frontside transition testing.There never has been a right or wrong way to snowboard. It’s what makes the act of laying down a turn for one as liberating as sliding down a rusty handrail for another. Born of the counterculture that is surfing and skateboarding, snowboarding has always been a way for us to approach our passion in individual ways, many of which stray from the norm.But there’s no denying that snowboarding is also a business. For the people behind the products, there are margins to hit and mathematical equations to consider. While there may be no direct rulebook on how to go about designing and selling snowboards, there are formulas involved.Michael Chilton is well-versed in these formulas, but it hasn’t prevented him from approaching his craft…

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plan a backcountry hut trip

Snowboarding has always coincided with adventure. This is what beckoned us to stand sideways in the first place. From that first time we hiked up a snow-covered hill at a local golf course, to the initial chair ride at an unfamiliar resort, there’s a thrill affixed to new experiences that can’t be ignored.It’s easy to be consumed by the mundane each winter, but there’s a way to reignite that youthful, adventurous spirit this season:Plan a backcountry hut trip.Between the thrill of exploring new terrain and the antics sure to ensue when gathering your friends in what’s essentially a treehouse for adults, a hut trip epitomizes the adventurous spirit that drives all snowboarders.Plus, what better excuse to switch your phone to airplane mode for a few days?ASSEMBLE A CREWThe right crew…

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mike bortnowski

(PHOTOS: MITCHELL QUIRING)I think most snowboarders like to view our culture as progressive—a community of artists more than a group of jocks. I do. But how accepting of diversity is snowboarding, actually? Last year, in an effort to refresh my avalanche education, I was introduced to Mike Bortnowski, a guide knowledgeable beyond his 24 years, who helped me continue on the never-ending path that is the pursuit of backcountry knowledge. With this question of the snowboard community’s level of diversity acceptance recently on my mind, I called Mike. He’s gay. I was curious how that has affected his experience within the outdoor industry and as a snowboarder. What he had to say was enlightening and troubling, but also gives me hope for a more inclusive future that begins with discussion.How…