Urban Cyclist

Urban Cyclist

Issue 23

"Get inside the scene - street riding from London to Los Angeles Look sharp in stylish, modern clothing designed for city riding and living Riding skills - how to trackstand, sidehop, deal with traffic and train on a fixed gear bike Group tests - crosstown carvers, stylish urbanites and sport fixed/singlespeed bikes on test Products tested and rated - 20 messenger bags, 16 lights, 6 pairs of gloves and more"

United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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welcome ...

In the last few years, since the launch of Urban Cyclist, there have been many initiatives that campaigners and cyclists can rightly be proud of. In the UK, Superhighways have become the commuting route of choice for many Londoners while Sadiq Khan’s promised to invest £770-million over the four years of his term. This summer, Bristol and Manchester welcomed dockless bike schemes that have proven incredibly successful (more on page 42). Around the world, Paris has created car-free zones, while Holland continues to lead the way with their £25-plus spend per head on the cycling network. It begs the question: what is the future for the urban cyclist? Can the cycle network not only be extended but upgraded to cope with increasing numbers? Will electric bikes become the norm? Can…

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brompton world champs

This year’s Brompton World Champs took place on a typical UK summer’s day – torrential rain poured from the dark, grey skies. But the heavens opening didn’t stop 400 riders from 27 countries adorning their finest city garb to ride their folders around the temporary St James Park race track. The race started with a Le Mans-style dash, riders unfolding their bikes before taking on the 16km circuit. Mark Emsley, thrice Bromley world champion, took an early lead but, for once, misjudged his pacing and was soon swamped by his competition. Still, come the final lap, the world title remained wide open… and what an amazing last lap it proved to be. Unbelievably, a sextet of riders finished the race at 26:25mins, but by just a single centimetre, Catalan cyclist Unai Alvarez Mosquera…

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jason rourke

PREDOMINANTLY I USE REYNOLDS STEEL though sometimes I’ll work with Dedacciai. The 953 tubing Reynolds produce is fantastic, though it’s hard to work with because it’s super strong and very thin. That makes it very difficult to tig weld but I’d like to think we’ve got it off to a fine art now. I BUILT MY DAD A BIKE. [Jason’s dad, Brian, started up Rourke in 1972. Brian’s a fantastic cyclist.] We could build him one every year and he’d be, “Yeah that’s a great bike.” But that’d be the last you’d hear of it; it’s a tool to my dad. But I built him a 953 and it’s the only one that he still goes on about. “I flipping love that bike,” he says. WE DO THE MEASUREMENTS IN OUR SHOP.…

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throwback to the 90’s

They might have publicly aired it in the UK for the first time all the way back in April, but the memories of Colchester-based Evanson Bike Works’ stunning steed remains just as vivid as its multi-coloured paint job. The bike proved one of the most visited of this year’s Bespoked handmade bike show, held once again at Bristol’s Brunel Old Station, and you can see why. But as designer and builder Richard Evanson reveals, that love’s more than skin deep. “It’s in collaboration with Hope Technology, which they displayed at the Berliner Fahrradschau [Berlin bike show] in March,” Evanson explains. “The customer wanted an all-road bike that’d accommodate a 650b tyre so she could go bike packing, touring… At last year’s show, there was an award category for ladies-specific bikes and…

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what are you riding?

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gear what’s new?

GAZELLE POWER The recent Eurobike , the world’s largest bike show held annually in Germany, featured the usual flotilla of road, mountain and hybrid bikes, but the standout theme was the growing number of electric bikes, specifically MTBs and commuting efforts. American brand Gazelle have planted a firm foothold in this rapidly growing market and the Arroyo – seen here – is set to enhance their reputation further. It’s adopted the traditional 19th-century Dutch design and is powered by a powerful 400-watt Bosch mid-drive motor that has a range of up to 90 miles. With 50Nm of torque, it provides help not only on the flat but also hilly terrain. There are four settings of pedal assistance with Magura brakes providing stopping duties, while eight gears – and that electric support…