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Transworld Snowboarding September 2018

TransWorld SNOWboarding inspires and motivates you to go out and ride. Delivers on everything from the best photos of the world's best riders, to product reviews, how to's, and park and resort info.

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be cool, man

I started snowboarding because it looked cool. Otherwise, maybe I would’ve picked up skiing. On this issue’s deadline, I drove to a café I frequent to compensate through caffeination for my procrastination. Backing into a spot, I caught a glimpse of the Krooked sticker on the rear window of my truck. It was put there by the vehicle’s original owner: a snowboarder who, during my growing up, inspired me perhaps more than any other. Jeff Anderson epitomized cool, and because of this he left a legacy. Danger is one of the elements that makes what we do appealing. Playing it safe just isn’t that interesting, and the inherent propensity for risk-taking seen in anyone who’s pushed snowboarding to its highest level also claims some of the best to ever do it. The…

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It’s the ones with rare vision that inspire the rest of us. They see what we wish we could. If this looks like a standard 50-50 on a down-flat-down, look closer. Most wouldn’t consider it a spot. With pillars scattered among its length, each slightly higher than the dual round stock, it’s a puzzle. Dillon Ojo was one of few with both the eye to identify potential in this and the ability to make it through the end. This blend of perception and talent doesn’t come around often. We’re lucky to have images like this to realize what Dillon saw.…

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yoder shearer walsh

The glide. It’s the fundamental reason to do what we do. But that’s not to say that as snowboarders it is exclusively ours, nor is it unique to sideways-standing endeavors. Many flock to it—even those engaging in endeavors we tend to thumb our nose at. They too cherish the feeling. In that sense, it is unifying. Here, surfer Ian Walsh joins Alex Yoder and Forrest Shearer in the Wyoming backcountry. Together, the three of them share the sensation. Perhaps the experience is elevated when restriction of friction is communal. To where, and with whom, will the glide bring you next?…

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inspirational united

Long before Spotify or Pandora, we found new tunes another way: by popping a snowboard flick into the VCR. For many of us who grew up during these analog times, snowboard films were one of the ways, if not the way, we matured our musical taste buds. Contained in those VHS tapes were the latest and greatest antics, tricks, trips and culture, all bridged together by a carefully curated soundtrack. This collection of songs could, and often did, span entire eras and genres within a single film. Those anthologies ultimately helped form the musical tastes of countless snowboarders, including myself. Before the modern internet age, when music licensing was a bit more lawless, you could find the likes of the Souls of Mischief, Queen, Modest Mouse, NOFX, Iron Maiden, Architecture in…

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build a log feature

September can be a frustrating time in the life of a snowboarder. It’s a seasonal purgatory when we’re excited about the videos and gear starting to surface but know it’s a long, dry road until the snow piles up. Instead of staring at a dusty snowboard in the corner, only perpetuating this seasonal depression, find a project to keep busy and get amped. How about building a log feature? “Summer or fall is the perfect time to get out and do it,” said Ted Borland, elder statesman of Utah’s Bone Zone. “If anything, you’re out in the mountains escaping the heat. Plus, I like doing it in the fall because it helps get me juiced to go fuckin’ snowboarding.” Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Along with Ted, we picked the brain…

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opening day essentials

Pulling into the parking lot on Opening Day is the moment we’ve been waiting for. From first chair to last call, good times are aplenty. Whether you’re taking hot laps to shake the early season rust or hanging by the tailgate soaking in the vibes, here’s a roundup of essentials to help kick the winter off right. [1] BURTON HELINOX (CHAIR: $120, TABLE: $130) After a long day dusting off the cobwebs, or perhaps partaking in some celebratory beverages, all you want to do is sit down and bask in the glory of the season ahead. That gets a little tough when the tailgate only allows for a couple rear ends. And while none of us are above stretching out on the pavement, it sure is nice to have a compact and comfortable…