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Transworld Snowboarding December 2016

TransWorld SNOWboarding inspires and motivates you to go out and ride. Delivers on everything from the best photos of the world's best riders, to product reviews, how to's, and park and resort info.

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Over the three decades since this magazine’s inception, snowboarding has seen every imaginable trend: cycles of tricks and styles, spikes and troughs in participation, the coming and going of brands, stars brought up and moved on. Now more than ever, snowboarding is a diverse scene. There is no single way of being a snowboarder. It’s this vibrant diversity of direction and creativity that keeps it interesting. Watching riders like Alex Yoder and Nick Russell, the influence of snowboarding’s heritage is apparent, and in this issue they delve into a more distant past across the world. At the same time, people like Gabe Taylor are exploring the expansive possibilities that often lie only miles from home. Scott Stevens and Kazu Kokubo continue to push progression in the street and backcountry, respectively, while…

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transworld snowboard

CONTENT DIRECTOR Nick Hamilton Pull my son of out school for more shred trips. ART DIRECTOR Scott Howard Hot springs and tree hugging. DIGITAL CONTENT MANAGER Justin Cafiero Wear more black. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Eddie Wall Stretch every morning. MANAGING EDITOR Taylor Boyd Better masthead questions. GEAR EDITOR Adam Broderick Ride more pow with my K-9 copilot. CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Heather Hendricks Date less skiers. EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Hayley Helms Afford avocado on whatever I want PHOTO DIRECTOR Chris Wellhausen Explore more in the Sierra. VIDEO PRODUCTION MANAGER Justin Gunson Learn how to carve like Josh Dirksen. INSIGHT MOVIE DIRECTOR Theo Muse Stretch more. SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Scott Serfas, Andy Wright, Darcy Bacha, Andrew Miller CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jesse Huffman, Preston Strout, Gabe Taylor, Alex Yoder, Cody Booth, Austen Sweetin CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Colin Adair, Jeff Brockmeyer, Evan Chandler-Soanes, Aaron Chang, Zach Clanton, Craig Douglas, Wade Dunstan, Dean Blotto Gray, Jeff Keenan, Cole Martin, Adam Moran, Bob Plumb, Chip Proulx, Alex Papis, Silvano Zeiter, Tim Zimmerman DIGITAL PRODUCERS Courtney Barnett, James Taylor PHOTO ASSISTANT Dillon Lemarr CONTRIBUTING WEB…

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Louif Snowboarding is funny. It makes grown men commit misdemeanors, sober in broad daylight. Louif Paradis is calm, calculated and for the most part an upstanding citizen. But you can’t produce footage like Lou’s without breaking the law. It’s just how it works. Midweek in Montreal, he propped a ladder against the roof of this rec center next to a school—something you’d never attempt in America; Canada’s a little different. Not one to take the easy route, Louif didn’t want to approach the feature from its side. He was going to jam off the top and in. As he warmed up with a jam to 50-50, so too did the overall situation. A group of school children gathered, and the manager of the rec center came out unpleased with the rooftop…

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Victor Snowboarding is about creativity and grace. It’s also about scaring the piss out of yourself. Victor De Le Rue blends those schools well, but in this case it was about the latter. In late May, Victor and his brother Xavier drove up to Switzerland for two days of riding that would be deemed psycho by most anyone without the last name De Le Rue. Their aim was to experience sheer terror one last time before summer. So yeah, psycho is pretty accurate. Victor mountaineered his way to the top of this demon. Coming in too slow would’ve pushed him looker’s left into the rocks, so he opened the throttle, ice axe in each hand, and pointed it into the abyss. On his first try, he came in too hot, cartwheeled…

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scotty wittlake

For the next two or three years, Scotty Wittlake, with his wife, Marissa, and their cat, Fang, will be living out of their truck—the Rust Bunny—somewhere in Central or South America. They’ll be catching fish and harvesting sourdough from a jar in the ’88 Toyota they’ve converted into a livable space. I saw Scotty during the Legendary Banked Slalom, where he’d talked of his and Marissa’s intention of driving south. Far south. Since, they’ve landed in Mexico. “Four hundred and fifty miles into Baja, I paddle out, and there’s Scotty Wittlake,” Jason Robinson recently mentioned in passing. Hours prior, I’d coincidentally dug up photos of Scotty’s rig, shot at Baker, wishing I’d done something with them. An update from J. Rob confirmed the success of Scotty and Marissa’s plan, or lack…

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how to do alaska

Getting to Alaska had always been a dream of mine. Growing up I always thought it to be a snowboard Mecca or proving ground of sorts for big-mountain riding. I remember staring at issues of TransWorld in the mid-’90s hoping “someday.” Watching pros in old Mack Dawg and Standard Films movies taught me that truly proficient snowboarders can ride anything in front of them—transition, rails, jumps, and powder. Yet Alaska remained as the final test piece. Luckily, that “someday” happened a while ago, and I still return every year, making it a big portion of my season. I try to spend as much time there as possible because it’s a challenging endeavor, unforgiving and careless to your personal goals. Time is the only thing it appreciates, but eventually it’ll reward you…