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Transworld Snowboarding Gear Guide 2018

TransWorld SNOWboarding inspires and motivates you to go out and ride. Delivers on everything from the best photos of the world's best riders, to product reviews, how to's, and park and resort info.

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OESTRENG When you drive into Cooke City, Montana, the outside world turns off as you remove your keys from the ignition and drop them in the cupholder. Until you leave, transportation happens via snowmobile. You sled to the bar, to get coffee, and to the zone. This photo of Alek Oestreng was taken 30 minutes outside town, at the first spot hit, on the first day that conditions presented snowboarding as somewhat viable during this trip. Excitement levels were high, winds were high, and so was avalanche danger, limiting options to specific aspects, this being one of those. Alek warmed up with this frontside 360 and set a tall bar for the crew’s time in Montana. HALLER There’s something about snowboarding at night—an element of novelty, as it’s not the typical hour for…

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product is part of it

Shoveling a lip in the gulley at Snowbird late one afternoon with the crew of Good Wood testers, the last thing on my mind was sitting on my computer working on this magazine. But as I sit on my computer working on this magazine, I keep flashing back to all the snowboarding that went into its making. It seems, however, in terms of content, the act of snowboarding and the lifestyle that surrounds it, the human elements, are often differentiated from gear. Growing up, product was just one part of this thing I loved, so I nerded out on it in the same way I did Eddie Wall’s video parts—you can listen to him talk about all the Good Wood-winning boards on TWSNOW.com—and perhaps that’s in part because much of the…

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make the most of your snowboard.

WAXING The general concept of waxing is simple: it acts as a lubricant between your board and the snow, but if your board has a sintered base it goes quite literally much deeper than that. Sintered base material is created by heating and pressing a powder, creating a hard and porous material that’s resistant to scratching and absorbs wax well. Extruded base material is essentially a plastic goo that is heated and hardened, ultimately creating a softer and largely nonporous surface. The latter is cheap and easy to repair but doesn’t hold wax in the same way that a porous sintered base will. In terms of wax itself, most of us are aware it’s largely categorized by temperature—warm, cold, and all-temp. As a general rule, warm temp wax is softer and will…

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concept by morning, creation by lunchtime

“On my desk I found a check for 1,000 bucks, a ticket to Zurich, and the instructions not to come back until Terje was happy with his bindings.” The moment that Doyle starts speaking, the air around him is electric. His eyes light up, and every word he says is punctuated by that same excitement felt on a deep powder day, maybe the first big one of the season. His energy is contagious as it is charismatic, and his stories relatable as they are legendary. He’s a take-things-apart-figure-them-out-and-makethem- better kind of person—both the visionary and the creator. A rare individual, not only because he is able to explain the nuances of 3D printing to the elementary school groups that often tour his workshop at 80 Industrial, the Burlington, Vermont headquarters of…

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goodwood 2018

You find a good snowboard by riding a bunch of snowboards. That’s what Good Wood is. Starting nearly twenty years ago, we’ve run through thousands—core shots, delams, broken tails, edge blowouts, snapped noses—with the goal of providing an objective look at each season’s best options. After months of consideration and preparation, boards are sent to two locations: one for the all-mountain category of the test and one for the park portion. This year we chose the steeps of Snowbird, Utah, and the flowing features of Carinthia at Mount Snow, Vermont, respectively. Hungry and eclectic crews of testers await at each destination ready to rip and rate boards via an app that ranks each on a detailed and comprehensive set of factors including edgehold, pop, swingweight, turn initiation, stability, and flex.…

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all - mountain

SNOWBIRD, UT Few places in North America parallel the level of inbounds and accessible sidecountry terrain that lay before you, 360 degrees, after you step off the Snowbird tram. The easy way down at the ‘Bird would be considered expert terrain at some resorts, and as a venue to put an all-mountain board through everything which will make the inferior fold, it couldn’t be better. In one run you can slash pow, rail groomers, pop sidehits, gap cat tracks, savagely tomahawk, and kick out a mean method in the gulley. This is what we did for a week with a crew of testers from diversebackgounds with riding styles to match. Mornings started at sunrise on frozen ‘roy, weeding out anything with an edge that won’t hold. As the snow softened the…