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Transworld Snowboarding November 2016

TransWorld SNOWboarding inspires and motivates you to go out and ride. Delivers on everything from the best photos of the world's best riders, to product reviews, how to's, and park and resort info.

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While filming for Insight, we were at dinner with Bjorn Leines and Nils Mindnich—two powerful riders who spent much of the season together. In talking, we realized Bjorn turned pro before Nils was born. Surfing and skateboarding have long embraced and respected those that came before the current generation, but not until relatively late has snowboarding seen increased support for its riders as they mature. Many of our community’s most established figures still hold prowess on a snowboard and deserve support on that merit alone. Check out Bryan Iguchi’s method in Iceland on page 81. Take in the fluidity of Josh Dirksen’s turns documented in his profile which begins on page 90, and in our recent movie release, Insight. Or watch JF Pelchat and Devun Walsh in the new Wildcats film, discussed…

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CONTENT DIRECTOR Nick Hamilton Red Gerard. ART DIRECTOR Scott Howard Bernie Sanders. DIGITAL CONTENT MANAGER Justin Cafiero Shane Nassar. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Eddie Wall Pat Moore. MANAGING EDITOR Taylor Boyd Preston Strout. GEAR EDITOR Adam Broderick Nicolas MÜller CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Heather Hendricks Orange Man (Kazushi Yamauchi). EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Hayley Helms Barrett Christy. PHOTO DIRECTOR Chris Wellhausen Jeremy Jones. VIDEO PRODUCTION MANAGER Justin Gunson Chad Otterstrom. INSIGHT MOVIE DIRECTOR Theo Muse Travis Rice…

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Bode Snowboarding, of course, has the capacity to influence emotion. Any physical activity does, and usually that change is positive. In this case, it was a mixture of emotions for Bode— perhaps a more intense version of the feeling he experienced the first time he heard Brand New, back in his teens. Bode found this spot walking around Baltimore—thread the needle through trees to double boardslide. Straight for the most absurd trick plausible, and he locked in every time. If the rails were stable he might have nailed it in three tries. But they were loose and unsteady, clanking and bowing with each hit, launching Bode off like a wound-up rubber band. He used a tie-down to ratchet the rails together and stabilize them, essentially creating a closeout that would have…

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jackson fowler’s dreamer home

NAME: Jackson Fowler NICKNAMES: Jacko, Flying Squid, Squidlizard DOB: 3/17/94 VEHICLE: ‘73 International Harvester 1210 It’s tough to explain Jackson Fowler. In trying, maybe it’s best to start with the fact that Jackson grew up as a skate rat living on a farm outside Boulder, Colorado. He’s a soft-spoken free spirit with a blue-collar work ethic and a solid frontside grind. Perhaps Jackson was born too late; he might have been more comfortable spending his twenties during the ’60s or ’70s. But Jackson was born in 1994. And at 22 years old, his snowboarding is as much an anomaly as his personality. TRUCK A four-wheel-drive International Harvester with a 392 V8, a five-speed transmission, and a 6.4-liter engine. The whole back end is a flatbed that I welded with a hydraulic dump kit on it. I…

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Steven Kimura is juggling. He’s raising a family, building a snowboard brand and an outerwear brand, and starting a trade show at which to exhibit his softgoods and hardgoods, along with a number of other brands his size and larger. Steven is an outlier in the snowboard industry. He didn’t leave a job at a big brand to start his own thing. He was a weekend warrior who paid inordinate attention to snowboarding growing up. Many people in this industry can relate to that concept. You’re an outsider looking in until you’re not, and suddenly you’re part of this thing you had only voyeuristically observed. Once behind the curtain is generally when you start seeing the problems. But Steven saw those problems early on. It’s part of what drew him…

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eddie’s archive

“TRAVIS PARTIED ALL NIGHT AT A STRIP CLUB... AND THEN FRONTBOARDED IT FIRST TRY.” Look closely and you can see Travis Kennedy strapping in atop a drop-in ramp at this rail in Stockholm. You may also recognize this heavy kink from Forum’s That—it’s Travis’ ender from his opening part. Travis partied all night at a strip club, continuing until eight in the morning. He then took a taxi to the hotel, grabbed his gear, showed up at this rail to meet the rest of the crew, proceeded to drop in still drunk from the club, and front-boarded it first try. Travis has stories like this for days, but this one still blows me away. “...WAITING FOR THE NEXT TRAIN TO HEAD TO THE NEXT PREMIERE, IN THE NEXT CITY, FOR THE NEXT…